torsdag 31 januari 2008

update of my life :)


1. yep, done that! I did my assignment to Project Fashonista :) I thought and thought about it and I did start over once, but then I just wanted to send it in so that I couldn´t change m mind again :) I am ofcourse hoping for the best, but you guys should just see which super SISters that was choosen for this round!!! I cannot belive that Jeanette choose me, it must be a mistake!

2. I did the first layouts about my neices :)

3. A few everyday projects has slipped out too!

A few things that I am good at. How hard is that to list?! I had a hard time just coming up with a few.

I have a few projects that I will get started on this afternoon after work!

Wacky weather

1. The weather is wack! One day it is raining and it feels like we are having fall year round! And then the next day we are freezing, but with no snow! Damn global warming it is confusing!


1. Can you belive that my job is to watch 1-3 year olds discover the world! I love my job as a kindergarden teacher! I get to hug and comfort small children, see the amazement in their eyes when they see something new, chase them and play with them and hear their laughter...I have the best job in the world!

Photo a day in 2008

1. I need some new inspiration for my photos, which I am planning to get this afternoon while I browse flickr and a few other sites. This is yesterdays photo, me making pizza!

Random interestingness:

1. Ali´s Shutterbug photobook is really something I want to do!

2. This music video makes me feel in love :)

3. Hulaseventy´s lists are always cool: 38 things to do in her 37th year is her latest.

4. H&M is working with Designers against AIDS, see the cool collection here.

5. Just look at this flickr set and try not to sigh :)

Have a wonderful day!

onsdag 30 januari 2008

. i am here...
. just not in the mood for blogging :)
. scrapping
. living life
. eating way to much chocolate :)
. thinking up new craft projects
. reading
. watched fracture today
. another storm coming our way...
. will update tomorrow :)

love & peace

måndag 28 januari 2008

weekend recap

We had a wonderful weekend spending time with my new neices and big brother nephew :) The girls were a delight, ofcourse. So tiny and perfect! ♥ And even if my daughter and her boy cousin are eachothers favorites she was still curious about the babies.

I went sales shopping on saturday and that is always a delight :) Even though everyone else seemed to have gotten that same idea right that day! The stores were packed, and I tend to look at the line before I go into a store :) I made some finds though ;)

Sunday we had the best day weather wise since like september! The sky was clear blue and the sun was beaming! I took the older kids for a walk. We petted the horses and opened all the red mailboxes :) I love spending time with the two of them because they always show how much they love eachother!
We went swinging to! I ♥ swinging :)

Nicole made such a cool post with numbers the other day and I am shamelessly going to steal that idea :)

2 new neices24 days until I fly to Holland + Paris
13 the age I was when i got my type writer that I picked up from my moms yesterday!
4 the number of the tram i took to my sister
2 sticker sheets bought
3 hours drive home
26 days until my birthday!
3 children that can call me aunt
2 magazines bought
0 bookrings found :(

I have so many new photos to scrap and I will be sharing soon!

fredag 25 januari 2008

a new mini

So I have worked and thought about doing this album a while now and finally I decided on how I would do this. I made a mini that documents my familys daily life right now this moment. It contains everyday photos and journaling about our work, house, evening routines, am routines, weekends and foods. It is something that I look forward to read and flip through five, ten years from now and see how and what has changed since 2008. I love it! And my gosh those Amy Butler papers are just delish :)

I also did a lovey dovey one with my sweety and I :)

I like to wander to the 6 x 12 format from time to time. If you still haven´t tried it, you should!

Did you see that Elsie has a fabulous post on her blog about her new book? I think it seems like a great inspiration. I know that I am not an "Elsie-scrapper" but I love to see her stuff because it still inspires me.

And Kelly Purkey had the best quote on her blog yesterday. I jotted it down right away, because it really hit home with me.
" Joy is what happens to you when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are..."

I think it was the ever so cool Martha that said it. Isn´t it great? I am definetly going to use it in a project!

I am going to Gothenburg today to see my new neices and the others. I am bringing my camera, ofcourse :) and I looked through flickr to see some inspiration for newborn shoots...Oh my gosh there are so many beautiful baby photos there! See my faves so far. I am not going to get anywhere close to those but i love to just look at them, don´t you?! I did try here

Me and my daughter had fun with a frame we found in the garage:

LOL you can see more here.

onsdag 23 januari 2008

a post of lists

First is a list of goodies I just found while browsing the urban outfitters site.


Ah! The yumminess!

