onsdag 31 mars 2010

very exciting news for yours truely!


read more here

guess who is featured in this beautiful creation! yes, that would be me :)
oh, it is beyond exciting! i cannot show you the layouts here on the blog for a little bit longer, but i am super excited to see them in the book!
this is what they say about the book:

ScrapBook inspirations is back and better than ever, packed with fresh ideas from crafters around the world.

•More than 150 fabulous projects
•Beautiful pages that celebrate life's key moments
•New ways to share your family's stories
•Fresh ideas to boost your creativity
•Tips and tricks for great techniques
•Photo, design and colour advice
Volume One hits stores in the UK on the 31st of March and they are on their way to the States also. offcourse you can also order your copy online. i love that they have included the postage already in the price!

the editor of the book is the ever so lovely shimelle Laine. she is the sweetest person, let me tell you ♥

i truely am beyond humbled to be part of this, me...just a girl on a small island in sweden ;)


i had an entierly different post for today, but as shimelle emailed me and said that we were allowed to shout now :) you will get that post tomorrow intead!

can you all say: HAPPY!

söndag 28 mars 2010

scrapbook sunday - yay

ok, here we go. a true sign of spring is when the kids are out on the trampoline. i love the laughter that comes from the back of the garden. this year the snow was still on the ground when the temps were up. i finally bought a butterfly punch :)

another layout where i celebrate the fact that spring really is here. i added text to the photo in Photoshop Elements easy peasy. the font is called rough typewriter and is a free font.

i love this one! i used sharilyns gracious free pattern download from february as the patterend paper part on this layout. isn´t is cute. the layout is about how impressed i am that my daughter actually has hold on to her intrest in horses and riding for a long time.
and she is good at it too!

some nintendo ds love :) during a ferry ride my daughter was sorting her games and i asked her to make a list of her favorites. i love when i can use her handwriting in projects! i am not loving the rub-on words on the to, but hey what do you do!

what have you been creating lately?

lördag 27 mars 2010

this past week

 this past week has been an ordinary week in our lifes really. and as i want to start celebrating everyday life more again i wanted to just savior things that are indeed ordinary in our extraordinary sweet life. so here are a few things from this week.

* monday was the first day back at work for me since my "breakdown" last week. it felt good to go back, since i love my job so much and also it keeps my mind on other things. working with kids is my blessing, it really is.
i also had a night meeting with the culture group that i am in. we are hard at work for our big event that takes place here on "my" island may 22-23. it is going to be 24 hours filled with different cultural activities such as theater, exhibitions, rock conserts and guitar hero at the library ;) my role is to get my own photos together for my exhibition (alot of work, belive it or not) and i also manage the website, adds, pamflets and such. it is fun work, but takes some time.

* we have had some rainy days, but it sure feels like spring. the air is warmer and the sun rays warms up really fast when it is not windy. i have seen the first spring flowers and it is an awesome feeling. we thought that spring would be very late this year since we have had so much snow for so long. we are happy we were wrong :) and today after we had just a touch of rain it smelled like after a summer rain ♥

* my daughter has been in such a variating mood this week. i guess it is the age ( she is 10,5) and i am sure things are happening inside her that she can´t understand or put words to. i am lost sometimes when it comes to her. maybe i am just not used to this, but then on the other hand i went through my old scrapbooks and stumbled over this layout and that was almost 3 years ago!!! oh, and i also think that there are way less litterature on tweenies that there are about babies, toddlers and teenagers, why is that??

* i felt such an amazing feeling on tuesday as i loaded up the trailor twice with branches and other stuff from the garden to take to the recycling place. it was the first time i had done that on my very own!!! (for new readers, i got my drivers liecens this past august!) when i had finished i just about high fived myself!

* my daughter got a bulls eye on her weekly english glosary!!! she is such her mamas girl :) the only bad thing about her learning english is that me and my husband need to learned a new language so we still can have a "secret" language haha...

* my husband has worked so very hard on our new heating system all week. and it will be so good when it is all installed and working without any fuss.

* i have worked on some news for the shop. also i have researched how to get the buisness going. it is faschinating how a well known name can make a huge difference. i mean even though your products are average you´ll make huge sales if you have the "right" name. makes me frustrated.

* today (saturday) i am going to make my contribution to the swedish child cancer association. today is the day for the big "spin of hope" event. you basically need to have a spinning bike running 12 straight hours with a team of bikers. so each biker "spin" one hour and we paid a fee for having a bike and the that goes straight to research of child cancer. during the day there will be different ways to make a contribution. i am looking forward to this, perhaps my butt will be sorry tomorrow ;)

* we have had really good homework time this week. my daughter has one hour of homework everyday, sometimes even if she doesn´t have homework for the next day. and it worked so well this week and it makes me sigh of relief.

