fredag 31 augusti 2007


8 years ago today I gave birth to my baby girl.

Yep that is me in the hospital, not having that much pain yet :) 32 hours or so later I had her, my angel! This photo is my favorite ever. I can sit and look at this photo for hours just remembering her, how small she was, how she smelled and felt.

It was so great going into her room this morning singing happy birthday! She just sat up (she acctually was sleeping!) and fired of one of her famous smiles and just beamed!

We are in the midst of finishing of everything for the dance we are having tonight and the excitement is high for a special 8 year old in this house!

I just wanted to share a cuple of new layouts I did the other day. The first one is for Inge and her baby boy Nol. I used my new cutie stickers I got just the other day. I love them!

The other two is for my girl Marie and her CJ "What songs make you go lala?" I picked "Wish I was a punkrocker" by Sandi Thom. I love that song so much! But the best one to sing very loudly in the showers is without a doubt Amazing Grace :)

I also wandered Keri Smiths blog and was very happy to find that she is coming out with yet another new book that I just have to get! I also found this cool link to another blog in reference to her Guerilla art book. Check it out it is really cool!

I am so filling up my memory card so I will get busy scrapping in the next few days, when all the celebrating is over!

tisdag 28 augusti 2007

small update

Hi...sorry I have been MIA for a little while. I have been busy with life in general and orders have been coming in too! I have packed up 8 packages as of now :) makes me happy... keep em coming! I have added a heart pack pp too and I keep updateing with new items. It is such a joy to be recognized for things that you have done your self. If you have been to my etsy and have ideas for more things, please email me or leave a comment here.

Life has just been kind of boring otherwise since my last blog entry. Just normal stuff, daughter in school and husband at work. And since nothing much has happened I have not taken any new photos to scrap :( Oh, thats not right I have uploaded some to my flickr gallery. Check them out if you like. But my daughters birthday is on friday so after that my memory card will be full so I am not worried :) I have been to town today and bought some more gifts for her. I love gift shopping!

I bought some new plants the other day, the mini roses are my favorite!

Sorry, I promise a longer more creative post soon.

lördag 25 augusti 2007

welcome Nol!

My cutie friend Inge has got her new little son in her arms! Yay! Happy day! He is such a cutie!

We had a good time at the art festival, although the weather could have been better. On the mainstreet they had put of rows and rows of different artists work. Some were good and others were just not cup of tea :) Here are a few favs!

I have been encouraged to start to sell my own papers. That is such a fun thing! I like stars right now in my scrapbooking, so one day I sat down and made my own patterned papers. So, from now they are avalible in my etsy shop. Please come and visit and leave feedback here or there so I know your reactions! If you like it (and someone starts to buy them!) I am going to expand to other patterns.
A fellow swedish scrapper Anna has used the yellow paper here.
And offcourse i have used it too :)

The other day i was just standing at my craft table and wasn´t sure what I would I came up with the idea to make a few mini books. I LOVE minibooks! But I am often unsure of waht topic I want to use and such, so even though I have made several, but they don´t come that often :) My absolute favorite mini book I have made is this one from our Mallorca vacation i made a while back. This time i thought that I would make a "first day in school" minibook for my daughter as she started second grade this week. The book is made of beautiful handmade paper i acctually got from IKEA! I included a few photos from that day. In her school (where I also work!) we work out of themes every school year and this year is "earth/soil" and we like to start the school year with an experience that include that theme. So, we hade lots of activities in the school yard. Ok, sorry sidestory here! :)

Then I printed out a few photos of our Chanty in the days before he went to rest. I made this mini using the same paper as above.

I also made a happy layout featuring me :) me me me :)

One of the photos that I took of my daughter on the school yard was this cool angle one where she has drawed on the ground. Her art makes me happy!

And me and my boy with some hidden journaling in that envelope!

That´s it for today amigos!

fredag 24 augusti 2007

new etsy stuff if you haven´t seen it...

