torsdag 31 juli 2008

Q & A

So, yep here is the Q & A post today. I love when people ask me questions about me or my life or my crafting! Here we go!

Karine asked me about my blog banners. Well, Karine thank you so much for your kind words. I make my blog banners in Photoshop with a little help of a few digital kits and stuff like that. Then I just upload the image as a blog banner.

Mel asked about where the butterflies in this post come from. They are from a company called Karen-Marie Klip & Papir A/S. It is a danish company. If you google it you might find a few places online where you can get them!

Gretchen Owens asked if the wonderful lovely kitchen at the bottom of this post is mine…all I can say: I WISH! Haha.

Heather asked if I live on an island…for real! Yup, I do. We moved to this small island 14 km lone and 3 km wide 6 years ago. It is heaven on earth! I tell a little about the island in this post

The author alittlebitofscrap asked me if I laid the leaf bottom side up on top of the sand when I made this project and the answer is NO. You just lay the leafs “upside” down on the sand.
And i scrapbooked today too!

onsdag 30 juli 2008

another great way to spend your morning

I wanted to show you another way that i spend some of my mornings :) Today me and Dixon packed a back pack and took a morning walk down to the beach. The weather was lovely and the beach was empty yet. The water was just so clear and acctually very lovely.

Just to prove that i acctually was in the water :) Do you see that shake :)

This walk made my entire day. Wow on being able to feel nature like this! Thank you mother nature for all your creations!

The secret to happiness on the beach = me, dixon and a stick :)

Next post will be a Q A one! Yay!

söndag 27 juli 2008

a summer day

we had the lazy summer day today! The husband parked himself in the hammock with a good book in the shade, me sitting in the sun soaking it up...the doggies laying around in the water waiting on table, watermelon treats in the kitchen...ah :)

Thank you very much for the respons on my last post! It was fun! :)


fredag 25 juli 2008

my morning at work

So, as most of you know I am a kindergarden teacher. I work with kids in the ages between 1-3. And yes, it is kindergarden, not daycare. Atleast I see it as that :) I work in a kindergarden where we use inspiration from Reggio Emilia which really is a region in Italy and an educational philosophy which follows these principles:
Children must have some control over the direction of their learning;

children must be able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing, and hearing;

children have a relationship with other children and with material items in the world that children must be allowed to explore;

and children must have endless ways and opportunities to express themselves.

We also have longterm projects with lots and lots of creativity! Hense why i love my job :)

Anyway, the other morning i thought of taking some photos showcasing how good of a morning i did have! Let me set up the picture:

These photos were taken between 6 and 7 am. The sun was already shining and the grass was slightly wet still from the night. I lit candles (as i often do when i work with my kids) and put on some Bach.

(check here for my flickr version of the above photo if you want to read some notes...)

After about 5 minutes two kids arrived and they cuddled with me on the couch for a little while since they were tired. Then the little boy (3.5 years) started this awesome conversation about lawn mowers. He ♥ everything lawn mowers! That conversation lasted for about 15 minutes! I found myself sitting there and thinking wow how incredibly humble i am to his knowledge! He then proceeded with his playing :)

As we do have all materials showcased and in the childrens hight for them to pick and choose themselves, both kids wanted to do some morning painting. Perfect, i thought, because that is one of my favorite things! So, while listening to Bach on the CD, candles lite they had a nice quite time painting.

This, my friends, is true art!

While they were painting i stood and cleaned some brushes and paint cans, and listening to their sweet conversation. Yet another favorite for me. Ah, the conversation between children!

So, the clock is ticking and while the kids get cleaned up i put on some eggs for breakfast (we usually don´t cook but the lady that does is on vacation so we all help out).
The atmospher was so calm and made good things for my soul...i always want the kids
to have a calm and nice morning, so that they are ready for the day. And frankly i can need it too :)

I wish you a nice, calm and creative morning!

onsdag 23 juli 2008

a better day

Thank God this week proceeded to be a good one after all :) The sun is shining and I have short days at work! I have been spending most of my work days outside doing lots of crafts with the kids and then coming home to work in the garden a bit and just feeling good. And i have been itching to scrapbook, but when i finally make the time to my table i have had a hard time producing things...but i did managage to make 2 layouts! This first one is obviously a very simple one. But that was all i wanted to remember about this memory; we love love love eachother.

The next one is acctually a dubble pager. I don´t make alot of these but I wanted to spread the photos a little more graphical for this. This is appenrently about the dog caos that occured when we attempted to have all 4 dogs in one photo :)

A closer look...

While my daily blog hopin´ i found these dimonds:

Amanda "Soulemama" made a wonderful post today.

I am curious about her etsy.

This flickr group is so inspiring to me!

My Mindis food blog is full of yummy things!

I just can´t stop looking at her photos, they are amazing!

This is a mess i like.

Kal had the cutest photo on her blog post today.

