måndag 26 mars 2007

good weekend

I have just returned from a wonderful weekend in Gothenburg. We went there to celebrate my MIL:s 60th birthday. We went to a wonderful italian resturant and had some great pasta and desert :) And we had gifts too! I have been working on a sharebook for her since september. I wanted it to be perfect. From the start I had mailed out about 18 informations to friends and family of hers. And then a few didn´t answer but it turned out great! And I was so anxious to give it to her. She loved it! It was the only gift she past around for everyone to see :) She couldn´t stop reading and remembering things from old photos. Made me so happy! Here is a peek at the cover and her reaction!

Me and my DD spend saturday with her cousin and my mom. It was wonderful spring weather and it was so much fun to see how the little cousin adores my DD! We were out all day and went from playground to playground. Wonderful! My DD opened a icecream shop and I am amazed to see so much art in an icecream :)

My mom lives in a part of the city which holds alot of nationalities and people from other cultures. I love to just walk around hearing diffrent kinds of music, smelling the diffrent sents from diffrent kitchens and see all the people. To bad there are a lot of vandalism in the area.

I took a bunch of photos. Yay for photo ops! My daughter has a thing for climbing on everything she sees. Like hills, fences and other stuff that comes her way. She is a good climber :) And a real model!

And I just have to share this. My mom uses this tote bag when she goes shopping! :) Go mom!

söndag 25 mars 2007

link list #2

I really loved to do the last link post so I am going for one more today :)

A really cool layout by another swedish pea

I really have to do this project some time soon

Read about the island I live on :)

HI, my name is Lisa and I am addicted to this
A really cool photo

Currently I am listening to alot from this guy

At my school we teach with this in mind:)

Did I mention I need this

I am taking inspiration from all of these

I agree with Tara I too love this house

I am inpatiently awaiting this

tisdag 20 mars 2007

a little link list going on...

Tonight I had this for dinner

I am happy to read that these are coming back soon.

I really want to go here

This chick is so cool!

Yuck I had to go here and pay some bills :(

I really need this.

Currently I am reading this.

And listening to this.

This is the best show ever...still.

I can recomend this movie...for the whole family!

I loved to see this girls art.

My DD took this :)

lördag 17 mars 2007

update on life

* Sadie is doing better and better. And she is hungry which for her means back in buisness!

* I feel spring is on it´s way. The first flowers has popped and although today is really windy, I love the sunlight!

* I was "pubbed" again! But now I have gotten no love for the next 2 issues. Thats ok!

* I scrapped a bit. I have had a low period again. I think I need some new photos. I think I will go with Ali E´s theme on recording everyday life. You know; morning/evening routine, what we do everyday, the animals, school thing for DD and stuff we like. I feel alomst like I have been waiting for a "special" moment or event. But it is really all about the everyday. I know that, but I guess I need a reminder once in a while. Here is the latest layout using those cool sk8er photos. And my table in the midst of progress...

* I have been working on the scrarf for DH and it is fun as I am able to work faster and faster.

* There is absolutely nothing on TV right now and for the rest of the day. How boring is that! Oh well more time to blog, reading other peoples blogs and Pea :) which I plan to do this evening! So come by and chat over at gmail you girls that can!

fredag 16 mars 2007

my baby...

This is my baby today. She underwent surgery and was a sleep 3 diffrent times before the surgeon was done. She came home to us late thursday night and then she was all groggy still. She has 5 tubes sticking out from 3 wounds and that thing around her neck. She has slept the whole night and is still tired. She was up a minute ago and actually walked a little but now she is in pain again and tries to sleep. The vet said that she hopes that everything will go well, but they don´t know about the nerv damage yet. If it is to painful for Sadie it is better to put her to sleep. Let´s hope for the better. Thanks for all your messages, emails and other ways to send happy and warm thoughts!

torsdag 15 mars 2007

send happy thoughts...

Please send some happy thoughts and good vibes my way today. My little dog got bitten by a larger dog today and she (my dog Sadie) is in the hospital now on the operation table... The 3rd bite went thtough the leg and all the way in to the tummy. My poor little baby girl :( We have no idea how it will turn out, so if you think of us today I know it will help! Thanks.

måndag 12 mars 2007

I knew it!

I just knew she would love the mini board! Here she is in action and then she posed some for her mama today :) She is so sweet I could eat her up! I love the fact that she is one of those cool girls now. When she was...well up to her 4th year she was like if it is not pink or purple I am not wearing it! :) But then suddenly the summer before her 4th birthday she changed almost over night. And now ever since she started school she is all hardcore-i love black and blue-cool chickie. I just wish that she would speak up for herself a little bit better, you know toughen up a bit. She is too kind and caring and I am afraid that people will use that...oh, well she is mine and I love that!

Edited: I did the How much is to much challenge this week. Check it out in my 2peas gallery.

lördag 10 mars 2007

one of those long photo posts...