* i actually had some time and mojo to do some scrapbooking this week also! i am so happy that i am able to show you in scrapbook sunday tomorrow!

* for tomorrow (sunday) i am looking forward to this weeks rerun of grey´s anatomy which is the one show on tv i follow now that project runway is over. sunday afternoon is special to me because of greys :)

ok, i hope to see you here tomorrow for scrapbook sunday!

torsdag 25 mars 2010

10 on thursday ~ what love looks like around here

inspired from this post, may i present this weeks 10 on thursday list!

"what love looks like around here"

1. dog-greetings and wagging be-hinds :)
2. lovenotes on the bathroom mirror
3. lots and lots of "i love yous"
4. tea in bed on weekends
5. dog cuddles
6. cat purrings
7. food time
8. to say kiss kiss when you leave
9. the car windows defrosted in the morning by someone thoughtful
10. late nights

måndag 22 mars 2010

prepping for my very first photo exhibit!

in late may i am going to have the opportunity to show a few of my photos in public! yes, i am very exhited about this ;) i have been prepping for this a while, but now when it is coming nearer i have started to really think about which direction i would like to go with the exhibit. i first thought that i wanted to go with a wintery theme, since we have had so much snow and a cold winter this year...and then i pondered over using my photos from my "on walks" set on flickr...and then i freaked, because i just couldn´t make up my mind!

i went to some friends and asked for their opinion and their advise was; "go with the photos that you love the most!" and i felt such a peace with that. i have chosen photos both from the "on walks" set and the "flower close up" set

1. cherry blossoms, 2. Untitled, 3. night walk, 4. night walk, 5. night walk, 6. traces in the sand, 7. Untitled, 8. Untitled, 9. Untitled, 10. Untitled, 11. Untitled, 12. Untitled, 13. swirls14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

what do you think? i am also loving the photos in my "happy things" set, but i guess they are more personal...

at the photo exhibit i am also going to offer postcards from a few of the photos. you can also purchase them right here, right now! the prices for a set of 7 postcards are:

10 USD + 4 USD for shipping
5 euros + 2 euros for shipping
45 Swedish krona + 20 swedish krona for shipping

just email me your order and you will recieve an invoice via email!

please let me know any of your opinions on this!

söndag 21 mars 2010

a proper scrapbook sunday - yay!

Ok, let´s just kick this started, right!
i am so thrilled that though i have had pretty much a rough week all around, that i still managed to scrapbook a little. it makes me happy! i guess a little like therapy, but the paper and glue kind. when i was sick another time i buried myself in my scrapbook room and i don´t thing i have created so many layouts ever in just one month. 53!

when i had taken this photo i had a week of "i will give dixon away and pay the people who take him"! hehe he can be a handful sometimes. but the truth is that i do love him so very much!

number 11 on my list is to simplify my wardrobe. so one day i made such a mess in my bedroom, but then it resulted in one giant bag to charity and a rainbow wardrobe for me ;)  
oh, and that red patterned paper is so beautiful, i bought it last week and it is bo bunny called love bandit bee mine ;) oh, and the journaling tag is from the download area over at the container store site which i printed on the same craft paper as my background.
edited: i cannot seem to find the download area anymore, but f you are interested i can email you a pdf!

as most of you know i live on an island in one of the biggest lakes in sweden. it is also a very deep lake which means that it freezes very rarely. but this year, as we have had a very cold winter, it freezed enough to be able to go out and fish on the lake and to take long, long walks on. you can see some more photos of my winter here.
the page is inspired my the lovely kristens photos here. i loved that she used paper and glue to make the photos pop even more! and i though that a yellow banner would be lovely on this page.

this is part of a 2 page layout, but i couldn´t stitch them together properly to show you. this layout started during a sick week home with my daughter. we did all sorts of arts and crafts (it is the best therapy after all!). among others we did handprints together. mine is the blue one and my 10 year old daughters is on the right...see anything strange? i know! how the heck did she get almost larger hands than me in 10 years!!!

i love the fact that we did them though and i know that i will cherish these handprints all my life!

ok, that is it from me today!

lördag 20 mars 2010

my faves right now!

once again i wanted to share with you my favorites from flickr! that place blow me away all the time! making these mosaics makes me happy and looking at them makes my belly tingle just a bit ;) i hope you enjoy these as much as i do and tomorrow, please come back and see what i have to show you for scrapbook sunday!

