måndag 30 juni 2008

stone project

So, even in my blogger profile i have listed that i am a stone collector. i have picked and collected stones since forever. i have stones from everywhere i have ever been. hungary, serbia, turkey, germany, france etc. i even have pices of the berlin wall. stones has a special meaning in my life without me noticing it really. it has just happened over the years. at my home we have a huge old glass jar filled with my collection. from time to time i pick every single one of them out of the jar and feel them. they are soft and edgy, some are both. this fascination of stones has rubbed of on my daughter. now we both have heavy pockets after a walk on the beach :) i like the stones just as they are, but one day i decided to make something fun with them. i went to the beach and picked some stones more for their shapes than that they stood out to me. when i came home i painted them a few in a green shade and some in a blue shade. i let them dry over night and then just finished them of the next day.

by that evening they were all dry and ready to be "flowerpot monsters" :) i painted white eyes and added a black pupill.

this is them resting before i tested them out in the flower pots :)

they are just a fun thing to add for a flower gift to the hostess or a fun adding to the kids windowshelf. i am going to sell them during my daughters and my garage sale next week!

they make me happy :)

monday mosaic

i am gone for the beginning of this week, so i am just leaving you with my current flickr favorites!

1. morning art, 2. big bite!, 3. Smooth, 4. Untitled, 5. sometimes, a hug is all what we need, 6. sleeping cat, 7. Bicycle Ride: f1.4, 8. SmILe, 9. Small, 10. hello?, 11. Rainbow Mandala, 12. Waldorf Stars, 13. ACEO Available - Fire in the Sky - Hands-on Tactile Art for a Child to Play With, 14. DSC_0079, 15. Intimacy, 16. my feet fetish!, 17. v-day series...., 18. ., 19. Art in All of Us-CON-_D200820, 20. 42 / 52: Fear, 21. 45 / 52: Just Be!, 22. family feet, 23. LEAP, 24. 7 may, 25. 7/365: story of..., 26. 3/365: i wish..., 27. 12/365: goodbye..., 28. 39/365: u r beautiful..., 29. Untitled, 30. ., 31. ., 32. Untitled, 33. painting a table runner with grandpa early in the am., 34. from our garden!, 35. A cheeseburger in the making., 36. dudes, I got a bike

torsdag 26 juni 2008

the craftiness continues

So, one day i just felt like sewing something. Now, let me just take a minute to tell you that i am so bad at everything sewing :) I especially have no patience and when i sew you need to have patience! I decided to make an atempt to make a mat that i can carry with me on my walks. To sit on or lay for that matter if the moment inclines. Anyway, i have a stash of fabric scraps of different sizes and patterns. I also happened to have some wadding home. So, i picked 2 fabrics out and my sewing machine. Poor thing must think i hate it :) i cut the 2 fabrics into 4 squares 48x48cm. Then i made a little patchworking (thanks mom for that!) i stitched every square together and ironed the seems to prevent chunkiness.

I then picked out a plain green fabric for the backside and sewed 3 sides together. Before i turn everything right i stitch the wadding onto one short end.

When i turned everything out i "pointed" out the corners and cut a little bit of fabric that was "over" :) Yep, my mesurements are not very good either. I folded the edges and since my intention was to be able to roll the whole thing up while i carry it, i picked out some green ribbon and pinned them to the edges too.

Then all that was left was to sew that last edge and voila! The end!

I know, i know it is not rocket science and i am a poor tutorial writer, but at least i am proud of myself!

And Dixon? Well, see for yourself!

onsdag 25 juni 2008

we are a creative family :)

If you still haven´t bought a copy of Amanda Soules book "The creative family" (for swedish readers, they have it on adlibris.se!) you really should do that right now. There are so many thoughful and fun things to do with your children in there. However this little project was not found in that book. I have wanted to try concrete prints for a long time, but never really jumped on it. So, in the beginning of the month me and my daughter picked a few large rhubarb leaves and went to the schools sandbox and made a few of these.

Isn´t it just lovely?! I love all the lines that came out so very clear and yummy. I have this leaf in my front garden as an ornament. We have used all kinds of leaves for this, even made a bowl out of a smaller leaf which we use to collect our stones we pick while at the beach!

Wanna try? Ok!

You will need:

sand (if you have a sandbox it is perfect or even a beach.)
fine concrete (we used left overs from a home renovating project)
water and a bucket
a rhubarb leaf :)
a piece of plastic (like a bag or so)

So, first you make yourself a great pile of sand. The higher the pile gets the deeper the product will be. Then place your leaf over the pile of sand. Now mix your concrete, make sure it is not to rinny! And put the concrete over the leaf. Water it slightly and put the plastic over the whole thing, maybe using a rock or two to hold it there. Now it will have to "burn" for a day or so.

If there is any questions about this please leave a comment here or email me (lisa.mrs@gmail.com) and i will try to explain better :)

tisdag 24 juni 2008

i scrapbooked :)

Monday was my first day of three weeks vacation. What did i do? Scrapbooked!

Is this craft related enough for ya´?! :)

ok ok

...so i guess i do have a few readers after all! :) that makes me happy! I mean i love to write on this blog just for myself, but i guess the thing about an online journal is that you want to share what you write with others.

