lördag 19 augusti 2006


I have been such a bad blogger this time. I will be better!

Hm... you would think that much has to have happened since last time but really it has been kind of slow. My buddy J was here over last weekend and that was fun as usual :) I have been scrapping quite a bit in my new place :) I love every second of it ofcourse :) I was scared that now that my dear dear husband finally made me this beautiful room and I sit in it with no inspiration ´cause I am usued to this tiny place to scrap. I am happy that I was wrong! I don´t think I have scrapped this much for a long time. You can see my recent work here I am in happy place when I can create stuff.

I have had some vacation time for the latest 3 weekes and I start work on monday again. I am twisted about what I feel about that. Sure some freetime is always to prefer but I do miss the kids and some structure in my everyday. We have made some changes at work so I am thrilled to see how that is going to work out.

I´ll leave you with a list of blogs I STALK!!!! :)

#1 Elsies
#2 Taras
#3 Alis
#4 Emilys
#5 Carries
#6 Maries

I love all these girls for the big inspiration they are to me and so many others!

What blogs are you obssesed with?