torsdag 30 september 2010

fall rocks in my world! (photo heavy post)

the other day i went down to the lake and snapped a bunch of photos on my way.

the light was gorgeous!

it was quite windy and the waves were crashing!

and you bet this will turn into a photo mosaic and a layout!

tisdag 28 september 2010

virtual coffee # 2

if we would meet in real life today for a cup of coffee, i would:

after the mandatory hug ofcourse tell you about how much i got done on my breastcancer awareness blog project this weekend. i would get tears in my eyes when i tell you about the cool response i have gotten about this project!

i would tell you about how cold the weather has become in just the last week. we have had tempetures below 10 celcius the whole weekend! it takes a while to get use to that again :)
if we would meet for coffee today i would, during me sipping my sweet coffee, tell you that i bought a new bag for my big US trip coming up in october and that i have been searching for cool stuff to see in portland oregon. i would tell you that i will most probably spend some time in Chinatown!

i would also tell you that i got the most amazing super family in the world. yes, i know that i am biased, but aren´t we all?! yesterday i was totally beat, i am sure it is still my borrelia that acts up, and then my husband fixed EVERYTHING so i could just rest ♥ he does this often ofcourse, but yesterday i was so grateful for this. he went to the parent/teacher meeting, made dinner, fixed the washing machine and went on the evening dog walk.

if we would meet for coffee today, i would share what i will bake for work on friday. a sneak peek before i share it on my blog :) the baking includes the color pink ofcourse :)

during my rant, i would ofcourse ask you how you are. how is your life? what have you done? what makes you happy? maybe we could do a happylist together?!

and i would bring my camera, so we can take silly photos because i love that!

thanks for having virtual coffee with me today ♥

måndag 27 september 2010

my weekend

this weekend i:

* deep cleaned our car together with my husband
* did lots and lots of post planning for my october blog project
* there are goodies in for you blog readers :)
* cleaned out the summer clothes and pulled out the winter gear
* bought a new suitcase for my US trip (!)
* went on a long stormy beach walk

* it is always a great way to blow out your brain and get new ideas
* picked plums at a friends house
* made plum jam

* chose not to watch tv
* altered an old binder to my new hold ot all notebok (photos soon)
* started on a new scrapbook project
* found out some baby news from a friend
* made a packing list for said US trip
* ordered new contacts
* ordered a fun t-shirt that i will wear in october during mentioned blog project
* not everyday mind you!
* smiled when i found this photo on my computer:

* my girl loves to mess around in picnik :)

lördag 25 september 2010

autumn and real life rocks!

i have 2 layouts to share today. the first one is about my hopes for a beautiful autumn ♥
i love using the teeny type alpha digital kit by zoe pearn! sometimes i resize the letters before i print them, but this time it was ok with the way the letters loaded from the kit.

the second one is the real life rocks layout! since my daughter is in grade 5 now we thought it was time for her to learn to cook a bit. so we chose 3 courses that she would make throughout the school year. awesome!she is already making dinner once a week!
the journalingcard is one from cathy zielskes digital kit that she mentioned one her blog this week. they are so good! i chose to print this one out and handwrite the journaling, but i am planning to make the journaling on the computer next time!

(the colors are a bit wonky here!)

fredag 24 september 2010

breastcancer awareness month

since my recent cancer scare and the fact that a friend of mine is batteling breastcancer i will devote mondays in october as a breastcancer awareness day. over the world october is the month were alot of focus lays on getting the word out how to prevent a diagnosis and if it does happen that you find it early on. so there will be a bit of breast talkin´ here on the blog :)
as many of you know the pink ribbon is the sign for breastcancer awareness so there will be a bit of pink too!

there will also be:

* information and some statistics
* crafts
* ways to donate and contribute to breastcancer research
* baking

and other fun stuff to get you thinking about helping your fellow women and yourself!

i have created a image for the links and you are welcome to use it!

i hope that i can get a few of you thinking and acting to prevent breastcancer and support the research that is so important!

torsdag 23 september 2010

penguin layout and sadie with a cute nose layout

the penguin layout!
i translated my journaling from this blog post and just used that on my layout.
i used some old tape to attach the photo to my background paper and used up very last of that cute tape at the bottom!

