fredag 31 juli 2009

new projects

i wonder where this extreme joy i feel when i work on new projects come from. really. how can something that others might think is just blaha give me almost butterflies in my tummy? sometimes just the thought of colorful paper, glue and some ink can make me giggle :) hm...i might have a condition afterall :=)
anyway, here are 2 of my latest super simple craft projects.

from my work with little kids i have seen more than once, that it is the tags on toys that find their way in to mouths than the acctual toy :) so i wanted to make a tag-blanket. since i have a bunch of scrap ribbon i used up a bit of my stash for this :) you will need a piece of fleece fabric and fold it in two. cut your ribbon and put the bits inbetween the fabric and just sew it together. voila! instant baby gift! this would be a perfect christmas gift, right!

and since i was playing with the sewing machine and had some fleece fabric left i decided to make a laptop comfy for my new toy :) also super simple; sew everything together to make a pouch. i sewed a few seams straight (ok not that straight) over the front to make a little more texture. i embellished the front with some buttons too!

oh, how i love easy and simple crafts!

ETA: i had a wonderful comment on this post that i wanted to share:
Anonymous said...
Nice idea. Normally the ribbon is looped to prevent strands becoming a possible choking hazard.

thank you so much!

torsdag 30 juli 2009

no title

i have had a rough week, but after a lovely and very long walk with sadie yesterday, i even over slept this morning. i almost never do that! i guess i needed the sleep after being physically tired for once.

althought i have a ton of other things to do, i scrapped. i have been so inpired by the lovely jen jockish lately. i love her layered look and those chipboard letters she uses.
i don´t have those letters, but i have used a free download font to print out the letters for my title for this next layout.

the story: my daughter has such attitude. almost always a kind of spunky, happy and silly attitude and i love it :)

the goods:amy butler patterned paper and printed out journaling.

the story: i finally got my love for crocs down ;)

the goods:
before i printed my photo i used one of ali edwards layers on it. i got it from designers digital. the strips of paper are from a SIS collection, basic grey and panduro hobby. the flower is a chipboard from american crafts, the love circle tag from a digital kit from previously mentioned digital company and the yellow tag is from åhléns.

the story: i picked some wild flowers while i was on my way home from work and put them in my bike basket and it just made me so happy.

the goods: the love tag is from a digital kit by erica hernandez and i got it from two peas in a bucket. oh, and the tag also. a mel butterfly ( i might need to get me a butterfly punch, eh?) and the swirl is from a mini album kit i bought at panduro hobby.

i am working on a super simple sewing project that is going to be a present for some cute babies, a few more layouts and a little something for my new toy :)
i´ll be back ♥

tisdag 28 juli 2009

lists, lists, lists

i love lists, you all know that. so when i saw this around the internet, i jumped on it :)

i always:

* check my emails in the morning
* wake up with a dog in my bed
* tell my daughter i love her, every day
* do to many things at once
* listen to the news in the morning
* think that being a motheris the hardest thing i have ever done

i never:

* drink alcohol
* forget to set my alarm
* go to sleep at night without reading first
* am completley content with myself
* drink coffee black
* entirely live in the moment

i was hard to come up with things to these lists, but it got me thinking about lot´s of stuff...and that´s good sometimes. and eyeopener maybe?

this photo from back in april makes me smile though :)


i am so bored even though i have a lot of things on my to-do list...

i felt like posting, but i have nothing much to report, so i will post a "today" thing from july 20th

outside my window: the wind is blowing and sun is shining.
i am thinking: about my daughter.
i am thankful for: my family and to be able to live here on the countryside.
from the kitchen: pancakes and my cerry jam.
i am wearing: my pyamas.
i am creating: a blanket with crochet squares.
i am going: to sleep well.
i am reading: a magazine and an elizabeth george novel.
i am hoping: for some nice, warm weather tomorrow.
i am hearing: M brushing his teeth and the cat´s purring.
around the house: there are lot´s to do, but it is atleast tidy.
one of my favorite things: to hear and see children play at work.

ok, i am going to stop now before i drag you all down in my boredom :)

lördag 25 juli 2009

a happy busy saturday!

first i did some cool shopping, all by myself!

then some family time, which almost always means messy kisses, tickeling, playing peek-a-boo and generally lots of piles!

and i am so happy that i got these photos of my sister and her family!

i hope that you are having a happy saturday too!

onsdag 22 juli 2009

super simple cake

what you need:

