torsdag 31 maj 2007

looky what I made :)

I am so damn crafty :)

I will be on sick leave for 3 more weeks and things are going to change around here (as in my life). Being creative in any way is a big requirement for me being happy, so i will be doing lots of that and excercise which releases endorfines and adrenaline! And reading!
These are a few of my latest uploads ti my flickr gallery! Enjoy!

måndag 28 maj 2007


I have been home sick today. I am having one of my down periods at the moment and i don´t feel a change coming anytime soon :(
Crafting always makes me feel better, so i did some of that today!

I had bought this fram thingy a while ago and this is what i can up with! I like! :)

And some layouts. The family played some fresbee and i was behind the camera :)

Then DD posed for me once and was silly the rest of the time, but I LOVE these photos!

I am making a short post today, but I have updated with some new flickr photos. See the sidebar for a link!

tisdag 22 maj 2007

all is well on the island

We have recovered from the first chock now :) We stayed home yesterday to just sleep and rest and we both needed that. She is still soar and limps a bit, but today we tried school and it went well. I am amazed of how sweet the children are to us, bringing gifts, flowers and letters. Makes a happy heart! Thank you for all you support to this worring kind mama!

And what would a day off be without some crafting! :) I am so loving these photo challenges we have on flickr with the Beezie girls! So, I thought I´d save all my photos in this album.

I also took the one photo I had of my daughter after the accident and journaled alot. There is hidden journaling under the mat.

I also became inspired to finally make an "everyday you do..." kind of layout. It was fun!

I jave to get back to work! I am teaching my first scrapbooking class tomorrow, wish me luck!

söndag 20 maj 2007

you never now...

my day ended in the emergency room today. My daughter went with a friend and the friends father to the harbour by bike to buy icecream. She has done this trip a hundred times before. I stayed home gardening. You know sometimes you think, i hope she comes home safe and the worst senario plays before your mind, but then you say to yourself that oh, nothing is going to happen.

Well, today it did.

I was back in the garden and I didn´t even understand what was happening when I see a lady carry a child in her arms. It took like 5 seconds to comprahens that it was my child. My daughter had, had an accident with the bike. She had fallen and tumbled a few meters and had cuts all over and a very soar foot. The adrenaline was pumping as she screamed and cried so much. She was in so much pain and the chock made her tremble terrible. We went to hospital at once and they said that she must have had a guardian angel. Her ankle was soar from getting caught in the wheel but not broken. And the cuts where sort of ok, but one had to be stitched up.

I am beat. And I thank God that she had a helmet on. God only knows what had happen if she hadn´t. Please, make your kids wear helmets! And you too... You never know!

lördag 19 maj 2007

saturday ramblings

Can you blame me when I say I want to go back to this? I dream and think about Mallorca all the time. Maybe it is just because it is just a year ago that we went? Ah, the simple and good life of vacation...

Yesterday I scrapped in my clean scraproom. It is nice to create when there is a organization and you see all you stuff. I tend to be a very messy scrapper. This day it was all about the pets for me. I finally made a layout about when Sadie got bitten a few months ago. And the second one is about my cutie cat. I think its the naughty girl in me that wants to use that bird paper in my cat layouts :)

I was going through some older pictures on my computer and found this one of my daughter when she was 1. How cute is she! I can´t belive that I am now a mother of a smart, witty and such a beautiful soon to be 8 year old. Where in world did the time go?

torsdag 17 maj 2007

crafty crafty :)

I actually felt some craftyness coming on today :) I have been wanting to do one of these minibooks for a while now, since I saw something like it on 2peas a while back. I am going to have it as a travel journal type book over the summer. I´ll bring it on diffrent adventures and such. It was lots of fun to make it!
Instructions: I used a paperbag which I cut of so it became one size. I adhered paper on the right side and toar out some journaling paper and stapled it to the paper. A tip to make it more sturdy I used some cardstock on the inside of the bag. I made a little tag and added a button. For the left side I sewed 9 plastic envelopes (where I plan to put tickets and other small things along the way) to cardstock and adhered that to the page. Just so I could devide the envelopes i put stickers as tabs. The front page is selfexplainatory :)

I have also completed a minibook of favorite photos. A simple all-about-the-photos kind of minialbum. I like how thick it became! Here is the cover and then a selection of pages.

Mary Jo made a comment where she wanted to know how I make the pictures in my 2peas BOS into smaller squares. Here is how. When you are about to print your Power Point presentation there are some options in the print section. In the lower part of the Print window there is a PRINT title and below that it usually says pictures or something like that. Change that to the second option (I have the swedish version so I don´t know what it is called in english). After that you can decide on how many pictures per page you want to be printed. I chose 6. Good Luck!

ps. I officially suck at the photo per hour thing! :(

Thursday blogging going on...

I am so happy that it is finally thursday because that means it´s weekend! Yes, you read that right… a 4 day weekend for miss Lisa this week. Ah, I so need that!

My friend Inge, made a really cool post on her blog the other day. She talks about taking and making time for herself to play/create everyday. Good for you, Inge! She gives a few book tips aswell. Check it out!

I could easily live here, sleep here…

why does my wardrobe look like this and not like this? (these are NOT my real ones!!!)

Oh, if I had a porch (crossing my fingers!) i´d like to have it look something like this!

And this is really cool art I think.

