fredag 30 januari 2009

pre-valentine post #3

ok, i did a little pre-valentine project last night (before i knew that the night would envolve some serious stomach bug mess by my daughter!)
i wanted to make a envelope to put my letter that i am writing my husband for V-day. i had plain white ones, but i wanted a more jazzed up one :)

i used one plain paper envelope

a little piece of red dotted wrapping paper

i picked the envelope apart and traced it onto the wrapping paper.

tada! :)

folded it back together and glued it.

i used a button from the "all buttoned up digital kit" by Katie Pertiet to make a closer. and added a picece of tape to the back so that the envelope could be closed and opened over and over again.

i cut out his initial and some brackets in felt and added a small heart.


oh and i found this
Flickr Valentines Dy Worldwide group that i found cute :)

and i bought some tulips today to brighten the day.

i hope that you all have a lovely friday!

torsdag 29 januari 2009

i x 30

i am a girl
i love a boy
i love a girl
i work
i create
i cry
i laugh
i eat to much junk
i love the internet
i clean to reduce my anxiety
i collect angels
i love paper
i wear contact lenses
i can´t cook meat
i make a mean chocolate cake
i love to give
i think way to much
i am lazy
i love my job
i am almost 30
i would love to sell stuff i make
i wish i was an early riser
i should let loose more often
i want life to be like in the movies
i love stand-up comedy
i only wear comfy shoes
i love hugs
i am passionate about books
i love weekends
i want to sleep in everyday

onsdag 28 januari 2009

S´s & E´s + layouts

ok, i guess that is a weird blog post title :) but i´ll explain!
I have previously posted about my E wall in progress.

when my daughter saw it she wanted one too! but with S´s ofcourse :) i have ordered a S for her, but for now i had to be a little creative! my favorite dilemma!
i decided to make these plain coasters into S frames. i had chipboard letters laying around and i decided on three.

painted the coasters black and simply glued the letters on there.

she likes them, atleast :) but i am looking forward to go on S hunts from now on!


the story: my daughter wrote a sweet note to my husband one night and then became sooo happy when he ad replied it in the morning. oh, the look in her eyes when she saw it!

the goods: the note is tucked into the envelope that i made with squared paper. i used some vintage white buttons to make the border.and flowers to embellish the envelope.

the story: i wanted to use a recent photo of my daughter and me and record how extremly lucky i feel to be loved by her.

the goods: i wanted to play with alittle like patchwork here and used up some of my scrap paper.

the story: i wanted to record how alive my daughter is. she is a spunky tweeny and feels so many different emotions everyday.

the goods: again super simple with a scalloped tag and three a little smaller photos of her.

the story: i was having a bleh day and i turned around to my side and what did i saw? well, 2 of my lojals aka my dogs. they are always there unconditionally for me.

the goods: when i got out my grey cardstock i realized that i had previously punched a hole at the bottom of it. ok, work with it i thought. i chose a lively colorful paper to fit in the hole and slapped the photo of us on there. apperently it worked since it was choosen to be on the catwalk this week ;)

the story: uhm, did i already share this here? oh, well here it goes again in that case :) a quick silly on about my love for my husband. the pro´s are more, good for me :)

the goods: i used the funny romance pro/con sheet.

söndag 25 januari 2009

inspiring me this week

- i guess it is all the valentine preps that makes me all loving of ♥ :)
- second to the peace sign, my favorite sign is the heart.

- i made a mini heart wreath that i think turned out really cute.

i put it up on the wall where we have a calender frame that we change every month and hang things from that month.

note: kram means hug in swedish!


- i have noticed that quotes can really help you in different stages in life.
-right now these are a few of my favorites:

"imagination is more important than knowledge. for knowledge is limited to all we now know and understnad, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

- A. Einstein

"creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."

- E. Fromm

- whats your favorite?

the notebook

- a fantastic love story.
- and have you seen this?

- :) oh now that makes me warm and fuzzy all over!
- this movie makes me want to love passionatley!

love letters

- i have found a bunch of my husbands letters + notes and read them all :) it gives you a good feeling i tell ya´ :)
- i am writing him a love letter for valentines and also to my daughter.
- don´t you love love letters and notes?


what has inspired you this week?

lördag 24 januari 2009

pre-valentine post #2 + winner

ok, if you have been waiting for the giveaway winner here it comes...

