tisdag 30 juni 2009


credits carina cardners calender cards, erica hernandez so happy together kit and erica hernandez isabella extras.

crocheting by the pool

action in the pool


the day continued with a lovely thunderstorm that cleared the air abit and did the watering for me tonight :) another lovely summers day.

måndag 29 juni 2009

here but away...

...i am so embracing my summer vacation right now. the weather has been 25 degrees and up for the last week or so and as it seems it will continue :) we have had some lazy days in the back garden and some lovely magic long summer nights. i wish i could bottle it all up so that i don´t ever loose the feeling...

i did however took a day last week to stay in and clean the house and scrap a bit at the same time :)

my daughter sang a solo at her end of the school year ceremony and i had to record it offcourse :)

i started making a few "30 lists" again this past week. here are my 30 things i love about summer...

and i am still working on a layout too...to be continued :)

fredag 26 juni 2009


• i slept in the tent with my daughter this past night and now my back is killing me! and those damn crows had a convention, a loud one, at 5.20 am!

• my coffee tastes so good this morning!

• i am always touched by a big artists death, no less today since i heard the news about michael jackson.

• it seems to be a wonderful day today!

• i am so happy that i stayed inside for a few hours yesterday to clean the house!

• i am looking forward to the huge yard sale i am going to tomorrow!

• we are planning my daughters 10th birthday party, i suggested a girls night, to what my daughter replied ALL girls??? mom, it is more fun if the boys are there too! :)

• my peonies are so beautiful right now!

• i´d really would like a brown pair of crocs...

tisdag 23 juni 2009

travel from home: montmartre

i am currently listening to Joanne Harris book the lollipop shoes and she describes montmartre in suh an amazing way that i just long to be there.

montmartre is a part of paris and were a village back in the days. it is on a 130 meter hill. its most famous building is the sacré coeur

but i am more intriged by the narrow streets...

photo from here

i would love to have dinner here...

photo from here

i would stop by rue de saules and visit the Galerie Butte

photo from here

i might even put a shirt on and sit here for awhile

my breakfast spot!

shop for fruit here

photo from here

well this is a must :)

i would most probably sit down for one of these :)

photo from here

most of all i would love to feel the feeling of creativity and magic i just know is there!

go here and just watch...

and i am just certain that amelie would be my bff :)


essentials, originally uploaded by lisafisa.

i have spend yet another day in the garden, sun and loveliness! i took this photo to show my essentials :)

♥ coffee
♥ moleskine notebook for emergency brilliant ideas :)
♥ scrap yarn
♥ a new crochet project

also i almost always have something in my ears, like a audio book or the radio :)

tomorrow my poor skin has a day off from tanning as we are making our way into the city for some shopping and errands. i will be back with a more interesting post very soon!

lördag 20 juni 2009

making hoops

a wonderful lazy saturday at my house today. we were out in the garden all day reading sleeping and talking. i did make some hoops today too :)

a prefect outdoor project if you ask me :)
yesterday the scrapfest continued too...

the story: "a photo i never took" we were out by this lovely lake just when the sun was setting and it was extraordinary beautiful...didn´t have my camera but i picked a water lily that i took a photo of when i got home.

the goods: not many goods really :)

super simple just to remember when and where...

i feel maybe an album idea is coming on...i have all these shots of flowers...i looked up the latin name for liliacs and just did a little own journaling...we´ll see how it all progress...

and you? what did you do today?

fredag 19 juni 2009

i have no title :)

the story:my twin neices are in such a lovely age (1.5) now and they love to jump on that trampoline :)

the goods: the background paper is from a amy butler paper pack, i used masking tape to attach the photos, the tag is from my minds eye and the jun tag is from a digital kit that i bought on 2peas. the swirl is from a mini album kit from craft lover. the orange journaling tag is from a free pdf download from the container store!

the story:simple really all i had to do was to get all these 4 in the same photo...

the goods: the dotted paper is from a kit i bought a while ago and still can´t remember who made :) the sticker letters are from basic grey

ok, back to scrapping!

torsdag 18 juni 2009

vacation recap

spa ♥

with my sis

lazy day picnics

natural love = art

paradise on earth

lots of playing around

cute lovely chubby baby legs

new crocs :)


and now i am scrapping away so i will be back later with that!

onsdag 17 juni 2009


hi there all! i am still on vacation but i miss blogging :) i forgot my camera cord at home so i have no photos to share yet, but i will be back home tomorrow afternoon. i can´t wait until i can start scrapbooking all the photos i have taken.
so far on this mini vacation i have:

eaten way to much of everything!
petted lots of dogs...and a cat too!
rolled my eyes
learned more about swedish history
reading my bloglines
eaten some more
swimmed in a lake
trying to get a groups shot with one 9 year old, one 3 year old and two 1 year olds
gone one a ferry ride
picked flowers
been to IKEA

and lots more i am sure :)

i can´t wait to get home tomorrow. don´t get me wrong, i love a good vacation but home is always home :)

lördag 13 juni 2009


Hi everyone!

i have had a lovely day this first day of summer vacation:

♥ hugged lots
♥ laughed with my neices and nephew
♥ i took a nap :)
♥ had icecream
♥i took a hot bath
♥ shopped
♥ bugged my daugter (she is in an annoying fase :=))
♥ bought awesome new crocs ♥
♥ learned how to use spotify :)
♥ did not take one photo :( i´ll be better tomorrow :)
♥ now i am roaming the internet and just relaxing

how is that for day one of vacation :)

fredag 12 juni 2009

i´ll be back soon!

night walk, originally uploaded by lisafisa.

ah, summer vacation has begun! we are leaving to celebrate my grandmothers 80th birthday in Gothenburg tonight and will be gone until thursday. i think i might be able to check in once in a while, but otherwise i´ll be back next week!

have a lovely weekend!

tisdag 9 juni 2009

just a quick share

i only have a minute for a quick share. i am in the middle of getting the house ready for a mom visit tomorrow :)

söndag 7 juni 2009

do male dogs nest?

well, ours might do. i found dixon in sadies bed and even the cats bed the other day :)

yup a scrapbook page is coming up :)

fredag 5 juni 2009

project runway ala my livingroom

well as my facebook update said earlier today; my livingroom looks like a workroom on project runway! the daughter is still sick and we were both bored, so we took out the sewing machine and all our scrap fabric and we have been creating ever since.

my daughter sewed a collection of clothes for her maisie mouse including a swim suite :)

those of you that know me know that i am not very good at sewing. my sewing adventures often include alot of luck and erhm one or two bad words...

i started out making a sun dress for my daughter. this was the first time i was trying out stretch bands. so this is a super duper simple no sleeves dress but she likes it :)

then something took over and i dug out the purple linnen that i had. and i totally and with no pattern at all made this dress for her!

i have finished the straps and altered here and there after this photo.

it is not at all well done but i am so damn proud of myself! now i am off to email mom :)