I am a proud member in Beezieland a place filled with wonderful and spunky ladies. It is a password protected place so I can´t link you, but I was thinking about all the fun stuff we do there. For example the leadlady Suzie (suziebeezie over at 2peas) lurkes places where we can buy cute, cool and beautiful things, she has house beautification projects, different challenges and so on. The newest challenge is a flickr adventure where we (the members) post weekly photo challenges. At this time we have posted 3 times. The first one was “my kitchen sink” then something red in your home that you love, and finally our computer areas. It is lot´s of fun, I think. As we are shattered all over the world this is a fun way of getting to know eachother better. I am putting a link to my gallery in the sidebar!

I am cleaning out “my world” today. Phew! I like it though, you find stuff that you didn´t know you had. Maybe I´ll do a little before and after thing? We´ll see.

I am doing a really fun thing right now, I am making my BOS (over at 2peas) into a Power Point presentation and then I am going to print it so it comes out in those smaller squares. I then am going to put them all in a binder and wow what a load of inspiration it will be! This makes me so happy.
I think I will do the same thing with a few of my layouts and projects and show them as a slideshow at one of my classes I am teaching.

I am also doing the my life in photos, by the hour, every hour thing! Inspired by Susanna!

lördag 12 maj 2007

post # 2

Ok, I am back! I didn´t realized it was going to be so nice outside today! But, I am true to the art so I took some of the work outside :) Here are the results of my day!

Fill a inspirational bulletin board (check)
Make a necklace (on the go)
Scrap a few layouts (check)
Prepare a scrapbook class I am teaching (on the go)
Decide on a new album system (can´t decide!)
Begin a new canvas project (check)

First here is the bulletinboard I filled with some goodies. It is not a finished project for me, as i am going to change and add some in time...

The next project I saw somewhere at flickr but I have totally forgot whos idea it was, but I love it. I bought some of these sewing frames at the thriftshop and just added some of those cool pieces of fabric I once bought. Voila, art! Of course I am going to change the fabrics as I please. (I showed my husband and said; see thats my thing easy and cheap... He said: They are nice, but are we going to have them all over the house? ) :)

And here comes the layouts! I am happy that I got a good use of that bird paper :)

Ok, have a great day!

Post # 1

So, I am going to make a dubble post today. A before and after if you may. I am going to make some crafts today and I hope that I am ready by evening to be able to showcase the results! Here is my to do list:

Fill a inspirational bulletin board
Make a necklace
Scrap a few layouts
Prepare a scrapbook class I am teaching
Decide on a new album system
Begin a new canvas project

...maybe that would be enough for one day! :)

What are your weekend plans? Leave a message!

onsdag 9 maj 2007


So, where the heck did my mojo go? Did you see it? Did you take it?! I am sitting here with lovely new materials and photos and I just sit....and sit...ah! This is so typical! I managed to make these 2 atleast. Have you seen Lilo & Stitch? Of course you have! While I was sitting and thinking about what to do with that photo of my family (the one above) my daughter just walked by and said Ohana! I jumped and thought ok, there is my title! She has been helping me more and more with things like that. I love it!
We have 2 dogs and Chanty (golden) is sertainly my husbands best friend. Chanty is getting old and is tired and has some pain in his legs. My husband is terrified that Chanty is getting so old that we have to let him go. He´s not, he is still happy and enjoying life, but my husband is still afraid. I am happy that I snapped this photo of the 2 of them while they were resting.

While looking for my mojo :) I went outside to do some gardening. I took these photos of my garden today:

And look at my crazy cat!

tisdag 8 maj 2007

weekend re-cap

We had a wonderful weekend yet again! The weather could have been better, but oh, well. Me and dear daughter spend saturday with my mom doing the thrift shop tour! You know that makes me happy :) In one I just walked in and saw this krochet shirt and thought, well this is mine :) Isn´t it cool!

Saturday night we all went to my BIL release party. He is a musician (and physician) and released his and his bands CD. It was a blast! There were other bands there too and everyone had such a good time. Here is my BIL and SIL playing together.

In the place where the party was held it used to be a place where they made wall paper. And they had left these really cool pattern rolls as decoration. Wow, eh!

And I just then realized an important thing during the concert...everyone should dance with their kids! My daughter loves to dance and in the end we went up to take a dance infront of the stage. And man, the look she gave me the whole time. You know we danced by ourselfes jumping and being silly. She looked me deep in the eyes the whole entire time with this look that was saying Mom, I love you so much for dancing and being silly with me! Ah, I can´t explain it but I know that I will forever have that picture in my head and heart. So girls and boys! Dance with your kids in public places!
Clearly I don´t have a photo of this, but here we are during the party! :)

Sunday me and dear husband had a day for us! We went out to one of the islands in Githenburg and had some good lunch at a cute place and walked on the shore.

There are so many nice houses out on that island that we could go house looking all day long! I snapped this one:

And now to the shopping part of the weekend! :) I went into Press-stop to wander through hundreds and hundreds of magazines. I picked up a few crafty ones. Then I just heard about a new scrapstore and went in there as well. The woman working there was a little bit well, not nice, but the prices was! For some reason I am all about flowers right now, maybe it is the spring coming?! I bought a few diffrent paper flowers and Li´l Davies Chipboard Alphabets the doted one :) I found a few Hero Art clear stamps that I think is really cool. I have been hearing so much about those clear stamps but these are my first. I bought some Basic Grey papers and a lot more :) And this time I have so many new photos to scrap so I am all set!!!

I just want to leave you with a photo I snapped at a department store. I love this display! Yum!

Oh, yeah go here to: Ordning & Reda

Have a wonderful day!