"Jodi said...
Love your books!

I love these felt fortune cookies for Valentine's - how cute and easy:

:) so jodi congratulations and please email me your addy and the little package will be on it´s way to you and your bed rest :) i hope that you are doing well!


1.i have been looking out on the lovely internet for some love ideas ;)
this next one is not mine but i cannot for the love of god find where i found it!!! anyway, please read it and have in mind that someone else has originally written it!

"Letting special people know you care

Here's a list of simple ways to let the people you care about know how you feel. While the list was meant for adults, there are lots of ideas that can be used to tell our children that we love them too!

♥ Call or leave messages through the day, just to say I love you. Make the number of calls significant, if you been dating six months, make six calls. If it's your child's fifth birthday, hide five notes with 'I love you' in their school or lunch bags.

♥ Write your love a love letter. Most love letters are written in the early stage of a relationship. It may be years since your special person last received a love letter. Children will treasure a letter from their parents letting them know how special and loved they are.

♥ Think of a regular chore that your love does every day (eg. Take out the garbage). Do that chore and leave a note saying ‘I love you’ (eg. On the garbage can).

♥ Make your own Valentine’s Day card. Get a book of poetry from the library and copy a love poem for the verse.

♥ Make a special dinner using red and white (or a favorite color) as the theme. You could serve spaghetti with tomato sauce (arranged in a heart shape) and garlic bread cut out with heart shaped cookie cutters. Back a cherry or strawberry pie and with a heart cut out in the crust.

♥ Everyone loves to be spoiled with breakfast in bed. Or how about waking a birthday child up with a mug of hot chocolate or freshly squeezed orange juice.

♥ Often families are very busy in the evening and babysitters can be expensive. Arrange to meet your love for lunch. You could go to your favorite restaurant or make a picnic lunch ( for the office or a near by park).

♥ Rent a favorite video, make popcorn and have a night in at the movies. Or make it a family game night where each person gets to play their favorite game."

i am doing the loveletter one :)

2. i heart you more than____ has the cutest reasons why we love someone. there are a lot of reasons :)

3. romance pro/con :) : knock knock has such cool papers and forms. i liked this pro/con romance form :)

4. i usually send a simple card to some of my friends for valentines and i am doing so this year too. this year however the simple part is almost ridiculous! first i found this lovely postcard template online downloaded it and printed a few sheets of them. i used my paper cutter to make them the right postcard size and then simply put a red heart sticker on the front...that´s all!

yup, i told you super simple. but i think super cute :)

5. and see what great links there are in the comments section of the pre-valentine post #1.

oh, and i have to share a proudy moment for me :)

i was picked to be on the front page of 2 peas! how cool is that! :)

fredag 23 januari 2009

a little of everything

ok, here we go.
since i last posted i have:

1. watched the Barack Obama celebration! if you want to see the best photos i have seen of that event go here, you won´t be sorry!


the story: a tradition on december 24th (when we celebrate Christmas) we always watch a program at 3pm. i have watched it all my life, my husband too and i think alot of Swedes can relate :) it is a disney movie mix and we only watch it once a year. now my daugter has become another person who keep up that tradition!

the goods: as most of the time, i wanted to keep it simple. i love these colors together! and i really wanted to use that snowman paper again! it seems like i am very into scratching the paper edges ;)

the story: my daughter took this beautiful photo of my husband and my hands late this summer. i love it soo much! we have it hanging above our bed too :)

the goods: the tag is my minds eye and you can get it here. i have some lovey dovey journaling tucked behind the photo ;)

the story: well, our dixon is such a social dog. he doesn´t feel well when he is outside of a crowd. he always want to be in the centre of the action and well, let´s be honest center of attention too :) this photo is taken during my daughters sleepover-birthday party last august!

