tisdag 12 oktober 2010

virtual coffee # 4

i think "virtual" coffee is a very good idea today, because if we would have had coffee in real life i wouldn´t say much. i have lost my voice.
but since this is virtual i can tell you one or two things that are on my mind...

i would tell you about this horrible weekend when we had to put or dog down to eternal sleep. it was indeed a horrible few days with lots of tears and whys. the whole family was devastated by this and we miss her so much!

i would also tell you that i love the colors in nature right now. i love fall and it has shown itself beatifully monday and today. me and my other dog took a photo walk, well i took photos and he could run freely as i didn´t always see what he did :) it was surely a win win situation :)
if we would have coffee today, i would tell you that me and my daughter are planning or annual "play in the leaves" photoshoot for this week. i am excited!

i would also tell you that i have so many crafty ideas in my head and in my bookmarks! but i haven´t had the energy to make them just yet! which makes me sad. but i also had a chat with my husband and i realize i do need to spend a little more time living real life instead of my online life. he is right. i find it easy and relaxing being online and contecting. but i do realize that they need me more.

*i sipp my hot tea actually, it is better for my throat right now*
and look at you, i may lay my hand on your arm (i am a touchy feely person!) and ask you how you are?
i would listen for a long time to your story. i like human stories.

as i feel a bit under the weather right now, i would leave a little early, so i can lay myself on my bed and rest for a bit. but before i left i would ask you to enter my giveaway below! there is also a photoart piece of mine that you can buy and all proceeds will be donated to the pink ribbon, which is dear to me.

so long my friend. i look forward to next tuesday!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful photos. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog.

  2. Lisa- I hope you are feeling better by now, I hate having a sore throat...ugh. I have to tell you, those are some absolutely gorgeous photos, every one of them! Wow! I especially love that last tree one. Beautiful!
    I am sorry to hear about your beloved pet, that is so hard to deal with.
    Thanks for joining in for coffee, I so look forward to your posts!

  3. Aw,you poor sick thing! I'm so sorry about your dog. I wouldn't let you leave without some chicken noodle soup and fresh bread and maybe some cookies, just because you should have cookies when you're sick, I think.

    Beautiful fall photographs. Fall is my favorite season. So rich. :)