onsdag 29 oktober 2008

new scrapbooking layouts! i can´t understand why it is so hard for me to get some scraps out of me! I have no mojo :( but i wanted to share a few new ones i managaed to whip out today.

I wanted to keep these photos because i wanted to record the feeling :)

and sally needs a introduction page!

and dixon is too funny around little sally!

otherwise i have worked hard on the weekend projects lately. i am almost finished, but i have some tweaks to do still. i am thinking i will send them out in november instead of december, so that you have some time before christmas to make some goodies :)

oh, look who joined me at the craft table yesterday :)

måndag 27 oktober 2008

just a quick note to let you know that i am still here. i was just away for the weekend and had a day of today so i have been shopping crafting supplies for my weekend projects and i can´t wait to begin! while i was a away we visited an indoor playland! the concept is so simple but yet so very much fun. they have a big big room (5000 m2) filled with a huge thing where the kids climb, slide, crawl and well you get the picture

and i must say; it is amazing how a sea of small, plastic, colorful balls can change your mood :)

we had a blast!

i will be back with a longer post soon!

torsdag 23 oktober 2008

10 things I love right now...

1.I love this label idea by Lisa Clarke! I am totally going to use those labels because I also re-use packaging.

2. i love that stacey fike chose my layout to this weeks catwalk :) she is always so sweet!

3. cheesecake that is oh so yummy!

4. flickr favorites

1. Adelie penguins after a blizzard at Cape Denison / photograph by Frank Hurley, 2. Mý ßαϐҮ =D, 3. Orange eyes :), 4. Untitled, 5. Waxed leaves, 6. She's a cutie, 7. Untitled, 8. Untitled, 9. Day 127/366 • Sensation, 10. weeeee!, 11. I Love Books, 12. For me, home is where the mountains are, 13. I should totally work at Chotchkie's...., 14. Lean on Me, 15. 76 - Hold my hand, I'll take you everywhere., 16. "Look Mom, I'm Flying!", 17. P.S. I Still Love You, 18. Untitled, 19. Maxx, 20. PG01216-R01-006, 21. I have noticed that if you look carefully at people’s eyes the first five seconds they look at you, the truth of their feelings will shine through for just an instant before it flickers away, 22. View, 23. To amuse ourselves, 24. central park, 25. Soul Mates, 26. Plastic Buds, 27. 159148, 28. 1349, 29. late harvest, 30. Bringing the week in the life project together

5. this etsy shop i don´t wear leg warmers but i might do if i had one of these :)

6. This post by mindi :)

7. the respons for my weekend project newsletter makes me very happy! i have added the ones in the comments section already, just so you know! and you mel :) but you can still sign up!

8. my job makes me so very happy right now, even though it is hard work. i love to be with these kids!!!

9. i am loving all the little soulemama posts lately.

10.i love all the cool things you can find here.

what makes you happy? :)

måndag 20 oktober 2008

I have some exciting news to share. From the weekend of november 21st I will be offering a Weekend Project Holiday style newsletter every weekend up until Christmas. So all in all it will be 5 newsletters. The newsletters include ideas and inspiration for holiday crafts and handmade gifts etc. If you are interested in getting the newsletter in you email inbox please leave a comment or email me at: weekendprojects@live.se don´t do both because I am easily confused :)
I have worked on these a few weeks now and I am happy with the result :)


onto other things. the kitten (sally) is really doing well. i think she feels like she is really home. but life is pretty fast with a kitten...see..

and then suddenly this happen...

she is such a sweetheart!

