tisdag 31 juli 2012


i love giveaways! especially when i get to have one! during the weekend i went into a sweet little shop in gothenburg that was full of lots of thisng that you really don´t need. aren´t those the best?!
anyway, i was happy to find this geometric template and promptly put one in my cart. or so i thought! i accidently took two (they were kind of glued together). and as i did not pay for the second one i felt guilty but have no way of returning it. so, i thought you could have it!


it is not big, the whole thing is about 20 cm long and 10 wide, so the templates inside are the smaller kind. but oh so good for making all sorts of paper embellishments! i, myself can´t wait to use the pointy triangle to make a mini banner and using the hexagon template to make a page accent oh, and the parallelogram would look cool on a quilt kind of page! see! endless possibilities!

just comment on this post and i will draw a winner by friday! all can enter national and international! that was i pay the shipping and i won´t feel that guilty anymore :)

Re-scrap 2012 | July - the pages

yes! i managed to make the Re-scrap pages for July too! and i must say that i totally needed the kick in the you know what to get these stories down! 

older page

new page: i really wanted to have this photo in my scrapbook album, but it had been sitting on my table since early june. i am happy that i finally used it! this is me and my sisters kids!

older page

new page: i see now that this is a bit blurry! i will have to change that photo out later. this is a first/last schoolday photo thing. while i was punching out the hearts to use here, i had the negative strip of the pink paper laying ontop of my page and i decided to use that also.

older page

new page: this is my daughter on her final day of school :) which is kind of funny since she loves school haha!
i am so happy about how this turned out!

i will be back in the beginning of august with another edition of Re-scrap!

måndag 30 juli 2012

Project Life | week 30

here is my 30th week of doing Project Life. this week was one of those i  would have rather just forgot about, but as i try to keep things real in my album i ofcourse did this week anyway :)

here is the spread. as you can see i really just did it, no extra things and embellishments or anything. i did include a photo mosaic as an extra.

my daughter spend last wee (29) on Mallorca with her biological father (we were there in 2006!) she came home this week and we were so happy to have her home again. i included 4 of her photos that she took while there. i am going to ask her to write a few sentences about the trip and i will then have them in this spread too.

i got two new books this week: elevate the everyday and expressive photography.
and our first sunflowers bloomed.

here is a shot of the second page that shows the insert.

this is on the backside of the insert. it is a quote i found around the internet this week and something that hit home with me.

we saw the olympic starting at my inlaws house.
bruce springsteen was playing in gothenburg and we went to have a picnic and listened outside. but we had some crazy crazy rain on that night so we didn´t make it downtown. we did hear him sing the night before though :)

saturday was just horrible. it had to do with my anxiety problems and i am not going into it more than this that i shared on flickr going with that photo: yesterday sucked. it was hard. it was scary.

sunday me and my husband took the dogs to the park and we also saw the penguins. my very favorite! i included the instax photo by just putting it ontop of the regular 4x6 photo. 

that is it. moving on!

söndag 29 juli 2012

WCS | August sneak peek

the august gallery at WCS is a few days away! i wanted to share a little sneak peek of my project. make sure you come back on August 1st to see the full page!

torsdag 26 juli 2012

What i did...

while blog reading this morning i came upon nora griffins post where she went back and saw what she had blogged about this day (or around) for the last years. i thought that was an awesome idea, so i did that too!

in 2005 i posted a cute photo!
2006 i updated on my new (then) craftroom!
July 26th 2007 i shared a few new layouts!
i shared my morning at work in july of 2008!
in 2009 i shared a few lists!
in 2010 i shared a "today" kinda post!
in 2011 i wanted to stay in the moment and shared this quote!

that was fun!

have a wonderful day!

tisdag 24 juli 2012

Project Life | week 29

wow! it is amazing that i have done this for 29 weeks! i am feeling this is going to be one of my very favorite projects this year!

here is the spread. i had an extra 4 pockets this week.

the stories: my husband started using facebook! this is a small miracle :)
we harvested our first zuchinis from the garden and more strawberries, raspberries and sallad.
this was my first week back to work after my summer vacation and i worked in the school kitchen temping for them there.
dixon snuggles and i love the colorful flowers in my garden.

here is a better look at that insert. i added the photos from this now and then post to a page protector cut in half.


i like how i included the progress of my garden (that means so much to me) in the albums throughout.

more stories: my daughter spend the week on Mallorca with her biological father and she send 2 long text messages to my cell phone. i would have loved to take a cool screenshot, but alas i don´t have a very fancy phone, i typed them out on my vintage typewriter instead. talk about contrasts!
i photographed a bunch of amazing runners this week (more here!).
we spend saturday evening at my sisters bbq-ing and letting the dogs play alot!
sunday was a lazy day editing photos and just lounging.

