torsdag 28 juni 2007


But if you want to reach me, feel free to leave a message either here or on my email: Have a wonderful weekend!

tisdag 26 juni 2007

guess who made the catwalk!

Yep that would be ME! Every week the SIS site make their fashonistas pick their favorite project in the gallery. And this week I was picked by Sarah Bowen. What a wonderful feeling! I don´t scrap for others (accept my family!) but there is a feeling of greatness when someone else thinks that your work is worth mentioning. Yay! You can see everything here!

Maybe that was the reason that I acctally created today! I mentioned a mini book I started the other day and I completed it today. I have more and more come to turns with the phrase: Less is more! I wanted it be all about the photos here and I am happy! :) Me and my daughter took a bunch of silly photos one lazy afternoon and i wanted to save them in a cute way. I used some of the very beautiful paper from my Far East mat pack which I tend to forget I even have.

I also had a this black board thing laying around that I got at a thriftshop months ago. It had a nursery rhyme on the top, but I just put some pretty paper there instead and am going to use it in the kitchen.

As my daughter is in that "teeth-dropping-age" I altered a little box for her teeth to go in. The title says "my dropped teeth" :)

Finally I have to share a funny, cute story. I phoned the very Suziebeezie up last night! I think she was suprised :) We chatted for a little while and it was plesant. This is what she said on her blog today:
"more matchmaking
Lisa O. called me today from Sweden!
She sounds exactly like Ingrid Berman! Oh my gosh, such an incredibly beautiful voice!
And what a sweet woman!
Lisa O. + Suzanne "
How cute is that!
Finally, I am happy that one of my favorite scrappers and fashonistas Courtney DeLaura found the way to my blog! :)

måndag 25 juni 2007

lazy monday

well, these days all days are lazy... I have trubble to get things done really. I see all these things that need to be done, but then I just sit. I guess I can pretend that I am just living life SLOW :) I have continued reading the book SLOW -live your life slow, and I have now found the URL to the books author. In praise of slow is a really interesting place, especially if you click on the links section there are SO many links that are interesting to visit. If you have the time, go and try. Right now I have come to the chapture in the book about Slow exercise. Sounds nice right! But I am sure it is high-intensity on the body though. In the book, the author refer to a study that says that we burn the most fat when our heart in 70-75% of it´s maximum speed, a person can do that by walking fast or jog lightly. That is because when you trin harder the body uses more carbohydrates to loose the fat = the using the muscles. Hm...interesting. Meditation is really a thing I have been wanting to try and I think I will try to sign me up for a beginners class for this fall. And yoga seems very nice to. I power walk daily and any type of walking is recomended by yours truly. Just think of all the benifits of walking; you breath fresh air, you are out in nature, you clear your mind, you exercise, you can get a tan :), you see wonderful and sometimes really funny things. It is the oldest kind of excersie and as far as I am conserned the best one still.

I found such an interesting link on Taras blog the other day. The shape of a mother is such a cool place and a real place. The site is an activism for the real after-having-my-baby-this-is-what-my-body-really-looks-like. Awesome! I usually say, well, anyone can look good with clothes on! :) But how does all those skinny celebrity mommies look underneath? I know after loosing 30 pounds in 3 months the other year I looked great, if I may say so myself, but hey, noone said that the belly would still be saggy and the stretchmarks will still be there! Not to mention the extra skin! Yikes! I am bad about my body, really. But my husband keeps telling me that I have to remember that i have a beautiful and smart daughter and that is why my body has changed. And then suddenly a light goes up and then I am really proud of myself and my body. Everyone (that sees me naked, which aren´t that many!) can see that I have given life! Really it is all about teaching our children what women really look like.

I have tried to be creative today, but sadly I failed. Oh, well i have those days too :) I started a mini book though, and I will be sharing that soon. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

And Susie! Got ya´!

fredag 22 juni 2007

productive day

...with still alot of rest! My kind of day, people! I got a ton of projects done. Let the sharing begin!
First I finally came up with an idea for a altered vintage book. Yay! I am going to make it a random advise one for my daughter. I used an old childrens book with really nice illustrations which I will keep. Here is the before picture of the book. It had really nice "old" edges of each page which are just yummy.

I altered the front page first. There was a frame thingy on the book already so I just mesured that and cut out my own choice of patterned paper, stamped the title (good advise trans.)

Then I did #1,2,3 of the advise pages. Here they are.

I worked with felt today also. I made this little pouch thingy to put small things in while in my handbag. It is very pink :) .And i also made a flower for my new tote bag.

On SIS they had a great tip from fabulous scrapper Courtney DeLaura (you can read about it here) The thing was how to hold 6*12 pages. I wanted to try it out using my comfortzone 8,5*11. Here are the results.

