lördag 30 juni 2012

WCS | July Gallery

i actually first titled this post June gallery which is just proof of how i think it is crazy that it is July already! the new gallery at WCS is going up a bit earier than usual and the post with it is packed full with new info, so be sure to check that out! 
the theme for the gallery is 5 products, so we each made a project using just 5 different things which is not very unusual for me :) 

here are my 5 picks:

patterned paper strip: Panduro Hobby
stamps: Swissgirldesigns and Hero Arts
stickers: American Crafts
embellishments: Becky Higgins

and no i didn´t count the adhesive and cardstock ;)

you can read the story here

and here is just a closer look at the embellishments. 

torsdag 28 juni 2012

Summer minibook | update #1

here is the official first post of my summer minibook that i have with me on our camper vacation!
if you ever did take a look at that video of mine (!) i mentioned that i love how last summers book is all chunky and worn. and i love that this years book is already have some texture to it!

i started the minibook with a few wishes for my summer and then the first spread is about the last day in school for my daughter. for me summer really starts when schools are out :)

Donna Januzzi send me many cute doilies in her suprise package i got last week and i have used one here. and the "Happiness is..." tag is from Elles studio.

it has rained alot this summer so far and in a try to see the good i caught a rainbow that is really a nice thing coming out of rainy days :)

a few photos from my garden.

photos from the first day of camping.

i thought this photo of my very summery daughter suited with the summer subway art (download here!)

i like the look of journaling around a photo so i tried it out here with words about how we all love thift shops!

i have had that mini paper bag for over 2 years. i knew i wanted to use it somewhere sometime. and the opportunity came now. we were grocery shopping here at the camp and i spotted a kind of candy that i haven´t seen since i was 12 or 13! i put one in my mouth and it all came back to me :) i used a manila tag to journal and put it in the little bag, since when i was a kid we bought candy in those!

i have used rainy days to catch up on my minibook and so far so good. it was never my intention to finish it during our trip. the little supplies i have with me have been good so far also. i haven´t missed anything but a stapler, so i went into town and bought one today :)

Vacation so far

we are having a good time savoring every little ray of sunshine so far! we have had so much rain, so as soon as the sun shines we rush outside :)

i will be back soon with the first pages of my summer minibook!

tisdag 26 juni 2012

Project Life | week 25

i spend monday-thursday in gothenburg with my sisters family. my mom told me that the kids were missing me and i jumped on a bus :)
my daughter has been pulling teeth out at the dentist (6 of them!) to prepare for braces. she is so brave! i chose to have the majority of photos in black and white for the first page so i could play with some color pops. 

an extra pocket for journaling.

this is the first time i have used a tag to tuck behind a photo to hold my journaling. i like how it looks.

i got a suprise package from Donna Janucci this week and she had made me a sweet card that i included by cutting it half and...

...tucked the note right underneath :)

like other weeks recently i have used picmonkey to add words and brushes to my photos. for this one i added an ali edwards word brush and also a paintstroke brush i bought at designer digitals. i lowered the opacity on both so make them more subtle.
then i journaled after printing it with my journaling pen.

i finished up this weeks spread in the camper and this is the first photo i printed there too! 

måndag 25 juni 2012

From pin to reality | Hollowed out log

Hollowed out log for annual color....so gorgeous. I love this sooo much!


i love how that hollowed out log looks with all those flowers! now, i didn´t have that big of a log laying around, but i did have some chopped up ones :)

i took one of our older logs that we usually chop up and use to heat our house with during winter. as it had been in our backyard for a year or so the inside of the log was a bit soft and flaky. that meant that it was fairly easy to hollow out. 
this was back in april so my garden had not bloomed yet (i will have to show you a photo of it now!) so i planted a few spring flowers in it. this is right by my front door where i also have another log as a little table between to chairs. i know that it doesn´t look at all as colorful as the original photo, but it gave a little umph to my front steps after a long grey winter!

i have this in my great ideas board!

edited: i found this instagram photo of the plants that are behind the log now! i will have to take another photo with the log when i get home from vacation!

lördag 23 juni 2012

Hello summer!

the day is here! we are packing our camper and hitting the road!
last year we stayed at several places, this year we are staying at one the whole 2 weeks +. i will be able to keep you updated and share creative adventures just cross your fingers that the internet connection is ok :)

tisdag 19 juni 2012

WCS June sketch

this past weekend WCS shared this months sketch. 


since i don´t scrap in a 12x12 format, i made it work on a landscape 11x8.5 layout. 

i used the bigger photo as a journaling space and made the photo collage at picmonkey.com (i love that place!)

check out the rest of the post!

söndag 17 juni 2012

Take Twelve | June - the layout

here is my Take Twelve layout! 

i had so much fun! as i was looking for color throughout the day i wanted a colorful layout. 

i have wanted to do one of those cool wheels that i have seen around with patterned paper. well it started out great...

see i measured it all out and numbered each piece.

gathered my scraps of colorful patterned paper and got cutting out my pieces and glued them down...

aaaand, this is when i realized that i sucked at this ;)

but oh well. i just covered it up a bit and called it a layout :)

have you done your layout yet?
If you're participating in the Take 12 Challenge this month, make sure to upload your layout to your blog or any photo-sharing service (including the 2012 Take Twelve Flickr group), then link it up to the Ella Publishing blog by midnight EST Monday, June 18.  You could win a spot in Nic Howard's new workshop,Dimensional Details: the Expanded Version from our friends at Big Picture Classes, valued at $79!!  

lördag 16 juni 2012

From pin to reality | Melted beads



these beads are so cute i think! they are melted ironing beads / hama beads / Perler beads / fuse beads / pegboard beads. i used red, yellow, orange, purple and black beads and put them on a baking sheet with a baking paper and just popped them into the oven that was pre heated to 200 degrees celcius. i watched it carefully because i was so curious about how long it would take for them to melt :) it took like 1-1.5 minutes. some of the beads took longer than others. 

i noticed that some of the beads got smaller holes after baking. i guess that could depend on the brand and the hole size from start, but maybe also the baking time.

i love that the beads are different sizes!
now maybe you ask, why melt the beads. well, i think this would be fun to do with your older children and they´ll get a set of very cool a different beads. me? i liked doing it all by myself :)