and my sadie girl was so cute the other night during our evening walk.
she just looked up at me suddenly and had that leaf on her nose :)
i think sadie loves fall too!
and i love that clustery thing i did on this page. the paper strips and the upper and lower half of the page? well, that´s just me finding my inner jen johner ;)

i still am bursting to tell some very exciting crafty news!!!
soon i hope!

tisdag 21 september 2010

virtual coffee

if we were to meet today for a cup of coffee, i would tell you that i went for a walk in the pouring rain yesterday and laid down in the forest to take some photos :)

but first i would hug you, because i am a hug person.

i would most likely tell you a story or two about work. about how crazy it all is now with 13 small kids that are challenging but oh so huggable! that i still love my job so much.

i would also listen to you. because i think i am a good listener. i would quite possibly give you some advise but mostly just listen and add an "i know" or "i can´t imagien" now and then.

then i would tell you that i am so very nervous about my big trip coming up in october. that i get nervous being out in the world by myself. scared even, but that i am sometimes jumping up and down with joy over the opportunity to make the trip at all.

if we were to meet for real today, you would see that i take way to much sugar in my coffee and lots of milk too :)
i would tell you that i love this cooler weather and even the rain. i love to sit in my livingroom at night with only candles lit.

so, how about it?


i love penguins.
like i LOVE them.
my daughter and i are like this (twisting two fingers together).
so naturally she knows that i love penguins.
so she used some of her saved money to buy me this baby penguin.
she said that i should bring it on my us trip.
i sure will.
because i am a homebody and i will miss my home and the ones that are there.
i am looking forward to the trip like crazy.
but i know me.
i know that i will cry at night.
missing pieces of my heart.
i will hug the precious baby penguin.
and it will soak up my tears and i will start the day with a smile.

måndag 20 september 2010

september project - the first 18 days

my plan for september. do you remember?
ok, so where have i been the first 18 days this month?

* on my craft table :)
* at the stables
* at work
* in my garden
* in the livingroom
* at the beach
* making more crafts
* bed resting
* at the movies
* on my couch
* chopping wood
* in my craft room
* dancing in new shoes
* at the pumpking patch
* in my kitchen trying to make pancakes
* a lot of time at work
* making my front porch look autumnly
* cutting the grass

i think this shows that i am indeed a homeody. in these 18 days only 2 photos were taking of this island :)

lördag 18 september 2010

lucky and happy

i have a few things to share, but i´ll share a few new layouts for now.

yes, you know it! i had to scrap my new happy shoes :)
i am in love with this grey cardstock, it makes everything else pop!

 #17 on my 31 things before 32 list is to work on getting paid to photograph. and as of this spring i did just that! i have had family, children and wedding clients so far and i am so happy about that!
i did a polaroid of one of my recent wedding photos and did my journaling on my computer.
i used a lucky bingocard as a photomat.

fredag 17 september 2010

today: 9/9 2010

outside the window: the wind is blowing and fall is her with glorious sunshine.

i am thinking: about crafts, my health, my trip.

i am thankful for: understanding co-workers and my very loving family.

from the kitchen: only yoghurt and left overs were served.

i am hearing: the sounds of television.

i am creating: a refashion sweatshirt that had stains, a travel scrapbook and a papier mache pumpkin.

i am going: nowhere, just resting.

i am reading: blogs and "blood on the tongue" by stephen booth

i am hoping: my husband stays healthy, my daughter has fun at camp and that i feel much better soon.

favorite from today: the rest and tv all to myself, getting through my tumblr updates and finishing a christening gift!

wanna see my other "today series"? i have them in one of my flickr sets.

tisdag 14 september 2010

kind of a scraplift

as you know i am always on the lookout for some inspiration for projects and scrapbookpages. well, this time i had a big crush on cathy zielske and her super simple style. i was highly inspired when i saw her everyday you layouts. i went to her digital shop and one day i am going to order up a storm there, but for now i was just very inspired by several of her page templates. so i did this layout that is titled everyday you in photoshop elements and just printed it out. and even though it is not perfect at all digitally, i like it!

