måndag 31 december 2012

Re-Scrap 2012 | 36 new pages

12 months ago in January I presented a challenge for myself. Here is what I said then:

the idea: this is a project i have wanted to do for a long time. i sometime have troubles with design on my scrapbook pages. well, what troubles me is re-newing myself. i want to try new things, but i 
don´t want to make pages that are not me. and i have done pages i really love, so i thought i´d make it a priority to choose 3 old layouts every month of the year and use them as inspiration for new pages. i mean, i am not re-scrapping the event or page, i am using the entire page and/or some elements of it to use as inspiration. i will share which 3 old layouts i am working with sometime the first week of the month. maybe you could draw some inspiration from them too?!

And it is with pride I present to you 36 new scrapbook pages that are all made with inspiration from my older pages! I made 3 each month, and if you are curious to see more info of each of them, just click here to see all the posts with the tag Re-scrap 2012. 

And yes, you guessed it; Re-scrap 2013 is in the works :)

söndag 30 december 2012

Re-Scrap 2012 | December finished pages

Here is the last Re-Scrap post for this year! Well, technically I have one more post that sums up all the new pages that I have made with this project that is coming up tomorrow! 

older page

And here is the page I did with inspiration from the one above. I am still scrapping photos and stories from my 
US trip in 2010.  And this one talks about how the American flag was everywhere! I used my scalloped circle punch instead of plain circles and changed up the angles a bit. 

older page

The Metro in DC was so well planned, clean and designed. That suprised me a bit. As you can see I didn´t use everything exactly here that was on the older page, and that is part of the fun I take what I like at the moment as inspiration.

older page

For this I went old school :) I just both handstitching and my typewriter! It is so much fun to have multiple tools to use!

And that my friends are the last pages of 36 (!) that I have made by simple scraplift myself! 

lördag 29 december 2012

Real life

Ok. so let´s do this. The dashboard on my blog has been open for hours now and I just keep opening new tabs in my Chrome window, dreading to write this post. 
Some of you already know that my husband left me on December 21st. Yep. I thought about if I should mention it here, but since you (my friends and blog readers) have been with me (us) through all the good and bad through the years, it would all be to wrong to not talk about it. And since life is about to take some big changes, it would be weird if you didn´t know the story.

Obviously I am not going in too deep into this, but basically I got a phonecall on November 30th and since then we have been talking, crying and freaking out about the fact that me wanted to move on with his life. I was ofcourse devestated, but have been holding my chin up for most of the Holidays. Now, this would be so much worse if we were arguing and hate would be involved. But we are good. We have been through SO much during our 12 years together and have a deep love for eachother because of all that. 

All the practical things of divorce and seperation makes my tummy a little sick, but I will be ok. We will be ok. We still have lots of things to sort out and we have to take a million decisions. But in the end life moves on and we do too. 

I can´t thank you enough for all your love, cyberhugs, comments and such encouragement in the last week! I love you so very much <3 font="font">

måndag 24 december 2012

Merry Christmas

I want to wish you a lovely Christmas and I hope that you get well rested.
Some of you know that my Holiday isn´t going to be just as I had planned, but I am determined to celebrate the sh*t out of Christmas... ;) 

Also, thank you from the bottom of my (soar) heart for all your love, comments and that you read my blog! Thank you.