måndag 18 oktober 2010

felted balls

when i saw this photo on tumblr i instantly thought: hey, i can do that! which i often do :)
so i went online and found a few felting tips and decided to use the good old hot water and soap way of doing felting. there are more ways, like boiling or using your washing machine and i am going to try that too some day.

i sat in my craftroom with the paperclipping roundtable in the background and soap everywhere!
i shaped the balls by rolling them in between my hands and it almost became like meditation. 
i am surely doing this again!

instead of making a square, i  used some thread and a needle to make like a necklace. i made one smaller and one a little larger.

now, i didn´t have the energy to get out in the kitchen to get a pot, so this glass jar shows how you can use the "necklace" as a potholder :)

i am sure there will be some of these wrapped up for christmas :)

note: i just saw this and when i saw it was almost 30 dollars, my husband said: why can´t you sell them?!!


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