blog award

i am continuing the happy theme with this lovely suprise:

my very first blog award!
my sweet Linda chose me to have this!

when you get this lovely award you are supposed to tell about 3 things that lays near your heart, share your favorite photo and then send it to 5 other blogs. so here i go:
my small but lovable family:
i am so proud and happy about how close we have grown these past few years.
all these crafty things i do and see all over makes me incontrollably happy. it fills me with happiness with no measure. it is my saving grace.
my social network:
near or far i have the best support from my friends. it doesn´t matter if we are friends in the "we have met and hugged" sense or of the "we have written short messages and emails forever" kind, i feel loved and cared for.
my current favorite photo:
maybe an odd choice, but it gives me good vibrations :)
and the five blogs that i give the award to are:
have a wonderful day!

måndag 13 september 2010

happy happy happy

oh, my gosh! i LOVE my new shoes! as you may remember i ordered them online to wear for the US wedding i am attending this october. and they are perfect! they make me so very happy today!

someone asked where i got them and they can be bought at la redoute. note that the link goes to the swedish site, here is the english one.

just had to share this today! i will be back tomorrow (tuesday) with some of the craftiness from this past weekend!

ps. i added the linkwithin widget so that you can easily find related stories here on my blog! enjoy!

söndag 12 september 2010

yesterday, today, tomorrow (written on saturday)


* i worked a halfday since i was beat from my borrelia.
* me and my daughter had a date in the city.
* watched toy story 3 in 3D at the movies.
* aet yummy popcorn.
* it was still 13 degrees celcius at 9 pm.


* the "men" are working up a storm preparing the wood for winter.
* i made lunch for 8 people.
* we had a total of 4 dogs in this house + 2 cats.
* i took it extremly easy.
* did a lot of crafting.
* my daughter played with a friend and who ended up staying the night.
* i saw a few episodes of "build a new life in the country" and wished that we had the motivation to get our house completely finished.
* i cried at the end of the day.
* i got out some of our fall decor, i can´t help myself :)
* we had yummy pasta for dinner.
* i went to bed early, but ended up crocheting in bed for 2 hours!


* we are having a big breakfast.
* i hope that i have more energy.
* i am sharing a few things on the blog in the afternoon.
* "the men" requested a yummy dessert, so i guess chocolate cake it is!
* i am finishing up some crafts.
* my daughter is still in dog heaven.
* we are preparing for a busy week ahead.

lördag 11 september 2010

today i am making...

a few of these seed packets.

i am painting my papier mache pumpkin.

i am making a new banner using these free alphabet download!

making this mango coleslaw for dinner.

i am also looking through my photos to make a t-shirt for my daughter.

well, thats about it! i guess that makes for a very crafty weekend right?!

fredag 10 september 2010

even more :)

can you believe that i have even more scrapbooking to share with you?!
i had a good craft week last week :)

this one is about my daughters family birthday party. i made it easy and did a photo mosaic of the photos i wanted to save and printed that out. i new i wanted a banner of sorts and i ended up with that flower one :)

this one has the photos from my any given friday post, but i decided to do a on any given day layout because when i thought about it, we do all of those things on any day of the week :) we try to get in as much fun any day! the week scheme in the background is from knock-knock.

ok, so now i am out of new layouts :) but i am planning on making more this weekend!
have a wonderful friday all!

onsdag 8 september 2010

more scrapbooking :)

my daughter started 5th grade this year and i always make a layout about the first day of school. this year i decided to make it simple :) it´s a 2pager in a odd size because i wanted the photo to have it´s own page and wasn´t able to get a whole 8,5*11" print.

i love this photo of us! and i love being her mama ♥

another photo that were taken the same day as the one above. i can´t belive how big she is :)
and that basically is what the journaling is about that is hidden under the photo.

just a few shares today, more to come tomorrow :)

tisdag 7 september 2010

borelia - the layout

i wanted to do a quick layout about me finally knowing what had made me sick for a while now, and since i did the "worry" layout before i felt like this went full circle. so, as i said super quick page that is mostly done in WORD using the traveling typewriter font for the journaling and the clementine font for the title.
the patterned paper is october afternoon.
and the photo is one i took when i was resting one day.