3 eggs
3 dl sugar
100 grams of melted butter
3 - 3.5 dl flour
apples, rhubarbs or berries of your choice.

beat the suger and eggs together. melt the butter and add it to the mixture. lastly put the flour in. pur everything into an ovensafe form and put your fruit in there too! in the oven on 175 degrees celcius for a half hour and voila!

i have made so many versions of this cake because it is super duper easy. my favourite must be these i made yesterday with red currants! but in the fall i make it with apples alot too! rhubarbs are superb also!


ps. a little wipped vanilla cream or vanilla icecream is nice as an accent!


nothink new to report. i am working and resting. enjoying some familytime. wrestling with a loose tooth (not mine, my daughters). exploring my new computer. wandering through my garden, picking weeds and seeing new flowers. life is good really.

i worked on some new layouts last week, here they are:

the story:my daughter always want to make sally (the cat) like to be carried. as you can see sally doesn´t agree!

the goods: i used an amy butler patterned paper for my background, a yummy piece of MM journaling paper, i printed out 2 circle embellishments one from designer digital and one using a free 2peas font. i made the flower with some accent papers simply by cutting out 3 different sizes of circles, roughed them up and put them all together.

the story: i miss my summer vacation time, so i wanted to make a favorite page about it. i also printed out mini photos and mounted them on a grid made of white paper. the letter stickers on the to is basic grey.

the goods:i downloaded an outlined font fron the internet and typed the word semester (vacation in swedish) printed it and handcut the letters out.

the story: sally always sleeps in strange places, this day she picked my flower garden for a nap :)

the goods: i tried the folded paper and sewing thing here. it was a little tricky as my sewing machine wasn´t to happy about the thickness of the paper. the circle and butterfly embellsihment are both from an album kit i bought at åhlens.

i hope to give you a more inspired blog post very soon :)

måndag 20 juli 2009

why do we have post titles anyway?

tada! i am out of under the rock i might have been living under the last cuple of husband came up to me yesterday and said; hey, honey why don´t we go into town today and buy you a laptop?! :) i was like jumping up and down! so, as of last night i have a laptop and am exploring it as we "speak" :) it´s funny, i told my husband that now i can watch my reality shows AND blog at the very same time! he threatened to give the computer back so i said i was kiddig (but you know i wasn´t!)

As i was browsing my bloglines the other day, i came upon Audrey Neals blog and she was talking about how she was inspired by blogs like habit that are all about photos and just a few words. I joined the 3:11 project on flickr and just uploaded the first photo. a fun project :)

be back soon!

torsdag 16 juli 2009


i must say that this first week back at work after my vacation has been lovely so far. and it has already ended since i have this friday off :)

i quickly wanted to share a cuple of photos i took yesterday while working in the garden.

our sally always finds the strangest places to sleep :) do you see her? :)
this is a flower garden i planted this spring. i even dug the acctual garden myself :) i love how it has grown and become beautiful, i can hardly believe that i did that!

and i love how the flowers peeked out from my bike basket :)

here are some scrap shares.

the story: i wanted to record a feeling i had during a casual dinner with great friends...

the goods: i got some yummy textured black paper for my birthday in february and i wanted to use one of those for this layout. super simple.

the story:still working on the photos from our trip to the zoo. the penguins were my favorite! they are so lovely :) my daughter knows that i love penguins, so she madde me a drawing :

(notice the black nailpolish, she is rockin that way :) )

the goods:i arranged the photos in Word and printed them out. i used one of the cute MM journaling tags and an accent from scenic route and the little camera tag is one i made using the camera dings font i downloaded for free from the web.

have a wonderful day!

tisdag 14 juli 2009

mel asked where i did get the little photoalbum that i used for the abc project. well, i think i got it at ordning&reda i can´t find it at their website right now and i did get it a good while ago, but it is basically a plastic folder with i think 29 pageprotectors in a 6*4 size so my photos went right in. there are so many ways you can go with this though, book rings, bookbinding etc.

i´ll be back with a new post this evening :)

måndag 13 juli 2009

abc of me

ok, here is my project that is highly inspired by the fabulous cathy z. she has an online class that is called Me: The Abridged Version An A to Z All About Me 4-Week Album Workshop . i don´t have the opportunity to take said class, unfortunatley. but i do got very inspired to make an album about me in a abc format. i happened to have a small photoalbum at home and decided to use that for this project.

first i made an alphabet list and pared the letters to things that describe me or has something to do with me.

