tisdag 30 oktober 2012

Project Life | week 43

Week 43

This week I had one extra insert with instagrams of our pets. Here is the spread as you´d see it when you open the album.

First page. The stories:

I was home sick most of this week...

I added in my blog series image from last week and journaled about that. 

My husband spend week 42 and a part of 43 in Holland, so I added a photo of his (and more underneath) and some journaling about his trip.

Here is the second page with the extra pockets. 

And when you life the pocket. The stories:

The cats all slept together a few times last week and this is the first time they do that. It was worth documenting :)
We had our first snow (just a tiny bit) on friday.

The lower two pockets are all about the weekend. My sister and her 2 daughters came to visit and we had a blast crafting up a storm! I added collages of photos from the weekend and I still need to write up my journaling on that right card. The leaf is one we crafted together!

Here is a closer view of the flip pocket that holds more photos from the weekend.

fredag 26 oktober 2012

Project Life | Products I use over and over

Now that the Project Life albums just have a few weeks left before I have finished them, I went back to see what products i have used alot in the last year. 

Marcy Penner has some great graphic  printables that makes it easy to create the smaller pocket illusion since I don´t have the "real" PL plastics. I have used these weekday printable alot! 

Something that I have used for embellishing alot is a digital kit I bought at Sweet shoppe designs called For the love of: conversation.

For the love of: Conversation

You see there are so many cute bits to use in a Project Life album!

Ali Edwards has alot of digital products out that are great to use both digitally (obviously) but I have also used her products printed out. I cut out banners and sayings to just add with a pop dot or so. 

I have also added them in digitally onto the photo before printing it.

Crystal Wilkerson has some great journaling cards in her digital shop. I have used them just like they are and added journaling by hand, but in my week 40 spread I made the "right now" journaling cards in Picmonkey using Crystals cards. 

I print out digital elements and papers on cardstock, mostly white. Then I just cut them out whenever I want to use them.

I always try to save paper and cut out 4x6" cards for my pockets all the time. 

So, there you have it, a few of my favorite things.

From pin to reality | fall wreath

Finally I am back with a fun From pin to reality post! This time I made a wreath for the front door using this pin as inspiration.

Pinned Image
link to pin

When I saw it I thought hm, I don´t have those cute colors in my felt stash :( 
But as I have an island full of real fallen leaves I picked a few on one of my walks and layed them between the pages of my big dictionary to dry and press for a few days. 

I had a wreath base in my stash that is made of some kind of twigs. I cleared that of the yarn pompoms I had used to decorate it before. 

I then picked out my leaves and glued them onto the base. 

I LOVE how it turned out! It makes me happy every time I see it!

Thanks for stopping by! And with this post the From pin to reality marathon has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed the week!

torsdag 25 oktober 2012

From pin to reality | Big polaroids

This is a photo related post! Yay! These giant polaroids makes me so happy.

Pinned Image

link to pin

I don´t have a real polaroid camera (sniff) but there are great tools out there to transform your photos into polaroids.

I have used Poladroid which is a program you download to your computer.
I have also used the Polaroid frame option on Picmonkey.
That is what I wanted to show you today.

Open up your photo in Picmonkey and choose the frame option. Then choose Polaroid frame. This will make your photo into a polaroid and tilt it a bit. Drag the Rotate level to 0 so that your photo is straight. Save.

Now you can either open your photo in Word and resize it or if you have a printing program you open it up there and choose the size that you want to print in.

My examples was pretty much a full A4 page which is ofcourse not as big as on the pinned image, but enough for me. If you want to go even bigger take your A4 (or 8.5x11") to a copier and ask for a A3 size for example.

I backed the photo with some cardboard and added a string to make it able to hang on a wall.

I am thinking a few of these will find their way to a Holiday gift or two :)

onsdag 24 oktober 2012

From pin to reality | Pincone peacesign

I pinned this image a while ago and thought that I would try my hands at it now. This one takes a bit longer than most of my crafts because of the drying time.

DIY Peace Sign Wreath

First you gather your pinecones. I left them in room temperature for a few days so that they would open up a bit.

You will need:

thicker wire
craft wire
something to cute your wire
and ofcourse your pine cones

First you will form your base. I love the peace sign so I did one too. But ofcourse you can go with what ever you like.
My wire was really soft and easy to work with.

When your base is done you´ll want to take the thinner craft wire and wrao around the base of the pinecones. This is what you are going to attach to the base. 

I learnt that I had to back some time to fix the ones that was a bit crocked. 

Just work your way around the base. Tweak it a bit if it gets crocked.

Right now it hangs in my kitchen, but I do think I will move it to the wall by the front steps later. 

I loved this project! It took me a few hours on a saturday and it was delightful.

Oh, and my big lab Dixon especially loves when I work with natural materials indoors ;)