onsdag 18 juni 2014

What makes me happy - a minibook

A month or so ago I showed you a PL week where I used the app Collect to create the cards with photos and journaling right in my iPhone. I really liked it and started this new project the same week. I had a Simple Stories 6x8" album at home and decided to make a minialbum with things/people/places that make me happy. 

The first few pocket pages hold a whole month of #makesmehappy cards I made with the Collect app. 

It was so easy to go back and get the photos and add just a few words for each day. I then just saved them on my phone and printed them. 

I have added to the mini since then and use just regular photos for some of the pockets aswell. Sometimes I add words, but often a photo says it all. 

I am looking forward to add happy things to this!

Ps. You know I have a new blog, right?! Don´t miss any posts! 

onsdag 4 juni 2014

Memorykeeping | @ work

A few weeks ago Sue Althouse hosted the WCS blog with a week of go-to designs. She showed examples for a row of different designs and I found myself nodding while I read throw her posts. One of them was a band design (or grid) one I use frequently. 

I made this after reading that post about band designs. I have found that I often turn to squares when I want to work with grids. Perhaps it is because they have such an even size. 

These photos were all taken at work and I love to include pages about where I am at work right now. This is clearly not a lenghty and story centered layout, rather it shows a few glimpses into how it looks at the moment. I have done a few with more journaling before and I am sure I will do them later too. 


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tisdag 3 juni 2014

Memorykeeping | Liliacs (Sketch solutions)

I had the chance to join the BPC class Sketch Solutions. It is so much fun! Since I have begun to use more and more sketches over the last year the class has inspired me so much. I thought I´d share a few of my layouts throught the class. Here is one I did for lesson 2 where the sketch had 2 smaller photo elements and 1 larger.

I opted to have 2 smaller photos up in the corner, but they are the same photo printed twice and adhered with a 3D glue dot to create some dimension. I used the larger photo placement for my journaling instead. I love how it turned out and how easy it is to adapt most sketches to my needs and style. 

The journaling talks about my love for liliacs and that they remind me of summer leave from school. When I was younger we always celebrated end of school in the church and decorated it with summer blooms including liliacs. Nowadays they are already gone by the end of May sadly. 

I love that I got this done on paper! 

Do you use sketches?

söndag 1 juni 2014

Today is the day! New blog!

So, I decided to change my blogs name and URL! It is kind of fun to do a re-launch kinda thing :) 
Since this is mainly a place where I share my adventures in crafts and memorykeeping, what better name and just that! 

Do this before June 1st!

If you have me in your blogreader or follow otherwise you might have to do an update with the new URL: www.craftsandmemorykeeping.blogspot.com