söndag 17 oktober 2010

scrapbook sunday

i scrapped up a storm yesterday! i love spending my saturday nights in my scraproom creating while my daughter messes on the computer and listening to disney channel produced popmusic :)

i haven´t made a scrapbook page about the actual day we had to say good bye to sadie, but this is a photo i took after we had buried her in the backyard and i thought about the fact that we now have 3 loved once in a row...

one more about the fact that we miss her somuch everyday. but that i am so grateful that we have so many good memories in us from times with her.
when i pulled out the patterned paper i had forgot about the circles that i had previously punched out from it :) but i worked around them! i punched out 2 more and used the punchouts to make an illusion that it was meant to be :) it worked, yes?

this note to self is so overdue! i need to actually LIVE life, not just document it. i need to be in it and experience it!
I love that i have a photosavvy daughter :)

and clearly i love that she loves me :)

next week i am about to post a bunch a small and easy projects that i have made the last few weeks! oh, joy!

have a wonderful sunday!

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