we watched alot of the coverage from norway as they had a day of remembrance  since it was one year ago they had a bomb on oslo and a man killed 69 young people on a youth camp. 
one more week down and 23 to go! 

måndag 23 juli 2012

Re-scrap 2012 | July

finally, here are my pages that i want to Re-scrap for this month (july)! i better get busy, right?!

these pages are from last year.

i started this year long project in January and the basics are that i scraplift an older page that i love. nothing serious, but a fun challenge for myself!

onsdag 18 juli 2012

Then and now in the garden

for fun i have paired photos i took of the garden in april/may and ones i took yesterday.  

say what you want about rain in the summertime, but it does make wonders for the plants!

WCS | Summertime daily post #2

my second summertime blog post went up on the WCS blog yesterday. did you know that we take turns in the summertime and that a new team member blogs each day?!! it is awesome! 
i decided to take advantage of the awesome round-up post that marnie wrote last month that is packed full with scrapbooking inspiration.

Journaling #20 + Design #16

The first one is number 20 on the list of journaling ideas is "something that made me happy today was…" and number 16 on the design idea list was "use your washi tape for journaling strips." I listed a few things I was happy about that day and printed the list out on my computer, then cut it up to strips. On my background paper I layered my tape and just simply added the journaling strips to the tape!

Journaling #06 + Design #09

The second page is number 6 on the journaling list (how I celebrated my birthdays as a child). Since my grandmother passed away earlier this year we have been going through her things and we got to take the photos we wanted from her (big) collection. I had seen a few of these photos of my first birthday before but as I went through the boxes I collected a whole series of them; from the cake preparations to the photo of everyone wipeing me of after me grabbing the cake. I also used design idea number 9 (try layering your photo mattes, tipping each layer slightly askew).  

Journaling #14 + Design #11

On the third layout I used journaling idea number 14, to record something that is ending. I chose to journal my feelings about my daughter growing up and starting a new chapter as she begins junior high. I paired this with design idea is number 11, and layered my letter stickers onto of my photo.

now please go check that list out! 

tisdag 17 juli 2012

Take Twelve | July page

Here is my page(s) for july Take Twelve!
as i have done for most of the year i made a two pager. this time using the mosaic tool on picmonkey.com then i just printed them out. i am so happy about my new stamp from Elise  and i used it to make like a grid on the pages. 

i love this project! even though i am doing project life too, this is a litte more in detail of one day each month! fun!

now, go check out the rest of the Take Twelve team and what they have created this month! 

måndag 16 juli 2012

Project Life | Week 27 + 28

i missed sharing my project life pages last week so i have combined my week 27 +28 in this post. 

this week we were still on holiday going home for the weekend, so most is from there. 

my daughter gave up on our rainy camper holiday so she was rescued by her grandmother :) it was me and my husband for the last week. we had some beautiful sunsets that we celebrated with walks by the water. and we indulged in some resturant food together and on those sunny days it almost felt like we actually were on summer holiday! my daughter reported from the strawberry fields at home with a texted picture that made me happy!

the last days we met that little puppy up there and he had to be in my projecy life album because he made a big impact on us! we almost got away with stealing him ;)
my husband rarely goes clothes shopping but this week he did and it had to be recorded! i love the look of that tag that came with his hat so i knew i wanted to include that. 

on friday when we were on our way home we heard that one of the ferries that takes us to and from our island was in an accident, so the last bit of the trip was a bit caotic, but boy did it feel good to be home!

we took up our first homegrown potatoes and i high fived myself for being able to grow my own veggies! 

i have had that peony for years and it has bloomed like once before. so i was sure i was going to miss it this year, but amazingly it bloomed the day after we got home. happy!

week 28

i recieved my stamp that i ordered from elise and it is so cool!
you can see a more detailed photo below, but i stamped the stamp with some yellow ink as the background on the card and used her buisness card and such from the package.

thursday was july 12th, so it was time for Take Twelve i printed my 12 photos on one 6x4 card and tucked a manilla tag behind it with some journaling. 

i had a date with that cue baby and her mama on monday. i used my watercolors to make the background on that card. fun!

and this week i made like 20 jars of strawberry jam so i knew i had to include a photo and the story of that. 

this was also the week we got the news that my husband was excepted to the university that he wanted! yay! more on that later.

the backside of the extra page (which i forgot to take a photo of!)  has a status update from my sister and her family on vacation in turkey. 
and a story about how both we and the cats thinks it is nice to be home. 
and also a photo and a journaling card (where i also used watercolors) of a friends family that came to visit.

 melvins former owners came for a visit on saturday.

and sunday was my last day of summer vacation...