for example i chose the word books which i love very much. i printed a photo that represented books for me and used that with a right handed note.

a few of the notes are harder to write than others...

i recommend a project like this because it is an easy and really doable one. i am going back and forth working on it. and i also journal when i am on the road or elsewhere and then i can easily use that when i get the opportunity to sit down and scrap.

so, from the wonderful world of blogs, from cathy z to me, from me to you :)

söndag 12 juli 2009

holy cow

there are a lot of free blogspot backgrounds out there!!! i have been playing for a while now and this is it for now :) this one is from the very generous blog of simply chic blog!

so, i have begun the countdown to begin work tomorrow after 4 weeks of devine holiday...

ok, i am ready to go back to work...sort of :)

ps. i got a question about a project i mentioned in a previous post...i promise i will tell you more about my cathy z inspired project very very soon!

a project

i have been working on this wall in our livingroom for a week or so now. we used to have a painting here, but i felt that a change was coming on and begun to gather things i wanted to put up there. i am planning to put up a few more photos before i will call it finished :)

while i was thrifting the otherday i bought 2 small shadowboxes. i picked the glass and background cardstock out and painted them both black. when they had dryed i used some long nails to put them up as frames/shelves on the wall.

i put some of my collections up there :) and i love how it turned out and am currently thinking hard about the fact that i think i have some more shadowboxes hidden away somewhere...

so there you go, an easy peasy project for you!

fredag 10 juli 2009

happy friday you all!

this will be my last weekend in my summer vacation, i start working on´s ok i guess. i just hope that the lovely weather could come back!
sadly i will also be very still this last weekend, because i was out working in the garden being a good girl and all, and then i hurt my foot so badly i have it in a bandage now and am limping on crutches. :(

onto happier things :)

i am loving this cross stitching buisness as of late! i have showed how a few projects before and here are 2 more.

and i just went thrifting today and found a lovely patterned with poppies :)

i am also working on a project much like the one cathy z is teaching in her class. i will be back tomorrow with that. i also have a wall hanging project to share, but that will too have to wait since we have dinner guests coming in a half an hour :)

have a lovely friday! ♥

torsdag 9 juli 2009

blog hopping

this is just perfect :) don´t you think? it trigged me to do some serious blog hopping today and here are some of the amazing things i found:

shirt to dress refashion

tasty posies

make a hanging book display and oh my gosh i just was caught at this blog for like an hour!

a yummy life, what a wonderful name for a photography buisness!

speaking of yummy these looks very yummy!

cute and clever cards.

when i saw emilys post about collages i really wanted to make my true to my faith that google has all the answers (!) i searched to get some beguinners tips...the result? well there were 39 000 000 results :) so i had to narrow my search a bit. i found dina wakelys blog and she makes lovely, lovely art pieces...

i love the layered look and i am dying to try this out...

the happy jansens have done it again! just look at this new project they have taken up! i know i loved to see their progress on the last mobile project, and i am keen to see how it all turns out! oh, this reminds me of a image i saw in an old issue of Family Living magazine...

i love this, don´t you? it is the interior of a circus vagon :)

and i know that i have shared this link before but i keep going back for more...:)

ok, i think i might have to jump start my day now :)

onsdag 8 juli 2009

me featured on

a few weeks ago the owner of contacted me wondering if they could use one of my photos that they had found in the 100 reasons to love summer flickr group. the website is a spanish blog about interior design, inspiration etc. so today i got the link :) how cool is that!

måndag 6 juli 2009

a rainy day

it´s a rainy day here today and a perfect day to just lay around and be seen above :)
we have had some thunderstorms over the last cuple of days and i have spend some time working in these during those.

we are in the garden

love + respect

i haven´t cross stitched in a long time but it was really relaxing.

the story: i wanted to just record one of our vacation weeks.

the goods: i used a planner template i bought from erins etsyshop. mounted it on pink cardstock and started the fun of embellishing the planner :) i used SEI number rub-ons for the days and my good old cirlce alphabet stamps for the word week. the word tags are MM and senic route.

the story: so, i decided to do full size almbum pages with some of the zoo photos afterall.

the goods: the snail background paper is from a paper pack bought at panduro hobby. the flower is from my minds eye, MM tiny letters, dreamer tag is from designer digitals.

the goods: i used Erica Hernandez Wonky Photo Mask for the photo and the patterned paper. basic grey makes the stciker letters and lotta bruhn makes the animal stickers.

how´s the weather?