onsdag 25 januari 2006

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...so then it´s all over...school I mean. Last thursday was our big examination on our theises that we have written. We have worked on this paper for almost a whole semester and we where damn proud of it when we handed it in. But still it was with anxiousness we walked in the classroom thursday morning to hear what the teacher and the rest of the group thought. BUT! We got all positive critic that said that the subject was an interesting one, hard to handle but we had done it well and other nice good things!!!!!!!!!! What a glorious day it was!!! I was just walking on pink clouds :) We had to look over some things like spelling or so, but otherwise we are D O N E !!!

Saturday was graduation day! My mom fixed my hair so nicely :) We had to be at the church at noon to rehersal and that went well. But then we were supposed to go mingle at the school for and hour and a half before the ceremony. And hear this: someone had forgot to set this up!!! So when we arrive there is nothing; no food, no drinks, no music no nothing! It was a mess. Anyway I grabbed some of my girlfriends and we decided to go for lunch. So we went. By then we had about a hour until the ceremony and we thought that was lots of time. But the girls at the lunch place took forever to get us our orders so we ended up having to eat really fast so that we wouldn´t be late. :(
Anyway, just before the ceremony we all got a little nervous even though we weren´t doing anything else but walking in, sitting down and then recieve our diplomas :) The curch held about 2000 people this day and it was so cool walking in and everyone really made it special. It was supercool to find my family up there and they were waving just for me!

Sunday we had a party here at home and I loved it! As you can see in posts below I got some N I C E gifts! But the party was fun because everyone (besides my mom and nefew) were there!

torsdag 12 januari 2006


can read :) I think this is just fantastic and she just shakes her shoulders... She just doesn´t realize what of a big world just has opened for her. I can´t remember when or how I started reading, but I know that reading is and has been one of my favorite things to do for as long as I can remember. When I was 10 through 17 I can remember reading several books every week. And now since I was 20 I have taken up that again. Since I started my walks I borrow lots of CD books and that is just the greatest thing, because then I am able to do other things at the same time. Books are such fantastic things because you and only you can read a book the way you want it. If you watch a movie someone else has already decided how everything is going to look and how the caracters should be. When reading a book you are the creator. You decide how the surroundings in the story looks like and even though you can get directions on how the caracters looks like you have them imagened in you head still. I have had different favorites over the years. Sometimes I need an easy book, you know the kind of book that just flows and that you don´t have to think through. Then other times I crave for books with love or excitement.

Here are some of my favorites:

Easy books: The Marian Keys collection (for example The Watermelon)
Other "I - am - almost - 30 - and - crave - for - the - real - love" kind of books

Really good ones: Patricia Cornwells books about Kay Scarpetta (my all time favorites)
Books of swedish author Henning Mankell (criminal stories)
Books by swedish author Åke Edwardsson (also criminal stories)

Well, that sums it up really I love books about love, crime and adventure...

Read well...
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söndag 1 januari 2006

snow snow snow

it has been snowing now for like 3 days and there is alot! It is totally beautiful! Me and my daughter took a walk with the dogs in the woods, but we couldn´t go for very long before Sadies fur was like a snowball! The snow is really drawing to her like a magnet. But she had a lot of fun. They both like the snow. We made a snowman when we got home too and the went to the movies. A relaxing day before the "real life" starts tomorrow. My first day at work... I have mixed feelings to say at least. I am very nervous... How will it be? Will I like it? Will they like me? That is really a big issue for me...to have people liking me. I worry about some people at work or even just where I live thinking things about me that I don´t know about. No, I don´t know anything, but I have this feeling of someone not liking me. I am sure it has to do with my depression. I have been slipping down in my depression again slowly but surely and it really sucks big time. I just want everything to be like this fall...then I was good, great even. Maybe if I do some extra execise I´ll get some happy endorfines or something :) Anyway today was ok I guess...
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