These are some of the few items I have now in my etsy shop. The butterlies are large ones out of felt. I have used one in this layout...(hm...did I already share this here? Oh, I am hungry alas I have no braincells!)

torsdag 23 augusti 2007

thank you

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments on my last post. It is heart warming to know that I have people who care here.

So, on the contary to my last post i decided to make this a happy post! Here is my happy list for today:

1. My friend J calling! Yay!
2. The nights getting a little darkers so I can cuddle in the couch with a blanket, a good book and light candles.
3. Photos like this!

4. I am going to town tomorrow shopping! Yay!
5. Planning the trip on saturday to go for a cool art thing in a nearby town.
6. I had my furry girl all to myself today.
7. Getting my new issue of Scrapbooks etc. Yum!
8. The shrimpsoup I eat for lunch. yum!
9. Someone added me to their contacts list over at flickr. make me happy!
10. It is lamost time for bed, I like me some sleeping :)

I´ll be back soon with a bigger post!

tisdag 21 augusti 2007

a sad sad day...

yesterday was probably one of the worst days ever for me and my family...we had to put our oldest dog to sleep. Oh it was horribly sad. The last cuple of months he has begun to have pains in his back legs which is very common with large older dogs. But this weekend we just saw as he couldn´t stand on his own and there is really no dignity in that for such a big and proud on sunday we decided that we had to let him rest. Oh my God that was such a hard thing to do just to decide that...But we wouldn´t want him to suffer just so that we could have him here with us...that would be to selfish. On sunday we did all the things that he likes to do...among others we took a longer carride (he loved to ride in the car!) and went down to the water. He couldn´t swim but to just see him in the water doing the things he loved was so good. We were fortunate enough to have sometime to take photos and to really spend quality time with him. We are very thankful for that.

Then on monday morning we went to the vet and they were wonderful and made everything so quite, calm and beautiful for him. It was so hard to say goodbye for all of us and we were sobbing the whole day...
But now he has rest, no pain and we are sure he is playing with his friend Ingo in dog heaven and as we belive in heaven the time doesn´t matter so we are coming to him soon :) it comforts our daughter especially. She has grown up with that dog so he was truly a family member.

söndag 19 augusti 2007

senses on sunday

Touch: I think that the touch of a pen would be the touch of the week. I have used my pen quite a lot this week, making notes, writing lists, doing some journaling and writing cards and an actual letter to a friend. Don´t you just love to get a real letter in your mailbox?!

Sight: we watched a few DVD´s this week. A few we hadn´t had the time to see before. Among others we saw The departed. I liked it, an no not just because Mr DiCaprio is in it! We have also watched a few of the Bond movies in our collections. Right now it is The man with the golden gun with Roger Moore as Bond.

Taste: I have been trying not to get a sugarrush this week, ack so hard! But I have been eating a lot of fruit instead and it is also very yummy. Our apple tree has a lot of apples already and it is pure luxury to be able to just go out and pick one whenever you want to.

Smell: Ah, the smell of the wild flowers a co-worker got me just because + tomatoes from her own green house mmmmmmm…

Sound: I have been listening to a lot of older music as the soundtrack to Forest Gump and stuff like that. Busted up the volume on Sweet home Alabama! But I have also listened a bit to a Swedish girl called Elin Sigvardsson. She sings soft songs that are the best to have as a background during dinner or cleaning. She sings in English so just in case anyone is interested here is a link to her album.

and I found a sweet link from Mel´s blog. Check it out!

lördag 18 augusti 2007

the knights day

every year in august our little island changes time. this weekend we live as knights and other caracters from the midevil :) It is fun because every one gets so wrapped up in it and there are several hundreds of tourist that come and see our festival with horses and knights that battle and so on. The other year a cuple got married during the festival and that was so beautiful! The bride came riding on a horse with such a beautiful gown on and the whole audience saw the wedding. This year there was a vikings ship there too and they took small tours around the island. There is always a market with all kinds of goodies and awesome craftmanship. I sold tickets this year (aswell as last year) so I don´t have a good photo of the market but belive me it is good :) This is a photo of my daughter at last years festival.

It was fun!