Then a list of things I am happy about today:

1. I have been chosen to the next round in the search of the new Fashonsitas at SIS :)

2. The sky looking like this this morning.

3. I am printing some new photos tomorrow so that i can scrap.

4. I am seeing my new baby neices this weekend.

5. It is snowing!

Then a list of...oh I blanked out mostly because I haven´t eaten yet today...see you after dinner!

måndag 21 januari 2008

the story behind the photo

Do you remember my little sneak peek the other day? I did a mini album using something I read in Ali´s book. She had a small section where she talked about scrapping the story that is not the obvious from the photo. I think it was a photo of her son, Simon and 2 other women and Simon looked back at Ali who was behind the camera. She writes: "...tell and underlying story about the photo - a story that may not be apperent on the surface, one that go deeper than what you see at first glance." I took that as an inspiration for my "The story behind the photo" minibook. I used photos of me and my husband and did my journaling about what was going on when we took the photos, where we were, why we took the photo and so on. It was so much fun doing the journaling and thinking back on each occasion!

I choose to not use a lot of things in the minibook because I wanted it to be supersimple and really all about the journaling.
Now, I have started an other minibook which is going to be about our lives right now. I am still thinking about the size and stuff, but I will share soon!

Today is monday and that always mean library night in our family. I am so happy that my daughter loves to go to the library as much as I do. When I was like 9-10 I started to stalk the library women where I lived :) I used to go to the library often and ask her about anything and everything :) I have always loved to read and to just be in the presence of lot´s of litterature. Maybe that is why I ended up going to school 18 years of my life! Anyway, naturally I used this as my photo of the day!

Oh, and yes, today was the first day we had sunshine in 5.5 weeks!!! Holy cow! I know! So, I took Sadie for a good long walk in the sunshine. And hear me now, the birds was singing! What?! I mean our birds, alot of them anyway, go away during winter to warmer places and come back in like march or something. They are not suppose to be back yet! Damn global warming! It is all messed up...

Please DO NOT see my dirty windows!!! You can´t clean then when it rains for like 4 weeks straight! :)

Before I go to do some useful stuff (!) I have to share a link to a new fave set on flickr. Enjoy!

lördag 19 januari 2008

This is my desk right now! I am so happy to be in the creating mode today. We have had a minor storm over the island today, so that made the perfect excuse to stay inside in my pyjamas and scrap!

I took the ferry to the mainland yesterday for some errands and during the ride I went through Ali´s book again. I am just blown away with everything she writes in that book. I am so happy that she has introduced me into the art of life art. Because, really how many of us (just go to yourself) only scrapbook? I for one see myself as a definite life artist! I see art everywhere in different ways; in colors, in patterns, in nature… and not everything goes on any of my scrapbook layouts. Sometimes, I take a photo of the thing I see. Other times it, as in the art, is just a sense of something that I can´t touch or record otherwise than in my mind. When Ali writes about becoming an everyday artist, see it as you have to develop an open mind. I have noticed my open mind for a long time and it gives like different dimension in life. It makes me see things where other people just would walk by (and I am not saying this as in: I take medication therefore I see stuff haha). It is a nice feeling, what do you think?

Here are some proof of that the huge desk-mess acctually did develop into some layouts!

Right now i am whishing for:

1. the wind to slow down a bit
2. that i develop an allergy for chocolate like a miracle!
3. i had new yellow ink for the printer
4. i could find some valentine crafts for me and my daughter to make
5. that i could kiss these two

Meet Annika and Beatrice! They are doing just fine, just don´t make me say which one is which! I can´t wait to meet them!

Harry is not very keen on going outside today, not to mention the cat that has NOT been out the door today. And as he is the sweetest ever, i am talking about Harry...not that the cat is not the sweetest, but right now I am talking about Harry :) I have to share a photo of him laying on his day bed.

Ok, and Sadie is sweet too. Everyday she lays in bed with us, she sneaks up during the night!, and we snuggle in the morning.

Oh, shoot now I just have to post a photo of the cat too :)

Ok, back to creating!

torsdag 17 januari 2008


Baby Foot, originally uploaded by KamranM.

1. I got to 2 baby nieces today :) I live a few hours away and they are still in the hospital, so I haven´t seen them yet alas the borrowed photo :) Baby #2 is doing fine and is with her daddy. But my sister is back on OR because she has a fever and is still bleeding alot. They may have to do a hysterectomy which is sad offcourse, but they have 3 lovely children now! Baby #1 is tired and has a touch of a fever so she is in Nic-u for the time being. But we are keeping faith and hoping everything will turn out fine!