1. Snow fun!, 2. TILT--in love with these tones, 3. LOVE {A Haiku}, 4. just say it like it is..., 5. spaghetti scarf, 6. hearts for little hands, 7. our meal plan, 8. the finished products, 9. Note to self..., 10. Ode To Yogi Tea, 11. fuji*love, 12. 42/365, 13. {bench monday - this skirt won't zip up edition}, 14. Hope scarf, 15. ..., 16. *full heart* {2:52}, 17. bench monday ~ month of love ~ edition, 18. Bench Monday : : Valentine's Day Edition, 19. <3, 20. Week 21/52: How can I follow my heart if it refuses to move on?, 21. handmade chalk board, 22. 32/365, 23. 39/365, 24. No one will be good enough for her..NO ONE., 25. nifty fifty in the am, 26. Flare Friday Dance, 27. IMG_1866, 28. Thread, 29. Sillón naranja, 30. mr lovely, 31. Paris - Tips, 32. Untitled, 33. Untitled, 34. sunny heart, 35. Untitled, 36. Untitled

fredag 19 mars 2010


essentially love is the thing that helps the most. my love holding me very tight during panicattacks, my little love comforting me after crying, my netlove (that is YOU) sending hugs from the other side of the world, facebooklove that gets me everytime.
 yes, love is all you need!
thank you all for helping me getting better!

torsdag 18 mars 2010

10 on thursday and a sorry!

i am sorry to have been abscent for so long, but the beast called depression an anxiety got sort of a grip of me once again. i am working on getting back to the state where i have been for so long, but that means i can´t promise posts regulary. i hope that you bear with me, because i have all sorts of fun posts in store for you!

for now, here is my 10 on thursday the "things i want to do" edition
1. go back to paris
2. visit the states
3. finish my bathroom mat (more on that soon)
4. go on a trip abroad with just my daughter¨
5. have more kids
6. sew another quilt
8. do more everyday photos
9. make a banner
10. go on a library tour of the world

i´ll be back very soon!

söndag 14 mars 2010

scrapbook sunday + shop news!

ok, so i didn´t have any time to do some scrapbooking myself this week. shocker i know :) but i did however find tons of great pages from other people. so, today i am going to share a few of the pages i have seen this week, floating around internet.

(from april foster)
i love pretty much everything on this page! i love the photo and the fact that it is divided into three, the scallopped edges and the map paper.

(from lisa dickinson)

the die cut shape ofcourse is one thing i love, but also the colors. i also like that she put the little frame on the larger photo. and i don´t even have to start on the banner, right!

(from cheryl ametewee)

this must be the first page ever to have had the hospital bracelets on it and still not in a odd way. i have wanted to do something with those bracelets, but have never ever seen such a classy and clever way!

i am totally drawing inspiration from this theme! but i think i will do a renovation twist on it!

i love that susan used black and white photos for this layout! i need to do that more again. the colorful page makes the photos pop even more! i also love the little tag on the top!

(from this studiocalico member)

how i love the use of tape here! and circles and especially the little tape by the title!

ok, i don´t have anything more to say about this layout than w.o.w!


i also have a new item in my shop!

since Paris is one of my favorite places on earth i needed to make a set of the paris venue photos.  

thank you all for the response i have gotten about opening shop! now, i only have to make some sales ;)
to help that i am having a special offer:

if you buy a polaroid print set you also get to choose one more single print from the shop for free!

so, go see what you would like in the shop!

lördag 13 mars 2010

listen up!

Did you give the world some love today babe?
Did you give the world some love today babe?
Well you gave me lots of love that's true
You gave the world some loving too
You gave the world some love today babe

When you saw a weary man
Were you quick to realize
The thing he needed most
Was a kind look from your eyes
When you saw an angry face
And the faces that you scanned
Did you soften up a bit
With the flower from your hands

Oh your heart is always full of love babe
And you gave me lots of love today babe
Will you also keep the world in mind
Tell me what you did for all mankind
To give the world some love today babe

Everybody in this world has to do a whole lot more
Then love the one they spend a lifetime looking for
You just can't keep your love in a cozy little shell
Got to love the one you know and a whole darn world as well

Everybody in this world has to do a whole lot more
Then love the one they spend a lifetime looking for
You just can't keep your love in a cozy little shell
Got to love the one you know and a whole darn world as well

Got to make this one big loving world babe
Help to make this one big loving world babe
Well you gave me lots of love that's true
You gave the world some loving too
You gave the world some love today babe
And you give the world some love today
And you give the world some love today
Did you give the world some love today
Did you give the world some love today
Did you give the world some love today

fredag 12 mars 2010

weekends to do list

first, if you missed my last post about my shop you can just scroll down and see what new items i added yesterday!  this weekend i am going to have a special offer, so be sure to check that out!