I hand stitched a pageprotector in half and voila!

I have uploaded a few new layouts to the SIS gallery Come check them out!

torsdag 21 juni 2007

rainy day

Today was so rainy! It rained all night and then almost the intire day. As you may have understood I am more of a sun type of girl :) Anyway, I had a fabulous lunch date with one of my girlfriends and that brightened my day. She brought her two girls one is 7 and the other one 11 weeks. Ah! I love babies :) Just the smell makes my heart jump!
I also did some shopping today! Schyy...don´t tell my husband because the "some" could easily be changed to "alot" :) Hey, I was out looking for red shoes and I thought I had seen a really cute pair the other day. But trying them on they just didn´t work. Bummer... I looked around a bit more and I found a store that had a BIG sale! Yay for sales! I found another pair that technically aren´t really red but VERY comfy :) These are not the exact ones but they are the same model. Mine are green with red dots :) I like dots! They were on sale, as I mentioned, and hear this only 5 US dollars :) Yep! They were in!

I went on and was so happy with that bargain and then I found these! Oh my! I LOVE them! To me they are so cool. So I bought them too ;)

Well, my day was already done by now and I went on with a happy smile on my face. I just jmped in to H&M and looked around, not that I was looking for anything special but I usually just pop in. I found this C U T E hood brown with white dots! (did I mention I like dots !) Ah! I had to get that! And this went on and on :) I have to add that I did not buy anything that cost over 20 US dollars. And I usually don´t if I don´t really need something, that is. And i usually don´t shop this much all at the same time.

Enough of the shopping part of the day! I took a ton of photos and the lunch date (how can you resist photographing a baby?) and I have printed them already and was planning to scrap tonight, but I was caught infront of the computer looking at all new scrapbooking projects out there. There are quite a few, I tell ya! Like this one Isn´t it cool! And I love this one! It is so colorful and fun, and I especially love the center of the photos. The latest project I am getting myself into is to alter a vintage book. You can see Courtney DeLauras example here. I love the look of that. Now i just have to find a book and a theme! And I love to use scrapbooking supplies to other things and for just paper and albums. Here is a great example of what you can do. Pure art!

Hm.. maybe I have a few things to share tomorrow! :)

tisdag 19 juni 2007

slow is beautiful

Hi there, I know that I am late but better late than never, eh!
So, the photo exhibit was a bit of a dissapointment really. The gallery was fantastic though. I found myself saying to my husband: Hey, I could do that! I then I am not bragging! The women sold her stuff and it was like 100 dollars and so. I mean I could make a fortune! Well, i hope there is a new exhibit soon so I can be amazed :)
I have been spending time reading the book SLOW by Honoré. Have you seen it before? Since i am home now with my depression and all I felt the need to read something more challenging than just my normal Agatha Christie and such. I picked it up at the library and started reading it last night before bed. It really makes sense people! SLOW is a movement (if I have understood it correctly) that want more out of life than just the ordinary stress which is so common these days. Recognize it? To just stress down, take it slow, walk slow, read slow, eat slow. They even have Slow Schooling which I can understand to an extend. I understand the angst kids and teenagers go through in school with exams and homework (I have been in school 18 years of my life!). There are schools that teach SLOW learning, which basiclly gives the kids more time to read, reflect and study. That sounds like a good thing! I´d like to live a slower life. Wouldn´t you? Just slow down and really taste the dinner and stop to look around for a change. The author says, that the key is to be aware and use our mindfulness. I have found that, and even more when I have my depressions, I tend to escape into a world that isn´t real. Do you get me? I´ll try to explain; I always have the TV on, or the radio or the computer...those world aren´t real. It is what´s going on right now right here that is REAL. I also tend to go inside my mind and think way to much, which i see is not really real either. So the thought of being more aware is very appealling to me. And just idea to be able to do nothing. It is an art I tell you! Just try to clear your mind and sit on a chair and do nothing. I get ants in my pants after a minute or so :) But I guess thats a matter of practise. I am going to read some more about this.

