söndag 3 oktober 2010

31 things that makes me happy right now

i thought it was time for a happiness list once again!

1. my family and the way we are working on "us"
2. love
3. sunshine
4. the colors of the leaves
5. chestnuts
6. *still a secret!*
7. my trip to usa
8. that i have gotten so much work done
9. the trip to gothenburg this weekend
10. new digital elements
11. a freshly cut lawn
12. plums
13. blog projects
14. my friendship with Linda
15. to get praised for good work
16. my bed
17. facebook
18. the book i am reading
19. to plan
20. to check things on a list
21. chocolate
22. to be among people who loves me
23. new contact lenses
24. just the thought of my new pink shoes
25. newly tumbled laundry
26. tumblr.com
27. flickr.com
28. to drive
29. nature
30. the flowers in the garden
31. the color purple

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