I scrapped too! One for me and one for the oldest doggie.

torsdag 16 augusti 2007

arts and crafts

ok, so this is going to be a L O N G post as promised yesterday! I have the ballons on the top to celebrate a new day!

What have I been up to lately arts and craft wise? Well, I am still experimenting with fabrics on pages. It so much fun, but its harder to work with fabric because it is more "dead" if you know what I mean. Normally fabric is alive, but on a page I guess paper is more versitile. I mean paper you can rough up, sand or ink etc. I am still going to work on some projects with fabric though. Here is an example where I have used tyll and felt. Both these materials are so easy to work with.

And an exampel on how a cool IKEA fabric can look kinda good as a background!

I saw a webisode over at SIS the other day and they used a lot of tape in that show. I have never used tape before, accept offwhite masking tape. So, it inspired me to go out to do a little shopping :) I bought a few diffrent tapes and went home to do a little experimenting.

And here is the first one i did a few years ago with masking tape.

Although I really like the look of using lots of tape i sometimes belive that "less is more" and I made one having that in mind.

As another craft thing I have always love to make fridge magnets from various materials. It is somuch fun and such an easy project! Maybe that is why some of my etsy products are magnets?! :) This time I used all from buttons, stones to coins! Aren´t the fun!

Another thing I am really wanting to do more is to use my daughters drawings and notes on scrapbook pages. I remember doing one a long time ago (2004) here it is.

At that time my daughter greeted us with her drawings every morning! Now she has changed her style to use more words that acctual drawings. The other day I joined her at the table when she was making us (her dad and me) a card. I snapped a few photos of her drawing and this is how i used that!

In the Suziebeezieland 2007 CJ´s I have gotten to Maries "Songs that make you go la la". Isn´t that a fun subject?! Wow, there are so many songs that make me go la la, mostly everyone there is! I know, we don´t we do a little poll. Up in the corner I am going to put a poll and you all can vote on when your favorite song was made! This could be so much fun! I am starting the CJ as soon as I get my butt down from here!

ok, so this was the long post from me today! I hope that you enjoy it!
Oh, and make sure you check out the shop because I have updated with a few more items!

onsdag 15 augusti 2007


Ladies (and occasional dudes!) I have an etsy shop! YAY! After much consideration and quite some work (ah!) it finally works and I will be adding more items this week. As you all can see if you visit my shop I ship EVERYWHERE! :) Only for you! I am very excited to share this because this has been in my thoughts for so long. I hope you all like it! I am adding felt items and also maybe some prints from my own photos.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and I promise to share some layouts, project and other stuff tomorrow!

Edited: check out Anilus blog because she has some great news today! Yay for you girl!

tisdag 14 augusti 2007


I saw somewhere an idea to post a photo and then talk about what feeling that photo generates for you. I think it was a cool idea so here I go!

This is a photo I took a cuple of years ago of my dad in his rearview mirror. It makes me feel so many diffrent things. You see my dad is from Hungary and when i was younger the whole family used to drive there twice a year. Although I can´t remember every trip I still have the feeling of us all in the car together. I learned my first german words while listening to dad asking for gas at gas stations: bleifrei, bitte! :) The photo also makes me remember all the trips me and my dad made just because. We would take the car and just go...go where ever for a day. Just driving through the city, country or both. Stopping where we wanted to stop, to buy an ice cream, peek in a cute country store or just to sit by a beautiful lake. To see his eyes through that mirror is like home for me. Just so used to it, it is how it should be, really. So the feelings would be something like: happiness, calmness and something familiar.

måndag 13 augusti 2007

according to me

A person should really: laugh more
I just hate that: I am sick
I have all I need but: some more money would be good
If I could do whatever I wanted I would: travel
I am the happiest when: I create
One day I will: go to USA
When I am really down: I just want to sleep
I feel anxious when: I have to sleep away from home
I am scared that: I will never feel real happiness
I want people: to like me
What I really want to do is: make money on my hobby
I wish: I could work from home
I don´t like people who: think that they have never made a mistake