And check our Elsies inspiration week.

peace out.

måndag 21 juli 2008

crazy past 2 days

Oh my Gosh these two last days have been crazy! Sunday we slept in after coming home late from a party on saturday night. All is "well" besides being a little drowsy. As the day went on i slept alot and still was feeling funny all over. (FYI! I did not have anything to drink at the party!) So, then i feel a sharp pain in my lower back and just couldn´t be still. Then it hits me; kidney stone! I have had several over the years and have been to many x-rays and investigations for it. Apperently my body likes to produce small kidney stones, small but still big enough to not fit through my bladder! Lovely isn´t it! So, painkillers it was. And liters of water to flush the stone (s?) out. Finally at 10 pm the pain stopped and i could go to bed.

This morning I was to open the school for the day and that would be 6 am, thank you very much! So, up i go and i am feeling ok, but still a little tired. But the sun was shining (halleluja!) and i knew that i had a short day. I come to work a bit early and the cleaning lady arrives shortly after me. We chat about everything and anything for a bit as we both start our day. Fifteen minutes later me, the cleaning lady, 4 kids and 1 parent are up on the couch squeeking. What happened, you might wonder! Well, we discovered a rat! Yes, a RAT under the sink! OH MY GOSH!!! I am terrified of mice! The janitor was called, from the couch, and arrived when we all had moved to the other side of the building! What did he do? Well, he opened the door under the sink and let the "little" rascal out! After which he said that he thought it had run outside through an open door. BAH! What a way to start a new week!

To make matters even worse my contact lenses have been torn the last 2 evenings when i have picked them out. What is the matter with universe?!

On a happier note: wow look at this!

fredag 18 juli 2008

my week in photos

i was blown away of how big she is...and beautiful.

he loves me even when i have bad days, cry and have my glasses on...

walks on the beach are soothing for the soul...

so is relaxing afternoons with my favorite girl, rain and a new mag.

i needed a little reminder...

happy shots taken.

onsdag 16 juli 2008


Look at the visitors counter down right! Yeah, that is almost 10 000 folks! Thank you for coming here and sharing my life!


tisdag 15 juli 2008

I just ♥ to have a stack of new photos on my desk! They are just calling my name, to come and scrapbook them :) And in my best lack of character manner, i did!

I was dying to finnaly make a minibook. So i used some of the photos from our june and july to put together a little book called: no summer without... I just simply punched holes in the left corner of my photos of things i really see as my summer! Like strawberries, flowers, walks down to the lake etc. Now that I am finsihed, i will add a little list of things like english TV mysteries which i have no photos of. As the title page is a yummy flower photo i wanted it to show. I cut a piece of a page protector so that i could write a title and still show the first photo.

Then ofcourse I had to record how happy these two were to see eachother when my daughter came home from a grandma vacation! The layout didn+t really turn out the way i would have liked, but my eyes are drawn right to the photo anyway so i guess that doesn´t matter :)

This weekend we spend some time lounging in the backgarden hammock. I snapped quite a few photos of these two. When i edited the photos later that night, it just hit me. They are my life. They truly are. I am so happy to see them getting along and enjoying their time together. It makes me happy to see those photos and i smile inside :) They are quirky the pair of them. And they are always making inside jokes and pick on eachother so that the other one plays grumpy.

That is that, but i have to just show you the link to my latest creative post. It seems to be published on the wrong place!

peace out.

fredag 11 juli 2008

life update


yup, this is my last weekend on vacation. On monday i start working again. It feels ok i guess. But i mean vacation is still vacation, if you get my drift :) i enjoyed some of said vacation yesterday. Me and my daughter and father went into town and did some shopping and run some errands. But the weather was so so very nice and the lake was fantastic! (you all know that i live on an island right?)

cool sightings

While in town we saw this awesome cool car in a parking lot. It made me happy and i could just see myself crusing in Paris in this...ah Paris...i loved me some Paris :)

One day i was out walking the dogs and suddenly when i look down i see lots and lots of butterflies sitting like this on the ground. I have no idea as for why the did that (do you?) but it was like magic to me.


Well, the scrapbooking bit has been set on hold a little. Mostly beacuse of my other crafting projects, but i am fine with that. It will come. I really want to do something like this.

house & home

I have been on such a purge and organize frenzy this week! We cleaned out the garage to get ready for our garage sale that started monday. And we threw out so much junk that we have saved for years. And it felt so so very good! After the garage sale (which brought in a good amount of money!) I continued with cleaning the house top to toe. Now it smells and looks good again :)

to do list

Well, lets see...

. mown the lawn
. fold away laundry
. vaccum
. tidy scrap table
. make yummy dinner
. go through calender
. tidy up after the garage sale
. go out in the sun!

"new" chairs

We have these awesome vintage chairs for our dinner table, but as they are vintage they aren´t the freshest in the fabric department :) So, i decided that they needed a make-over! First, as i love a good work enviroment, i put me on some Janis Joplin on the cd player :) Second, i turned the chairs upside down to take of the acctual seat, which in this case was fastned with a screw. (Dixon is always very creativly curious!)

Then after that I chose this plain red fabric. I simply laid out the fabric and put the seat ontop of it so that i could cut around it for measurment. This is the easy way, and i need the easy way as you might know :)

Ok, so then after cutting the fabric out. I collected a few small nails and my hammer. Dixon was not pleased that i pushed him aside for the acctual hammering :)

After nailing all four sides, i started with two opposite sides so that i could pull the fabric plain. I wanted to make some nice corners. I did like so...

And here is the final result! Kinda nice, i think!

peace out!