lördag 9 oktober 2010

sweet dreams baby girl

we had a brutal awakening this saturday morning. our daughter sleeps with sadie in her room and she came crying that something was wrong with the dog. and wrong it was indeed. sadie had sezures and her eyes just went from side to side. she was desoriented and anxious.

i hold her in the car to the vet and when we got there she even waggled her tail (she loves the vet!).
as sadie was in a very bad state, we asked the vet if it were her dog what would she do. and she said that she thought that the best would be to put sadie to sleep.

and very sadly that was what we had to do. we held her and she slumbered into the land of free food and cat crap :) her favorites :)

sadie was 9 years old this past september and we have had her for 7.5 years. she was a very mistreated and scared dog when we got her from the dog shelter. but ever since then she has been such a happy dog. she settled in on my butt at night :) the first 5 years and we both slept like babies!
we are saddened but full of happy memories.

good night sadie baby. we´ll meet again. until then please feel free to eat as much of whatever you want :)

6 kommentarer:

  1. Stor KRAM till er och sov gott Sadie!!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry!!! That is so hard. We had a cocker spaniel named Sadie when I was growing up, too. :)

  3. good bye Sadie, I enjoyed all of the beautiful photos of you over the years.

    So sorry for your loss Lisa, hugs

  4. Dear Lisa
    I'm very sad for you and your family. I'm sure Sadie will always be with you... and in your heart

  5. Lisa, I'm sorry for your loss of Sadie- she is a beautiful dog, I'm sure you are holding your memories with her so closely right now.