tisdag 29 september 2009

here are the layouts that i wanted to post yesterday, but blogger didn´t.

story: i have been thinking about what one would call our home interior style lately. we have a mish mash of old and enheritated furniture... but we love it very much!

goods: i did my journaling on my computer and then added some patterned paper and a tag from mme and the bird cage rubon is from hambly.

story: hehe i know i am a dork to record this, but when i read the last one i did i could really remember what i did then.

goods: super simple really, i bought a calender pdf from erinzam´s etsyshop and printed one of the calender pages as a foundation for my layout. then simply journalled and embellished it.

söndag 27 september 2009

remember this?

do you remember a post i did here about a new abc minibook i was working on? well, i have a few new pages in it that i wanted to share.

when blogger alows me to post more photos (argh!) i will share a few new layouts too!

lördag 26 september 2009

a photo every hour 9am-9pm


we all woke up at 8.30am and we are eating breafast and making us ready to take a ride into the city for many, many errands...


on our way into the city on the ferry.


i still can´t belive that i can drive on the roads :) i love the feeling of cruising on the highway :)


i love that the thriftshop has a heart in their logo! i found quite a few things today, as i almost always do ;)


ridingtime! not for me, but for the ten-oh as cathy z would put it :)


groceryshopping with my dad. we buy a months worth of food once a month and then just buy the dailies on the island.


on my way home waiting on the ferry. i listened to some ABBA :) and read a book.


straight from home where i just unloaded the car and jumped into my workout gear, we are out for a walk in the woods.


finally some food! and a movie :)


same table, same movie but now i am scrapping!


hopping online to catch up on some emails and facebook :)


acctually working on an art canvas (more to show tomorrow!)


new nailpolish while watching "live at the apollo"

ps. these are going in a minialbum very soon :)

fredag 25 september 2009

"my want to do-will do-must do projectlist"


want to do:

* a huge photo mosaic

* a photoproject using morning and night shots

* a yarn bowl

* make another quilt

* learn how to make art canvases

will do:

* red berry garland

* mini-mini pumpkins

* fall decorate
* a fall inspired photowalk

* a chalkboard project

must do:

* paint our windows

* catch up on my memorykeeping

* a birthday suprise for my sister

måndag 21 september 2009

weekend recap

we had a most wonderful weekend. this is what is consisted of:

birthday celebrations

funny kids

wonderful, warm friends

dinner right by the sea

a soccer game

funny signs in the park

penguins :)

ruffled behinds :)


this week starts in the best way = with a craftmeeting with friends :)
after that we all have a kind of hectic week of dance class, food shopping and other things. but i plan to make some fall decoration around here (in my house), so will surely be here (on the blog) to show things!

was your weekend great too? i hope so!

fredag 18 september 2009

happy friday!

i hope that you all have a wonderful friday and weekend! we are heading down to the city to meet up with a lovely friend! i am sure the weekend will be full of laughter, good meals and some shopping perhaps :)

torsdag 17 september 2009

a mini

i made a very simple summer favorites mini album where i wanted the photos to be in the focus. Almost no journaling yet, but i am only going to add little. the products used here are mostly october afternoon and my minds eye which must be 2 of my fave productlines ever!

how did you keep memories from your summer? link me up!

onsdag 16 september 2009

i am here, but am super busy. i just wanted to say that i had a wonderful time reading the article about Jennie Garth on cookiemag.com . I watched the slideshow and took notice of the questions they asked her. Hm...they would be good for a project...

i will be back soon!

söndag 13 september 2009

tutorial :)

i have read so many great tutorials and i have tried to write a few myself. now i thought that i would try again!

during a walk in the forest with my dogs i was thinking really hard to get some new craft ideas. as you know, i love acorns and found some acorn hats laying on the ground in the forest, took them home and there i made some natural/wooden acorns that i am going to use as necklaces.

what you will need:

acorn hats
a nail or some other sharp pointer
light green wooden bead
small hooks or wire

1. poke a whole in the middle of the acorn hat so that you make a hole to put the hook. if you don´t have a premade hook (i used small ones that you usually use on frames) you can make small hooks with wire.

2. put your hook through the hole and fill it with glue. if you have glue that become see-through when it dries you don´t have to worry if there is some acess.

3. take your wooden bead (i used a light green one i had to make a really green acorn) and put it in the glued hole. try to get the tip of the hook to go in one of the beads holes to make the whole thing more sturdy.

4. let dry and decide on how you want to use your acorn :)

fredag 11 september 2009

thank god it is friday!

oh, it feels so good that the weekend is ahead! i am beat. before we have a soprano-date (we are watching the series) i wanted to share a few new photos i took just the other day. still garden photos, but i am still picking strawberries and other things and i am so very happy about that!

our sallads are taking on a life of their own :)

just take a look at these natural treasures :)

and i have one new layout to share but i am too tired to do the story/goods thing today ;0 (that was ment to be a yawning smiley!)

torsdag 10 september 2009

a framed project!

i wanted to share a super simple framing project with you. i went to bighugelabs.com where i usually make my flickr mosaics. this time i used the pop art poster thingy. you can choose a photo and it will be made into this:

i love the colors by the way :)

i had a bigger frame laying around but it was brown, so painted it black. then put the image in and voila!

that´s all for today, but tomorrow i have a few scrapbooking projects and photos!