Ok, we´ll go for another poll. Since you do read this, what would you like to see here? Take the poll and i´ll be on a walk :)

måndag 23 juni 2008

ok a poll

I am just curious about how many that really read this blog these days. i have seen that the number of comments have dropped and that is maybe because you all are like me = to lazy to comment :) So now for 2 days i will not blog and just see how the poll turns out.

Have a wonderful day! Oh and when you have voted here to the right, go try out these stunts :)

lördag 21 juni 2008

making books

making books, originally uploaded by lisafisa.

i have some new items in the etsy shop. i have made some recycled art journals using pages from a butterfly book and an old copy of Winnie the Pooh. The journals also include notepaper. They are bind together with a spiral which can be opened if you want to add pages/photos or re-arrange the pages. It was so much fun making these. Now come visit:


slow saturday + list

Oh how i hate slow saturdays...really i don´t but i am bored right now :) the weather is yuck and nothing is on TV either. So, i thought that i´d come online and see whats new :)
Yesterday i took my family with me to meet the famous calves! And as I thought, my daughter is like the "cow-whisperer" I swear she has a special way with all animals. It was so fun to see that my family enjoyed meeting the calves as much as me and Dixon did the other morning. And just really how many people can have their hands licked by a calf any day?! We were really on our way to celebrate Midsummer down at the beach with a picknick, which was lovely by the way.

An other thing that amazes me and my husband is how cool our daughter and Dixon has already bonded. They love to play together and Dixon follows her around all the time. I truly belive that every dog needs a child and every child needs a dog. They get so much out of eachother!

I have been struggling with my journaling that i made a commitment to on New Years. The words just don´t want to come out...so i made a little list over a week or so about the things i really want to remember right now. And made it into a layout.

To get further inspiration I went to the Moleskine website which is always interesting. I checked out their user gallery and found a ton of cool stuff. And you can see a whole lot of yumminess here as they show an online Detour Exhibition. And their product catalog is good too! I had the Watercolor one but I might have lost it...

Ok, here is a inspo/cool things list for you:

Donna Downey has a really nice little shop.

Jennifer Johner made an awesome bulletin boards here.

And Kate just inspire me in so many ways.

Kal Barteski is such an amazingly talented artist!

Mandi has such a cool style :)

A really cool flickr group.

Ok, have a great weekend!

torsdag 19 juni 2008

layouts layouts layouts!

Ok, a post just with my latest layouts :) enjoy!

i love this mushy photo of us :)

How can you be anything else but happy about this?

haha Dixon seriously think that he is a chihuaua or something :)

i love when we celebrate that the school is out for the summer.

the other day we had the best rain ever. i went out took some photos and just embraced the waterdrops on my face :)

A card for a co-worker who turns 50 soon.

i love this photo. 2 new buddies and my dogs :)

onsdag 18 juni 2008

a lot can happen on a 7 am walk...

As i am the last to walk out the door for work everyday, i take the dogs on their morning walk. We usually end up on a beach somewhere and today was no exception. But to get there we had to walk past a greenery full of calves :) Yup! So, as we walk up to it the calves just peek at us and one runs up to the fence. Dixon is playing all cool and blows him self up :) So the calf stands there and Dixon on the other side and all is fine...

Well, meet baby calf´s friends :)

Yup! Scared the s*** out of Dixon :) Haha...you can´t tell out of the photo but he had like a 35 calves entourage :)

I was laughing so hard. It sure woke me up :) I thought they were cute though!

I used a fake "through the view finder" thingy here. I think it looks cool :)

I am starting my vacation on friday and I am so sad about the yoga class being cancelled...I was so looking forward to a whole week of just yoga...Ok, so i decided to try to take some alone time anyway...i am starting out reading the SLOW book again...i sure helps me relax! And Amanda Soule recommended the book "I love dirt" so i got that too, she has good book taste :)

Then i hope to do alot of walking in the forest and see sights like this...

Well, i am going to leave it at that while i go on to whatch more of Jeff Dunham on youtube :)

måndag 16 juni 2008

etsy love

So, if you all remember back in the day I opened an etsy. Then after about 15 sales of my own papers I let the shop rest. Now, i have been inspired to re-open it again. To begin with I have made handmade notebooks/minis that I have listed already in the shop. I want the products to be real simple and not finished, if that makes any sense. I mean that if you buy anything from the shop i want you to make it yours. The minis are just a canvas that can be turned into what ever you want it to be. I have used the minis for all kinds of things...for Valentines this year I made them into love books. As I said I am beginning with the notebooks/minis but I intend to make more things similar in the very near future. Oh, can´t you be so kind to leave a comment on what you would like to see in the shop! That would be fun!

Sunday there was a lovely summer rain...and it made me so insanly happy :) I walked out in the garden and just embraces the waterdrops falling on my face. It smelled so nice and felt wonderful! I even set up a set of photos of rain in my flickr gallery :) As I live in Sweden and anyone else that lived here last summer know that you have to learn to like the rain in the summertime :)

Hope that you all have a wonderful monday!