torsdag 31 mars 2011

an Amy Tangerine inspired minibook

when i saw that amy tangerine had a bigpicture class i jumped right on it! i love her travel minibooks
now, in her class you get so many cool photos and videos of her minibooks and even how to make them. you should really go check it out!

i made a minibook by folding scraps of paper and sewing the spine with my sewing machine. i wanted to show you that book halfway done. i still have a bit of journaling to do in my book that is about our month of march.

off to work on this a bit more!

52 photos in 52 weeks: week 13 roundup and new prompt

i am sorry that there wasn´t a roundup post last week. life came in the way :)

for this weeks theme (two) i chose to take a photo of a frame where i put these fun photos of my daughter and me. 
we are two of a kind. people often say that we are alike in many ways. and we love eachothers company, always have. i am so blessed that we have such an amazing relationship! 

next weeks theme is stripe
oh, this could be fun! 

good luck!

onsdag 30 mars 2011

goodnight sweetheart ~ thank you ♥

thank you all for hugs and positive thoughts on yesterdays post. as many of you know Linda passed away yesterday afternoon after i had posted my virtual coffee. she touched many, many lifes throughout her life and she will be greatly missed. but i am comforted in the fact that she is in no pain now. 
bless her ♥

i will be back tomorrow with my 52 photos post. 

tisdag 29 mars 2011

virtual coffee ~ tuesday march 29th

welcome to virtual coffee. i am warning you ahead, that this won´t be a happy go lucky one. if you need some picking up, i am afraid i urge you to not read any further :( 

if we were to meet for real today, i would tell you that the latest news about my friend Linda (i have blogged about her before, she is in the last stages of cancer pretty much all over her poor body at this time). i saw her about a week ago and then she was at the hospital draining some fluid from her stomach and was in kinda good spirits. but after being able to go home for a few days she went back to the hospital and got more bad news. since friday she has slept more than she is awake and the only thing that is good about that is that she is not in that much pain right now. she has had so much trouble sleeping for like ever, so it is so comforting that she gets to rest. but i am afraid that this is it, you know. 

if we were to meet for real today, i would tell you that my heart aches so much for her and her family. 

if we were to meet for real today, i would tell you that my heart almost broke in half this sunday when i learned that a friends daughter was killed in a skiing accident. the girl was the same age as my daughter and i almost lost my breath when i heard it. 

if we were to meet for real today, i would tell you that although i go on in my everyday life laughing and doing my job etc, this put a dimmer on life. you know the feeling you can get when you have a cold and have cotton around your brain? well, i have cotton around my heart.

if we were to meet for real today, i would tell you that all these bad news makes me think about life and what it means. what is most important? what can i stop doing since it is really doesn´t matter in the long run? is it ok to be thankful for what i have, when so many other can´t? i know it is, i know. 

thanks for listening. and go hug the ones you love...right now!

ps.  linda passed away this afternoon. good night ♥

söndag 27 mars 2011

the simple things #20

the reasons for choosing this photo for this weeks simple things are many. but mainly because it rays of calmness. calmness i wish for so many in my life right now. 

this week i wish calmness to a friend who is so very sick.

this week i wish calmness to a friend who just delivered her new daughter.

this week i wish calmness to a friend who lost one of hers...

this week i have seen how fragile and tender life really is. how it changes so very fast and sudden. 

lördag 26 mars 2011


this post is inspired by amy´s one the other day! 

i...have had a crazy busy week! so many things that i had to get done and appointments to attend. i am so happy that the weekend finally came already! so happy to catch a quick break at our favorite coffee shop just me and her ♥ itching to get some crafts on this weekend! to wake up on a saturday and see the sunshine

i...bought some yellow leg warmers and tights yesterday and they make me so giddy!

i...(much like amy) am dying for a datenight!

i...have washed all our winter hats and mittens, so if mother nature wants to put away winter, i am ready!

i...loved my scrap session with the kids at church this week. they are so creative!

i...booked my first photoshoot for the season!

i...worked my butt off at work this week so happy for my friend Emma who delivired her second daughter with the help of her husband on their bathroom floor last week! welcome baby D!