I scrapped a bit last night (!)

my daughters thoughts on her second school dance :) she is getting too big too fast!

just documenting a wonderful fall walk with sadie :)

time for some ridinglessons :)
see you later!

lördag 18 oktober 2008


meet sally! our newest family member. she is a 13 week old kitten found in a round-about a few weeks ago. can you even imagien there are people who put kittens in round-abouts so that they would run out in trafic and...well you get the picture. it is terrible! well, as you know me and my family, we couldn´t say no to little sally. so, now we have welcomed her into the family and so has the other pets...well the other cat is not amused just yet :) but dixon is very much in love. sally is playing very much hard to get :)

i am thinking that there will be quite a few good photo ops in this house in the future.

ps. will be back with a more craftrelated post soon.

onsdag 15 oktober 2008

happy things when you are sick

hi, still no voice here...but there are several things that you can do while being quite. Like having tea in bed with an Agatha Christie murder...

going into the kitchen and see these little house magnets that i bought in amsterdam in february...making me smile.

choosing to see the beauty in this little garden rose my husband gave to me while i was crying and feeling bad the other day, instead of the sink full of dishes.

making oatmeal for my daughter this morning and using this cutie salt shaker :)

some random beauty in the kitchen window.

you can also


print lovely gift tags


see some cool handmade halloween stuff

check out masons and serenas incredible house

read about these 20 ways to go green

tisdag 14 oktober 2008

{photo from flickr.com}

bleh again! i totally lost my voice and my throat is like a razer! bleh! i guess that was my week down the drain... i loved this photo i found while searching "sick" on flickr :)

i really hope that your week will be much better than mine!

ps. isn´t it lovely that you don´t need a voice to blog!

fredag 10 oktober 2008


I found some time this afternoon and night to create some :) it all started this morning when i was over at SIStv and saw this Challenge it is to document this random friday in october and to use bits and pieces from today. Something like a mini week in the life if you may. and for me this was more doable han the whole week thing, which i really want to do sometime! So here is my layout for that.

*planned at work
*painted with the kids
*took a long walk
*scrapped & blogged
*bought some medicine for my husband
*aet chocolate
*helped my daughter to get ready for a school dance
*packed a small package to send out
*looked in a box from panduro (hobby store)


i took this next photo of sadie and dixon the other day. i made them stay so hard, because i really wanted to capture them laying like that (dixon was first and then sadie came and layed down beside him) ps. i know the layout is way busy!

these two are like joined at the hip or something :) dixon loves his daddy so very much. and can you tell the feeling is mutual :)

i wanted to do something with the fall photo shoot the other day with my daughter. and this is it... me not like :(

if you remember this post from the other day, you know that i was going to fix this a little more. so i did. a little. i added the word love, spelled with those lovely abc blocks i thrifted and i ordered a enlarged copy of a lovely photo of our hands that my daughter took. me love much.

i hope you all have a wonderful day!

torsdag 9 oktober 2008


in the comments on a previous post of mine, i posted a layout about my thought about my stomach. i have had a few people ask me to translate the journaling. And after a few thoughts i decided i would, so here it comes.

"I guess everyone has something on their body that they are unhappy with. Maybe it is the haircolor, eyes or ears. For me it would possibly be the ears, which if I am frank do stand out a bit. But that has never been an issue for me. For me it is definitely my stomach. I easily gain weight right around my stomach and it almost looks like i am pregnant. I wish! But a lot is about my scar after my c-section. The scar and the stretchmarks after my pregnancy have made my stomach look doughy and unfit. Even when I was very fit, it looked like that. The scar, which is a bikini one, makes the skin fold over it. The stretchmarks become white/pink when I get tanned and my daughter says I have fire on my belly! I have tried to like all this, but it is hard. Maybe it has something to do with the delivery? But, then I have short moments when I am so unbelivebly proud of that stomach, that body that has carried a child. Given life. My husband says that the strechmarks are “lifemarks” and it is true, isn´t it! They are marks a proof that I have given life. And the scar is is something I am so thankful of. Without it my daughter might not have been here today… Those moments, when I think like that, it really doesn´t matter that the stomach looks like that. It is such a non-thing!"

