lördag 31 oktober 2009

major scrap update :)

i love when the creativity just flows, don´t you? i love when i can show you how my memorykeeping is up to key :)

the story: this layout is just about things i love. i just blurbed out all sorts of things i love. it was fun!

the story: i have an urge to look back on when my daughter was a baby. maybe it is a way to keep her little a bit more?

the story: i need to be better on being in photos together with my girl. i really want to take one once a month just like the aleida challenge.

the story: i guess this time around my layouts don´t have that much journaling ;)

the story: here i have even written in the journaling, that all i wanted with this page is that i wanted to tell my girl i love her :)

the story: recording this week which did not turn out like i had planned ;)

the story: this is a page about our annual familyphoto. and is very inspired by Jen Jockish gallery in this months studio calico gallery.

the story: the most beautiful person in the world :)

ok, that is what i have today.


fredag 30 oktober 2009

from the archive october 2008

i am posting an older post from last year just so there is something new going on here while i am resting from the hospital stay. there will be new stuff very soon!

"I guess everyone has something on their body that they are unhappy with. Maybe it is the haircolor, eyes or ears. For me it would possibly be the ears, which if I am frank do stand out a bit. But that has never been an issue for me. For me it is definitely my stomach. I easily gain weight right around my stomach and it almost looks like i am pregnant. I wish! But a lot is about my scar after my c-section. The scar and the stretchmarks after my pregnancy have made my stomach look doughy and unfit. Even when I was very fit, it looked like that. The scar, which is a bikini one, makes the skin fold over it. The stretchmarks become white/pink when I get tanned and my daughter says I have fire on my belly! I have tried to like all this, but it is hard. Maybe it has something to do with the delivery? But, then I have short moments when I am so unbelivebly proud of that stomach, that body that has carried a child. Given life. My husband says that the strechmarks are “lifemarks” and it is true, isn´t it! They are marks a proof that I have given life. And the scar is is something I am so thankful of. Without it my daughter might not have been here today… Those moments, when I think like that, it really doesn´t matter that the stomach looks like that. It is such a non-thing!"

torsdag 29 oktober 2009

3 things that cheered me up while in hospital

believe me there have been many more things, not just 3, that have been cheering me up while i have been here in the hospital not to mention the massive amount of phonecalls from my family ♥ notes from my daughter ♥♥ and visits from my husband ♥♥♥
but i´d like to mention three other things:

there are some really cool art pieces on the walls of this hospital. wouldn´t that be a cool job, picking out art for a public place?! this is one i got on film, but there are some very cool murals too.

euhm...well these did make me giggle so they cheered me up :) haha

and this is what i did to entertain myself lastnight; chocheting for an upcoming project i will share in november, listening to a dennis lehane book and drinking juice. oh, and answering the phone :)

i am to have a new x-ray this morning and then maybe, just maybe i will get to go home this afternoon!

onsdag 28 oktober 2009

wisdom from the hospital bed...

* ice cubes can be an almost 5 star kind of food when you have very high fever and you aren´t allowed to drink.

* a room with a view is to be prefered :)

* hospital breakfast is almost like a hotel buffé...almost.

* time being sick and laying around a long time can be used for several things; holiday planning, coming up with new crafts, ponder on lifes little things and ehm..sleep :)

* i have alot of people that care about me :)

* when in need for a little flair while in hospital make sure to have your scrap yarn and crochet needle with you, make a headband :)

* being poked with needles are really and truely not very fun at all.

* having over 40 degrees fever is kind of scary.

* the sweating after said fever is almost more scary .

* i am starting to miss my own bed and pillow like real bad by now.

* for some reason i am not at all hungry...that is strange i am always hungry.

tisdag 27 oktober 2009

on a more fun note...

...here are a few of my recent favorites on flickr. my gosh there are so much inspiration there!

1. wishes with wings : gratitude 363.365, 2. cuddle bench : gratitude 362.365, 3. plethora of pumpkins, 4. catherine's inspiration cupboard, 5. stemmed, 6. Heart under my feet, 7. go green., 8. simplicity, 9. mwah, 10. Untitled, 11. my crocheted apple, 12. desk thursday... pondering, 13. man...i wanna another kitty now..., 14. i'd be afraid he'd get lost in the house, 15. bedroom, 16. white and wood, 17. little miss Norah, 18. slow like honey, 19. end of summer, 20. up up up, 21. polaroid ♥, 22. red shoes, 23. hopenote, 24. albums, 25. The family is one of nature's masterpieces., 26. collection a la hula, 27. ., 28. sushine coast, 29. Untitled, 30. vår historia, 31. NYC Nostalgia, 32. Hanging Tree Decoration, 33. xo, 34. Jewel Crochet Scarf, 35. Snoozing, 36. never ending polas
ps. still having fever and am still at the hospital. i am hoping that the antibiotics kick in by tomorrow.
ok, so yesterday didn´t turn out at all like i had planned it. my kidneys had hurt all weekend and monday coming up i took my butt to the local dr´s office. i was in such pain by then but i got some drugs for that and also something for my very high fever. i went home for a cuple of hours and then my dr calls me up wanting me to go to the ER for some more tests. ok, off i go. at the same time my father was also going to the same ER so we kept eachoher company :) not that we had to, since there was this cute and ûberactive 4 year old entertaining the whole waitingroom! by the time i got there she had befriended everyone and everyone knew her by name :) she had eaten a small lightbulb "i chewed it. it was fun!" at one time she was eating an apple and had a small piece of it on her finger, she stuck it in my fathers face and asked "do you wanna lick it?" haha! i was telling my dad that every waitingroom should have such entertainment.
anyway, i ended up being admittted to the hospital and battled some bad fever tops all night and morning. but i have got IV liquid and anti-biotics so the fever should be better by tomorrow.
i am so happy, though, that my husband and daughter remembered to have the computer with them for me :) so now i can get going on those 65 feeds i have in my bloglines :)