i...have been so inspired and getting so much energy from the beautiful weather we have had lately! going to wash our windows today! going to do 2 spin classes for a great cause very soon!

i...hope that you all have a great saturday!

torsdag 24 mars 2011

Use your stuff - this weeks theme at Write Click Scrapbook

the lovely Amy Sorensen is hosting the Write Click Scrapbook blog this week with all sorts of ways to use up your stuff. great tips for a hoarder like me :) 
for her patterned paper challenge (to use unloved patterned papers from you stash) i made this layout.

you know what? i actually fell a little bit in love with those patterned papers after making this :) 

yesterday amy had a tool challenge (Use an alphabet stamp and one other stamped shape, a non-border punch, and a pen on your layout)
here is my take on the challenge!

i used my alpha stamps to stamp my sub title, the camera is a stamp, i used a pen to write the date and finally punched that butterfly! 

head over to the blog to catch the latest from amy! 

onsdag 23 mars 2011

Crystal Wilkerson Spring/Summer kits

i have had the fortune to be able to play with Crystal Wilkersons new spring/summer digital goodies! 
let me tell you that i loved every single kit! here are a few of my favorites:

all kits can be found and bought on Crystals blog

Crystal also has a few kits for a very special cause right now. from Crystals blog:

"The next three kits are for a very special family.  Many of you know Kristina Proffitt through the fundraisers & card drives she has hosted on her blog One Happy Mama.  She's super talented & one of the sweetest people I know!  A couple weeks ago they took their 5 year old daughter, Caylin, to the hospital & found out she has Type 1 Diabetes.  As soon as I heard the news, I knew I wanted to do something for this sweet family.  So, in honor of little Caylin, I have created the following kits.  They are available for as little as $1 on Kristina's blog HERE, but you can also adjust the price if you'd like to donate more.  All proceeds will go straight to their family to help out with their medical expenses, so please help spread the word! "

these are just 2 of the kits for Caylin, go here to see them all! 

here are just a few quick projects that i made with these kits!

note that the journaling strips in the above layout is from a past kit called Sweet Vintage Charm!

ps. don´t forget to comment on this post to win some crochet goodies! 

tisdag 22 mars 2011

instead of virtual coffee a GIVEAWAY!

yes indeed! i am going to giveaway a granny square garland in the colors of your choice! 

the colors are vibrant and happy!
you can choose to have a rainbow version like i made (above) or one color or 2 or well, you get the picture :)

so, leave a comment on this post and i will choose a winner on sunday!
good luck!

måndag 21 mars 2011

travel scrapbooking pages

i made an effort to make some contributions to my Washington DC album this past weekend. here are the results of my labour :)

my first visit to a michaels :) 
i have used some of those cool digital products from cosmo cricket that i wrote about in this post.

one day we aet at the hard rock café in dc and it just happened to be just by the J Edgar Hoover building. and this made one of my this-actually-exsists-in-real-life moments :)
if i could re-do something on this page, i would use a smaller version of that font for the journaling. 

on thanksgiving day i took a little nice walk in the neighbourhood where i stayed. i wasn´t going anywhere really, just wanted to savor everything. 
is the page missing something? maybe it is to bare?

there were so many cool houses that reminded me of amsterdaam around dc. felt all familiar :)

i kept this one really simple beause i am making another one using another photo that has more journaling and thoughts on it. 

ok, that is it for now. i have 2 more pages, but i´ll save them for another post! 

lördag 19 mars 2011

scrapping with digital freebies

both these templates are from the freebie gallery at designer digitals . if you sign up and become a member you´ll get lot´s of great emails throughout the week! 

fredag 18 mars 2011

some fun on a march afternoon

Untitled from Lisa Ottosson on Vimeo.


today we woke up to 25 cm of snow :( 

today my friend Linda is on my mind after visiting her at the hospital yesterday

today i will do some scrapping about my USA trip i did last november

today my girl is home sick

today i am craving some soda

today we made some bread for breakfast

today melvin i so happy that the snow is back, although he is not made for snow at all

today we are having yummy potatoes 

today i might bake something for dessert

today she is sporting her summer hat

today i took a bunch of selfies

what are you up to today?