måndag 30 april 2012

Project Life | week 17

this might be my favorite page yet :) 
i didn´t have alot of words this week, but i did add a scentence here  and there. 

nothing more than usual on this page either. 
fishing, a work trip, new friends...

that was my week 17.

did you see all the good, good posts on Write Click Scrapbook this past week all about Project Life? if not, go now!
(just scroll down a bit!)

söndag 29 april 2012

Re-scrap 2012 | april - the layouts

i first shared these older layouts in this post in the beginning of the month and here are they with the new layouts that i have made with them as inspiration. 

older layout

i was inspired to make a new "right now" page, this time just about my girl. this makes me happy!

older layout

i opted to use a few instagram & instax photos for this layout since
the older layout featured polaroid type photos. 

older layout

i have shared this layout before thiis month. read more about it here.

this month i was abit challenged by the layouts i had picked out as inspiration. but i like that :)

10 years

we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this past friday.
we celebrated with a big fight ;)
 isn´t that romantic for ya! 

onsdag 25 april 2012

52 photos in 52 weeks : roundup post #4

it is time for the 4th roundup post! 

since last time: 

¤ we have welcomed a few new members to the flickr group  exciting! 
¤ we have started sharing a few themes ahead of time, to give you all some time to play.
¤ we have less photos shared to the pool...
¤ we (read i ) have wondered why...
¤ i have gone through the recap post i did last december about what i have learned from this project and stuff i wanted to change and i think i have done what i wanted to do this year...is there anything i can do to make you post more often? 

i see that since we started sharing themes ahead of time seems to  make you post 2 or more photos at one time, which is totally ok ofcourse. but it might be fun to see everyones interpretation of each theme on thursdays. any thought on that?

here are a few of my favorites from week 13 to 15! 

i love the perspective of this photo! and i love that she caught the reflection of the coins!

and yes, i know that i have included c-rose twice, but come on it´s her party :)

i also love this party photo! especially the cow :)

book by Linda C2007

i want to flip through all of these books, Linda! 
speaking of books, i posted a question on the discussion board at flickr asking what you are reading nowadays. go tell me! 

here are my photos...

my small collection of cups. i choose the cup depending on my mood in the morning.

with these 2 four year old girls everyday is a party. this time it was for our easterdinner.

At our recent b&b visit, we layed in bed reading books at night and i LOVED it!

Project Life inspired scrapbooking layouts

here is another post in the Project Life category. i have noticed that i have gone back in my album to see if i have forgotten to scrapbook any stories. 

these layouts both come from week 13 of this year. 
i created a collage of weather photos from that week since it was so crazy. when i wanted to create this layout, i just printed that same photo again and used it here. 

if you didn´t watch the video from week 13, you wouldn´t know that my daughter won two dozen eggs at church just before easter! 
i used the same photo here, but also the design of placing stuff on the photo.

how have Project Life influenced your other scrapbooking stuff?

måndag 23 april 2012

WCS: Project Life week


we have had a few themed weeks now at write click scrapbook. and this week it is all about Project Life! i got to start the week by showing and talking about my PL album, process and thoughts. 

here is abit of what i shared over at wcs! 

I love that I started this project. First I was afraid that this would mean I wouldn´t make my ordinary scrapbooking layouts, but that has not been the case. On the contrary, I have been able to go back to see which stories I have scrabooked or not by just flipping through my Project Life album.

I haven´t fallen behind (yet!) but one thing I have been struggling with is the plain and ordinary weeks when nothing special has happened. Don´t get me wrong, I LOVE to record the everyday, but I like to have a twist on that somehow. My solution has been to focus on a few particular things those weeks, meals, books, the weather etc. 

The thing I love the very most about how this project has affected my life, is that my husband and daughter also contribute to the album. By sending me their phone photos I can include events where I wasn´t attending. I love that! I have also asked my daughter to journal about her weekends etc. 

i will be back later with my PL week 16 share :)

onsdag 18 april 2012

A layout and a handcarved stamp

on monday i had the time to play with some paper and glue. i made this layout about how it has gone by a whole year since my friend Linda passed away. 

a while back i did my very first hand carved stamp from an eraser. i have a few pinned to pinterest and decided on using this as a pattern. 

i used my craft knife for this. it was pretty easy, really. 
the only thing is to remember what is negative and positive in the stamp i.e what is shown and what will be shown when stamped. 
try it out, it´s fun!

tisdag 17 april 2012

Take Twelve | April the layout

here is my Take Twelve layout with my april 12th photos! i made it supersimple this month and yes, it is a single pager. 
i created four 3 photo collages and added numbers to each photo that represent each hour i took the photo.

i also added my journaling before i printed everything out. 

now, i am aware that you don´t usually say 16 pm and so on, but we do :)

did you make your layout?

now go see what the other team members have created!

måndag 16 april 2012

Project Life | week 15

I did  super quick layout for week 15. it was just such an ordinary week for us (which is ok and good with me and i am all for documenting the everyday!), but this week the weekend was really the big thing. 

the first page looks much like my regular layout for a week. 
we got a photo of melvin as a puppy which is so cute. my husband and i got ourselves new computers and it was so funny to see us all sitting at the diningroom table working away!

i included my 12 photos for the Take Twelve challenge on one 6x4 card! i used a pre setting on my printer and this came out! i am super happy to be able to share TWELVE photos without having to make an insert in this album!

now, for the weekend. you can read more about that in my magic monday post. i printed 9 photos pn just a A4 paper and slipped it into a page protector. i then made a pocket for the one 6x4 photo you see laying ontop of the others. 

i wrote about out getaway on a journalingcard that you can see when you life the pocket. and that is it.

i´ll see if i will somehow work that big A4 page protector into my week 16 spread or do something else, since it is not the format i usually use for my spreads.