Keep them in mind when you send happy thoughts today :)

2. I have been working on some new goodies for my etsy and here is a sneak peek

You will have to make it to my shop to see the whole thing :)

3. And I also have been working a while on a new project where I have been inspired by Ali and her book :) I have also used my Bind-it-all which I am loving to do! I am not entirely done yet, so here is another sneak peek.

4. Gigi had a wonderful song on her blog today!

5. I cannot belive how brave this woman is! We all should learn from her.

6. The KI-blog has a precious challenge up!

7. I love looking into other peoples craft rooms! Don´t you?! I found this group too.

8. oh, no I just have to go make dinner :( Be sure to leave a comment to make me happy! ♥

tisdag 15 januari 2008

a sad sad day :)

1. No, not a sad day really :) I just had a sad moment when I uploaded my latest photo to I got a message saying that I have reached the limit of photos for a free account :( So, if you want to donate a PRO-account to me you can check this out! And as you know my username is: lisafisa haha!!!

2. I have made a mosiac from my latest flickr favorites and I think it looks yum! Don´t you?!

1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. Day 278/365......This is about as Halloween as I get, 4. Saturday tulips., 5. Day 235/365, 6. Untitled, 7. Ribbon *Love*, 8. Stick your tongue out, 9. painting, 10. on the agenda..., 11. Tasty Rainbow, 12. boots, 13. bird on branch silhouettes, 14. dreams are revolutions., 15. the boards, 16. The Love Wall, 17. Sleepy puppies, 18. cute puppy, 19. Meet the Puppy, 20. k k kitten, 21. kitten sitting, 22. Love my Coke in a glass bottle, 23. the champ, 24. Luna at Rest, 25. Cashed out again, 26. Untitled, 27. ROAAAAAAAAAAAARR, 28. IMG_8098, 29. contagious laughter., 30. titt ut, 31. purrfect (TakeItEasy), 32. 308: 12.5.07, 33. good night and.., 34. Martin Triangle, 35. still journaling, 36. the beginning of my new journal

3. My friend J usually send me so many funny emails with cool links, but I think this one is one of my faves :) Enjoy!

4. Have you ever seen such beautiful beds?

5. My latest scrapbook layout, using one of the yummy papers from the paperpack I bought this weekend.

6. I made some new Weekly cards too. But you will have to visit my SIS portfolio for that :)

7. I was just browsing my own blog Archive to see what i was up to last January. I still love this post because of the photos in it. We had a big storm! And we acctually had snow just look here!!!

8. I love Nicoles layout that she showed in this blog post!

9. I am going to go do some creating now! :)

söndag 13 januari 2008

disney, red jacket and rain

Ah, finally we are back home after a weekend at my moms in Gothenburg, where we went to the Disney on ice show. My first and my daughters 4th! It was amazing, really! The skaters are fabulous and so very talented. I got chills and the last scen :)

Ofcourse a trip to Gothenburg means a little shopping :) I went to the craft store and got some goodies at their New Years sale. Among other things I got an Amy Butler paper pack of the Belle dubble sided papers ♥ love love love :) I can´t wait til I can use it!
I also hunted for a new red jacket. I was looking for a wintery kind, but then I went into H&M and saw this lovely red springish longer coat and I just fell in love! And it was quite affordable too. You really can´t see on this silly photo, that my daughter took, but it is cut just over the chest and it is wider at the bottom.

Mindis happy blog post from yesterday made me so happy! I was smiling with her! And then todays post was scary so that I got chills. I am happy, mindi that everything went well!!!

Today was the last day to add your portfolio to the new Fashonista submissions to SIS. I totally added mine and it would be great to be selected, but my gosh there are such talent among the other SISters I cannot belive that they would pick me among all others. But it doesn´t cost anything to dream a little :)

I brought Ali´s Life artist book with me and read it on the train ride (both ways!). I love it! I love to read every word in it and to look at all the projects. I especially love the portion about embacing imperfection, because that is really how I try to live my life. If you had been in my house you´d know that it is far from perfect. And I am the first to admit that I am very far from perfect myself. And life gets a little bit easier when you think like that too. I am not always good at that, but I try!
I also love that Ali encourages you to put creating on your schedule. I do that everyday and it makes all the difference.

The husband has been home with the pets and working hard all weekend. I just had to snap a photo of the 3 of them laying on the floor together :)

I have to make dinner, but I will be back soon!