I convinced my dad to come along for a thrift shop tour this beautiful springish day. I L.O.V.E thrift shops and second hand things. First it is so much fun because of all the cool thing people give to the shops that I can use again and for other things, second it is such a fun way to give to a charity. I have a favorite shop where you can litterally find anything you would ever need. It is a rather big shop and very organized and with lots of costumers. They have open hours 2 days a week and when they are open there is always a que outside. So today I was on the lookout for some more yarn :) It makes me happy just thinking about it! I found some yummy yarn of diffrent sorts. My husband acctually asked me if I could krochet a scraf for him! How cute is that?! So i found some manly colors :) and some other colorful yarn for anyother project I can come up with. And as I stepped into the shop I saw these very cool stash of colorful small pieces of fabric. I grabbed them all! I have no idea what I will make of them, maybe just have them laying around for inspiration. I bought that really big cockieform to hold my small embellsihments as the cool buttons I found. I also Love those cute aprons on the bottom picture. Lovely! And I am so happy I found a miniskateboard to my dear daughter who has been wanting one the whole winter. She is going to freak out!
I hope you all have a HAPPY saturday!

torsdag 8 mars 2007


How happy does this make you? Just as happy as me? I hope so, I LOVE my new Clogs :)

onsdag 7 mars 2007

my world!

I came home after 5 today and was so tired. So i said to dear husband: Bye I am going to my world! aka my craft room :) Here are just a few things that make me smile in there!

Now me and the daughter are off to the movies to see Night at the museum!

tisdag 6 mars 2007

tagged sort of

five jobs I've had

1. rose seller in the market place
2. popcorn seller at the movies
3. ER nurse
4. ...
5. teacher

five movies I can watch over and over

1. Serendipity
2. Something´s gotta give
3. Notting Hill
4. Any Miss Marple movie
5. Beck (Swedish movie series)

five TV shows I love

1. ER
2. Shark
3. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
4. Every reality TV-show J
5. West wing

five of my favorite dishes

1. pasta
2. meatballs, potatoes, sauce
3. lasanga
4. crème caramel
5. chicken and rice

five places I've vacationed

1. Alanya, Turkey
2. Cala´dor, Mallorca
3. Hemsedal, Norway
4. Komarom, Hungary
5. Öland, Sweden

five celebrities i want to marry when i grow up

1. Josh Jackson
2. matthew Mccanaugh
3. It would be ok with those :)

five sites I visit almost daily

1. 2peas
2. Suziebeezieland
3. elsie.flannigan.blogspot.com
4. crazydays.typepad.com
5. gmail.com

five places I would rather be now

1. See vacation list :)
2. USA
3. At my moms place
4. Some other place warm
5. My craft room :)

måndag 5 mars 2007

i am back!

and it feels so good. I know that my internet connection was only gone for a cuple of days, but my God I miss it when it is! Fortunatley I had my mom on looking for new emails :) So what has been up with you all?

We have been sick as dogs the last week. My DD had a fever for almost the entire week and then the DH caught it sunday last week. He has astma and that means that he almost always gets more sick than everyone else. No he has a bad pneumonia, poor guy. I feel bad for him, but a little for me too, because when he is sick I litterally have to do everything myself. We have 2 dogs, as you may know, and I walk them everyday otherwise too, but he usually takes them in the morning so that they are set until I have a lunchbreak and bike home from work to walk then for 20 minutes or so. Then he usually takes them on a longer walk in the evening. Now, we have this set already: I do housework he renovates the house and maintain it. But while he is sick I cook, clean, wash, dish, tidy, read homework with DD, blog (!), and all those other million things we women just do! AND on top of that walk the dogs all the walks, fire up so that we can shower and everything else there is to do. Oh, my I am complaining I know, It feels good :) It is really not that bad at all! I just hope that he feels better soon.

I started krocheting a bit over the weekend after seeing so many posts about knitting around. Over at Donnas blog offcourse and Cathys too. And I think that Marie also have been knitting up a storm :) It is fun I think. I am bad at knitting but i have this krochet thing going on. Previously I have made some brachelates by adding some cool buttons. But now I have a bigger project going on. I am working on a bag! I love bags as you know and i am not at all going for a big one but still. I have begun using some yarn I had laying around. I always buy my yarn at garage sales or the Salvation army so there are seldome enough for a sweater or so. But some bits and pieces. We´ll see how that goes. I´ll keep you updated! :)

hello world!

are you still there? Our internet connection has been messed up, but I hope it is back from today!

torsdag 1 mars 2007

i had some fun

scrapping and just playing and not thinking so much. It was fun! I have been using paint alot lately. I have always been in doubt about doing that, afraid to mess something up. But I have realized that that makes it fun, to mess things up a little :)

I was going through the computer in search for some good photos, since I haven´t taken any recently (that I haven´t already scrapped that is) and I found this one and a cuple more from the same session. I think that my daughter looks so confident in the photo and the journaling says: belive in yourself.

I love the fact that there were "white space" in this photo and i used it to write small advises for my girl. It is fun to doodle a little and paint a little :)

I found this photo also among the others I scrapped today. And I love it too.

There are always small signs of my daughter around the house. I went into her room the other day and found this. It puts a smile on my face seeing her fantasy shine through.

This is so typical for my girl. All surounded with her stuffed animals and deep in fantasy and play.
Edited: Marie! The HMITM is the How Much Is To Much challenges that are posted here it basiclly challenge you to use as much supplies as you can on a page :) It´s fun, but I rarely finish a project since i think it IS to much! Check it out!