söndag 25 oktober 2009

my weekend scraps

the story: i went with my daughter riding the other afternoon and the light was like a dream!

the story: just a photo i wanted to keep showing the way down to the harobour in autumn glory.

the story: a little about how she is now at 10.

the story: last weekend i was puttering around the garden making it finished for it´s wintersleeep....

ok, back to lounging in the sofa ;)

fredag 23 oktober 2009

ok, so i wanted to share that i now have about 12 pages in my files with some awesome projects that i will share soon. i have had so much fun finding cratfs, gifts and other ideas all over the internet. i might have to categories things though :)

I have set up a new tumblr blog where i will share random photos that I find throughout the it’s a handmade Christmas project. The photos will all the linked to where you can find more information about it. I am looking forward to that! I am already adding photos to my regular tumblr blog.

There is so much inspiration out there!

This weekend, after cleaning my neglected house!, i will be working on some of the handmade projects i will share with you including a christmas flower pinwheel, a paper bow and a stocking.


onsdag 21 oktober 2009

oh my gosh these guys were just crazy in a pre-teen kind a way today! they had heard that a local celebrity, amy diamond, a 17 yearold singer who is in a swedish tv show at the moment in a competition between choirs were coming to our little island! they were just extactic.

here they are practicing how to shout when she comes :)

and the real deal!

she was such a sweetheart!

well, that made my girls day!

lördag 17 oktober 2009

this is what i am up to today!

(image credit)

and the strange thing is that i really am looking forward to it :)

fredag 16 oktober 2009


the story: it is almost nagging by now, but i do love fall so much. and this day was just a perfect fall day! as you will see later in this post, clustering things is apperently my new thisng ;)

the story: my husband and i are so in a lovey dovey period right now and we both treasure that so much. this photo was taken on a lovely afternoon at the beach during a picknick. i tried my hands on a little paper quilting on this layout. but the borders were bugging me so i used some tape on them.

the story: as many of you know we live on a small island. what you might not know is that the lake surrounding the island is the deepest in Sweden, which also means it is the coldest ;) but my daughter loves going for a swim anyway! it was fun to use a few brads on this :)

the story: our younger cat sally is really not a very cuddely cat, so when ever she does want to lay still in someones lap it is a kodak-moment :) i am loving the circle cluster on this layout!

onsdag 14 oktober 2009


this is what happens when i get my hands on some goodie fabric scraps! apparently i make quilts :) i did not know i could before! but as an amateur sewer, i addapted the non strategy, as in a non-planning, non-sketching, non-matching and hardly any mesuring strategy. this is how i usually do my sewing acctually.

i know that i really can´t sew that good, i have little to no patience and i hate to have to do stuff over again. but as i do like to sew i have had to accept that my finished stuff will not ever be perfect or even straight ;) in that state of mind sewing is kinda fun!

the summer before last i kinda made a quilt, remember? i have to admit that i haven´t done that much yoga hehe...but i still liked the project!

when i did these quilts they were both finished in a weekend. i like it that way, fast and simple!

and i don´t care much about that it is not perfect, my family still loves it and uses it daily and that i do care about!

this next one is a little bit bigger and is used equally often as the berfore mentioned.

and i can already say that there will be more quilt making in the future!

tisdag 13 oktober 2009


yes, once again i will celebrate a handmade christmas...and i will share it with all of you offcourse :) it is going to be a month and a half party full of preparations, gifts, decorations and other fun stuff like lists of gifts for all ages. i will start my posts in november and you are welcome to join me in the celebration!

Last year i did a 5 week newsletter, but this year it is all going to happen here on the blog. i promise it will be fun and it might even include a freebie or two for you ;)

söndag 11 oktober 2009


i have been in a cross-stitching mood lately. this might be this years christmas presents :) more about that in the next post, it is only 2 months until christmas you know, so we have to get started :)

torsdag 8 oktober 2009

the perfect autumn day...

it was the most perfect fall day! me and the dogs took a lovely morning walk in the woods by the water. the leaves were at their best, a color burst, the air was clear and crisp. it was a moment of what one of the caracters from Astrid Lindgren´s books would say: i felt the life in me! ("Jag känner livet i mig!!!")