Ok, on to my weekends to do list:

* clean the house, which is a mess after a week of a tired working mom and dad.
* wash clothes
* find lovely wedding photo inspiration for a client meeting next week

* try to do some scrapbooking
* work on a website i help with
* work on a folder for a culture project
* work on a poster for above
* maybe go thrifting?
* work on us...

what is you weekend plans?

torsdag 11 mars 2010

grand opening!

i have decided on re-opening my etsy shop and now with a whole new theme! i have added a bunch of polaroid prints digitally transformed from my own photos to the shop. when i did my list i really wanted to have "working on getting paid for my photos" to be on there. this is a way to try :)

Here are a few items in the shop

Set of 4 polaroid prints digitally transformed from photographers own photos. Are ideal for notecards or framing. I have used a few of these are notecards that i send with a gift for a friend etc. but they are also very nice on a line like this!

i also have a "your choice" option in the shop. This is where you can choose a polaroid print that you would like to buy from a list:

I personally love all these! :)

So please come and visit me!


onsdag 10 mars 2010

for the LOVE of COLOR week

the latest week i have been having so much fun entering photos to the for the LOVE of COLOR week flickr pool! for one, my photos have gotten some cute attention! and two, there is a crazy amount of happy, wonderful and beautiful people out there who takes awesome pictures! i have made mosaics of photos in the pool and in each color. i hope that you enjoy these!

green favorites

1. Green Apple on the Toilet., 2. For the LOVE of color week : : Green, 3. retro girlie, 4. 245/365 - it's nearly, 5. choose happiness, 6. greenest!, 7. oh spring, you are here (63.365), 8. spring green , 9. my green, 10. color coordinated with the apple, 11. 28. green dishes, 12. Even more, 13. Feeling Lucky14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

for the love of color
pink favorites
1. "If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.", 2. hot pink friday, 3. Oh, to have a girl, 4. Magenta's Filth Trail, 5. vivid color: hot pink!, 6. pretty in pink., 7. {64:365} TGIF, 8. she's infatuated with picking flowers, 9. favorite scarf, 10. cozy me, 11. 64:365 Pink, 12. Untitled, 13. fuschia laundry14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available
orange favorites
1. Orange Door, 2. orange ripples, up close, 3. Orange Poppies, 4. bowl of tangerines, 5. Green Eggs, and an ORANGE book!, 6. ~ striking., 7. orangeness on wednesday... #2, 8. lit, 9. orangey grin, 10. soaking up some rays, 11. Orange you glad I live here now?, 12. I love it when I spot something good and there's no one around so I can get my shot in peace, 13. selected books14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available
yellow favorites
1. yellow, 2. yellow, 3. eyes of a killer, 4. Yellow is Easy, 5. Yellow!, 6. day 32::365 gratitude::happy, 7. for the love of color - yellow, 8. "I love all things, not only the grand but the infinitely small:thimble,spurs, plates, flower vases....." {Pablo Neruda}, 9. motel awnings, 10. my present, 11. yellow suitcases, 12. a little sunshine, 13. yellow daffodils - for the love of color14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available
blue favorites
1. creating, 2. chuck blue, 3. Morning Blues, 4. Hydrangea, 5. blue chucks, 6. blue tunnel, 7. .blanket of blue, 8. So as long as a person is capable of self-renewal, they are a living being..., 9. For the love of colors...blue! EXPLORED, 10. day 33::365 gratitude::partly cloudy skies, 11. Blue, 12. Untitled, 13. moody blues14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available
purple favorites
1. And you, Lilac Bush, I think I'll miss you most of all., 2. purple size 10's, 3. “How sweet I roamed from field to field, and tasted all the summer's pride.”, 4. purple plastic, 5. THe Promise of Spring, 6. purple in my mug, 7. Welcome doorway, 8. I spy...something yellow., 9. what my dreams smell like, 10. carousel, 11. the humble crocus., 12. Purple Scarf, 13. purple shoes14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

red favorites

1. 160/365:, 2. [red boots II], 3. there were hot firemen behind those doors, 4. March 9, 2010-Shopping for Seeds, 5. red, red, red!!!, 6. old red, 7. I keep your love locked down, your love locked down., 8. ripe reds, 9. love day, 10. Lighting the way, 11. Red in Red, 12. no red, 13. Ruffles: Jan. 20, 201014. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

tisdag 9 mars 2010

my life in random numbers

1 kid
5 years working
15 years since senior high school
3 new shirtdresses =my fave to wear
27 days until our trip to budapest
9 people travelling
7 day stay
2 weddings to shot this summer
48 scrapbook layouts done in 2010
2 dogs
2 cats
8 years married
10 years since i met my husband
2 trips to holland
1 pillow of night
5 books waiting to be read
1 magazine ready to be read
10 candles lit every night
1 secret project in progress
119 friends on facebook
79 feeds on bloglines
1 scrapbook page that will hold all these numbers :)