the goods: i really like the hot pink on that grey paper. it really pops! and i found those letter stickers from basic grey that i had almost forgotten about! i had one sheet of that lovely american crafts paper with the circles and i have almost used that sheet all up, but i have made like 5 layouts with it ;)

the story: this story is getting old, really. i am so mad at my self for not being able to change my eating habits and getting my butt out to power walk or whatvever!!! how hard can it be?!

the goods: i used the cute white stickers from a french company called Tosga that karine send me :) and i also used becky higgins journaling cards that you can download here.

watched the pets doing weird things around the house :) but that isn´t very rare haha!

have also been struck by some yucky stomach bug so i was home from work yesterday and today too. feeling better though!

i will be back tonight or tomorrow with the pre-valentine giveaways!

tisdag 20 januari 2009

pre-valentine post #1

if you are reading this in 2011, the giveaway is closed!

ok, so i am a big romantic, but i live with a husband that thinks i am high maintenance, which i have proven time and time again that i am not! i was almost teary eyed last year when i acctually bought this lovely. small, small everyday things...i have a project for this, but that is another post ;)

this post is a pre-valentine give away kinda post :) in a previous post i quickly mentioned a little love-giveaway if anyone noticed! with the larger scraps of paper i was talking about in mentioned post, i have made small valentine booklets for you! last year i made a type of these (scroll down a bit) it was a simple little book were i stated a few reasons i love my husband and my daughter. simple things like: his hugs, her smile etc. so, for the giveaway i made two little books where i have embellished the front and the left side of the spreads and you can add your journaling on the right side.

here are some of the pages inside the books.

the game is easy; just leave a comment and add a link to a cute valentine project and i will draw two of you by the weekend!

lördag 17 januari 2009

inspiring me this week

- as wars still are going on in to many places around the world i have been thinking more and more about peace. peace inside ourselves and peace in the world.
- a few quotes that struck a cord with me:

Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace.

Buddha (560-483 B.C.)

Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.

Albert Einstein (1979-1955)

If there is to be peace in the world,
There must be peace in the nations.

If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.

If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbors.

If there is to be peace between neighbors,
There must be peace in the home.

If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart.

Lao Tzu (570-490 B.C.)

If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace.

John Lennon (1940-1980)

- and the peace sign has always been one of my favorite ones!

atc (artist trading cards)
- well, frankly i don´t really understnad the use for them :) but i have seen so many lovely ones the last week.

(photo from here)

(photo from here)

- makes me want to play with little cards... :)

- did you know that the first sunday in may is international world laugh day? it has been since 1998 when it was founded by indian doctor Madan Kataria.
- i have read a whole bunch of facts about laughter and it makes me do my #5 (laugh out loud often) on my list even more often :)

share your story by ali edwards
- i hesitated before i ordered this book, because i had read a few bad comments about it, but i am really glad i did order it.
- if not for the acctual minibooks, then for the many great tips on how you can use minibooks. for example i am planning to do a love letter minibook to hold all the love letters my husband sent me when we first met.

Ranunculus flowers
- they are so very lovely
- and sweet
- and fragile

what has been inspiring you this week?

torsdag 15 januari 2009

save your scraps

i am out for the weekend, but i wanted to quickly share a tip about saving your scrap paper and get them in use! i had paper i wanted to use in my printer for a project, but the papers were slightly to large.

so i used my lovely paper slicer :) and it left me with these small strips of paper.

the slightly wider paper strips i am doing a little giveaway project with ;) i will be back with more on that in a week or so!

and the rest of the paper strips are going into my guerilla art project of spreading love and good thought :) i left one in a public bathroom today! it read you look beautiful today! and i put it at the corner of the mirror. i hope that it makes someone smile :)
this is also a step to work in my list number 25: continue to do more small things for our enviroment.

in my last post the title said ...& e and i saw that the e part fell away :)
anyways i wanted to share my e wall i am saving for. as my real name is elisabet i wanted to create a wall full of e´s very much inspired by a number of different bloggers for example andrea of hula seventy

as of now i only a very few but i am on a look out for more e´s.
this white e came in the mail on thursday and it is beautiful!

today i have spend the day kissing and hugging the two sweetest one-year olds in the world!

i can´t believe my twin neices are 1 already!

be back tomorrow or monday! love