flickr faves

1. Bringing the week in the life project together, 2. Untitled, 3. playing in the street... again., 4. top of the rock., 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. Untitled, 8. I love the wrinkles..., 9. Untitled, 10. happy baby cupcakes, 11. you & me, 12. Untitled, 13. Untitled, 14. Untitled, 15. houraaaaa!, 16. Front Wheel, West Village, New York, 17. beautiful day!, 18. The fun corner, 19. I found myself in Paris, 20. Untitled, 21. Sneak Peek of New Studio Space, 22. for: crafty bastards, 23. always an adventure, 24. pb blossoms with mini kisses, 25. oooooooh....buttons, 26. goodbye, 27. watercolor bokeh, 28. 9/11, 29. crouching photographer, 30. colors are for sharing, 31. backyard picking, 32. backyard picking, 33. Untitled, 34. Untitled, 35. Untitled, 36. end of summer ttv

tisdag 7 oktober 2008


♥ it was a lovely fall day.
♥ me and my daughter took our annual silly leaf-throwing photos.

sadie came with us too...

♥ we spend the evening in the stables for my daughters riding lesson
♥ we could catch the 8pm ferry intead of the 9.30 one ¨*joy*
♥ i had time for both whashing up, a shower, a dog walk and 2 chapters in my book before bedtime :)


♥ i had the pleasure of getting back in bed after the morning things.
♥ i read another 2 or 3 chapters in my book
♥ snuggled with the cat who had spend the night outside and needed a good snuggle
♥ the weather was fantastic
♥ i made to batches of bread
♥ i am going to scrap


♥ i am hoping the weather is equally fantastic
♥ i am getting of early from work
♥ planning to make some more crafts maybe even with my daughter
♥ i hope to have a nice cozy night infront of the TV

lördag 4 oktober 2008

thrifting + a weekend project

me and my dad made a 4 hour tour de second hand today! ♥ i did so much thrifting and it was a nostalgia blast! all the things i got is not in the photo, i also bought a cookbook, a hanger, lampshade etc. oh me so happy!

this old agfa is so cool i think! i will just use it as a decoration but it makes my heart skip whenever i see it. and that cat salt shaker is too cute :)

i love these little plates. i have a bunch of different kinds and use them in various places in my house to put my rings in when i can´t wear them.

yesterday night i was feeling all strange and for me cleaning is such a liberation and i feel so good when i am cleaning and organizing :) so i did just that. during my organization i stumbled over some chalkboard paint i bought this summer. hm...what could i paint ? so, offcourse i went to my number one source of chalkboard goodies = suzanne. she has made a few projects like;

chalkboard on the front door

on an entire door

livingroom chalkboards

well, yes you get the picture. so i decided that i wanted to try on a smaller space the first time. as we are always re-modeling our house we have spare bits of wood and such laying around the garage. i found a longer piece and dusted it of and got to work. the label said i had to paint horizontally first and then let dry and then paint it again vertically. this all took about 20 minutes!

first i planned to have it somewhere in my craftroom, but lack of space made the decision not hard to re-think! so in the bedroom it landed. right above the headboard. i plan to write messages and quotes on it. right now it has one of my favorite and very true quotes on it:

joy is what happens to you when you allow yourself to recognize how good things really are...

i am so happy with the result. i still have a little tweaking to do on that shelf, but other than that i am happy because it was really an easy and fast project and i always love those!

what did you do today?

onsdag 1 oktober 2008

happy october!

Can you even believe that it is october already?! it is like they say; time flies when you get older :)
What do you expect this month? i decided to make a little list :)

♥ take fall photos with my dear daughter, just like we do every year :)

♥ go on a work trip

♥ be happy

♥ enjoy every single ray of sun

♥ prepare the garden for winter

♥ visit family

i love that my desk looks so messy today, because that means that i am making something. and i did!

i had to scrap these photos from the other day. dixon is crazy about nibbeling our ears, so when my daughter was laying there he took is rightful chance :)

i thought that something was missing, so i attached a black star i punched out to a small piece of transperency. i think it looks cool :)

My other page can be found here.

have a wonderful day!