söndag 31 maj 2009

hello sunshine

hello sunshine, originally uploaded by girlhula.

yup, i am laying outside and have for the past 2 days :) this is heaven...

torsdag 28 maj 2009

sooo tired

maybe it is the weather changes over here, but i am dead tired. so i will just share the layouts and be back with info tomorrow :)

ps. be sure to check out the designer gallery at studio calico. yummo!

tisdag 26 maj 2009

my life in flowers :)

lately i have spend most of my free time in my garden. if not anywhere else, it shows on my cameras memory card :)

tomorrow it is going to be raining, so i am planning to scrap big time :)

lördag 23 maj 2009

here comes the sun!

i am so going to use this as inspiration! i found it through poppytalk.com

silly sally

sally (our cat) might possibly be the strangest cat i have known. i guess since she was found outside in a bad shape as a kitten anything might have happened to her before that. don´t get me wrong, we love her dearly and she is a delight to be around, she just does a bit odd things :) this is just a collection of her sleeping arrangements :)

she and dixon are really the best of friends and that is so cool. ofcourse she is in the scrapbooks too.

gone fishing!

i wish i was going here. but my moms house is just fine! i have set up a few posts so that i can keep you entertained while i am gone :)

fredag 22 maj 2009

rhubarb pie and lemonade!

here is what i am up to today!
i think you can click on the images for a bigger look!

i usually make about 3 pie at the time and then i put them in the freezer for a lovely suprise in cold november :)

torsdag 21 maj 2009

more dandelions and a hybrid

i guess i am a hybrid scrapper. i often use my computer to either for journaling or to print elements. for this next one i did use my computer...

the story: well, just my love for these flowers...

the goods: first i made my 6*4 photo into a polaroid using my poladroid tool on my computer and printed it. checked where i wanted it on my background and then put the background paper in my printer. for my title (maskrosor)i used the font called Hawaii lover that i downloade for free. the journaling is another free dowload called pussycat snickers.
printed it all out and added the photo with some masking tape that i thought matched the feeling of the layout. a ribbon, butterflies and a scenic route tag and it was all done!

the story: the easiest way to jazz up any meal: fresh veggies and fruit :)

the goods: well prima flowers and some scrap patterned paper and a butterfly :)

ps. i have to share these thrifty decorating links! first a home filled with fleamarket stuff ♥ and next ideas for your fleamarket finds!

onsdag 20 maj 2009

simplest gift idea ever!

hey people here i am going to share she simplest, easiest and quite possibly the sweetest gift idea ever! good eh?! ok, here we go.

i love books, especially childrens books. so, i have bought a few of my favorites and will be able to get out about like 10 or 15 gifts out of it! isn´t that good in our economic disaster of a world!

first, i want to say that i don´t especially love to be cutting into any book, but as i know that this one is not a first edition or anything i feel more ok. i simply trace around the glass of a frame or a picture that i want to frame and cut it out.

frame. gift wrap. repeat if needed. done! voila! i have done this plenty of times and it is a hit every time. among others i framed 3 images from a book and then gave them as a joint gift with the acctual book.

there you go!

ps. have you seen the new my minds eye lines? wow!

måndag 18 maj 2009

i ♥ dandellions :)

dear friends, i am so sorry that i have been away from the blog alot lately, but things have come in the way of writing and posting here. i have been online but more with a held back mode. i have been seeking inspiration, loveliness and good stuff everywhere and these photos and the memory makes me very happy. on our way back home from school and work last week i spotted this lovely dandelion field and bribed my daughter to have a mini photo shoot right away. well, as you see she agreed :)

dixon and sadie came along and had a wonderful time with us. i tried to rake some photos of my daughter and dixon...

but i guess sadie felt left out :)

i love this! i think it seems like she is flying :)

is was a wonderful break and it all made me feel really good!

this is it for right now but i have a few posts set up for the next cuple of days!

fredag 15 maj 2009

my current random wish list :)

♥ these lovely glasses from anthropologie

lovely bedding

and i want to lay here :)

♥ i might just need this hat while gardening :)

♥ well not only do i wish for every one of these throws, but i think i need a sleeping porch!

happy bingo cards

♥ a lovely handmade little thing, right!

♥ oh, how i adore this clutch!

♥ lovely tray from indiska.

this might be good.

hm...i might be back :)

söndag 10 maj 2009

getting crafty in no praticular order...

an apron in the making :)

Last June we made some rhubarb leafs in cement and i decided to try to make some more. so now they lay there in the dirt and getting ready :)

i got out some scrap yarn and crochet this clutch bag :) i think it is so cute and i already know exactly what i am going to wear with it :)

i have also been so inspired to make a blanket with these lovely squares! i just googled for instructions and it wasn´t all that difficult really :)

Anna made a lovely blanket!

i realize this is a very longterm project, but i am happy that i can leave it and just pick it up when i am ready to.

some scraps ( i will be back with more info)

these color combos will be part in an upcoming project :) and they make me happy!

and finally a birthday present for one of my daughters girlfriends that is having a birthday party this weekend :)

lördag 9 maj 2009

a little love from the scrapbooking community :)

my layout was picked as a feature on the 2peas site! it made me so happy! it is one of my favorite layouts i have made :)

´ll be back tomorrow with some more crafting!