Ok, here are some new layouts. They and more can also be found at my 2peas and SIS gallery. See links in the sidebar!

lördag 16 juni 2007

Thank you, girls for leaving comments. Although this blog is like my diary for myself let´s face it, if I didn´t want someone to read it I would use a journal book :)
I am going to a photo exhibit today. (the photo is from the gallery which is in a barn here on the island) Very exciting. The theme is "Details from the big masterpiece - Mother earth." I belive it will be a very cool thing to see. I will share more later.
Ok, so I joined SIS ( I had been a member for a while just so I could see the cool episodes. But this week I acctually updated my profile and added some layouts to my portfolio. It is such a friendly community. Wonderful girls and just a friendly and easy feeling about it. Go check it out! My profile is found here.
The new "weekly photo challenge" for the Suziebeezieland is a house in your neighbourhood that you like. I know just the house, but I am working up some courage to go take a photo :) I think I will lurk and when a bunch of tourists walk by I will follow them and snap a photo then! Haha...
I have a bunch of new photos to add to my daughters "Summer album" wow that girl is busy! This week she went to her biological grandmothers funeral. She had been sick for years and we acctually said it was a relief for Gram to go rest with no pain no more. We decided that our daughter was big enough to go. It was good I think. It is like the last goodbye and she had opportunity to ask all the questions she had as the curious 7.5 year old she is.
We went to the pool the other day and I think I will just put "we went to the pool" once in the summer book because I have a feeling that we will be there MANY times this summer!
Tonight she had one of her many sleepovers. They slept in a tent and that is always an adventure!
Tonight I plan to do some scrappin! YAy! I plan to make a "Emily Falconbridge tag book" that I saw in the Garden yesterday. It is perfect for a birthday card I will make for a friend. I have already printed the photos for it. I loved the Garden this time by the way. What did you think?
Lot´s of inspiration!
I´ll be back later! Make me happy, leave a comment! :)

onsdag 13 juni 2007


So, as promised; here is my CJ to the Suziebeezieland 2007 CJ´s.

The title page.

My welcome page.

I made the sign in page by using a "hockeycard" page protector.

This is my entry in my own CJ.

I also started my daughters summer album/minibook. Here is the first entry!

I wont stop here! Please visit my 2peas gallery for more layouts!

And hey, is ANYONE still reading this?

tisdag 12 juni 2007

back from the post office!

So, I am back from a big round at the post office! I have send of

1 package

8 letters/cards

1 letter to the insurence company

1 letter to a book club
We will see who the lucky once are that will recive which letter/package!
I am working on my new CJ "A day in the life of..." for the Suziebeezieland 2007 CJ´s. We are 9 girls in total and I am looking forward to that. My "8 europeans & 3 american CJ" is also going good. The concept of CJ´s are so much fun, don´t you think. You really get friends all over the world, if you are lucky! The next CJ´s are "Fascinating places" and " Your favorite poem and why". I have already chosen the poem and I am so looking forward to work in that CJ! I am having a hard time choosing the places that I really like. But I am sure it will come to me while I am flipping through the other amazing entries!
I will be back to give you a sneak peek to my new CJ later today!
Now I am going back to do the thing I am doing on that crazy photo! Sun tanning! :)

tisdag 5 juni 2007

time for an update!

ok, i will update in sections :
1. art
My daughter has her last week in the first grade this week and she brings home all sorts of school projects and art work. I was amazed at her art portfolio and put these three into frames at once. Maybe it is that she is MY daughter, but I think these are real pieces of watercolor art! I especially love the blue and red one. The frames hang over our bed in the master bedroom.

2. weekend

We had a wonderful weekend in Gothenburg together with our friend J. Good food, nice company and as usual many laughs. The weather was great and we went shopping! :) It was what I needed right now, just to come away a while. It was just so hard to come home again.

3. Moleskine
I have had a few Moleskine journals before. I have a planner, adress book and a plain journaling one. When me and J was in town to shop we went into a book store and we found the one for me! They have one for making/planning storyboards, perfect for my scrapbooking ideas! I have already started adding ideas into the storysquares. It is one I recommend! Ps. Don´t you just love peeks into other peoples journals! I don´t mean reading the text, but just the feel of it!

4. Flowers/Garden
Well, since it has been so warm already (weird) the syrens has already bloomed over and there will be none for school graduation :( But I love to see how my garden grows and blooms. I love my clematis, and it has not even begun to be as big as it will be! The cardations are my favorite. Such a great yummy color! I also love it when my daughter comes home with flowers she has picked for me, although they have to stay outside since my husband is allergic. I got a wonderful pack of flowers for mothers day and I still have one flower left. Makes me happy!

5. Scrapbooking
If you remember a few posts ago I posted a "road book" that I will use for trips during this summer. Well, since it IS june already I started to make a few notes during our weekend trip to Gothenburg. I just jotted down a few thing that we did, restaurants we eat at and added the movie tickets to Pirates of the Caribbean 3 that we went to see. I also have a ton of new photos that I am longing to scrapbook, but I won´t get my ink cartridge until later today, so I can´t print them out yet. One of the layouts is going to record how my daughter lost her 3rd tooth. (shh...I picked it out while she was sleeping!). I am just getting so much inspiration through all the blogs I am reading and of course 2peas galleries.
6. me
I am ok. Nothing more nothing less...