fredag 11 mars 2011

i almost never do this...

i am not that interested in the newest fashion really. i go for cute and comfortable. but i just wanted to show you a few things i picked up yesterday, a few things i still think about and some inspiration.

i am loving those jeans and that yellow top i picked up yesterday! and there are quite a few items that are still are on my mind for spring.  

these are just things that caught my eye while in h&m.

and i bought this deep purple dress for a more formal event i am attending in june. i first saw it when it hit stores last october as the stores Pink collection. it was a bit pricey for me them, but i spotted only one on the sales rack after my birthday and after using a giftcard i got i only paid about 10 dollars for it :)
it is very forgiving with the stripes in the fabric. i am pondering wearing my new purple converse with it, but i guess i have to go for a more dressy version :)

now that i think about it, i might try my hands on something crafty inspired by the colors here...

do you get inspired by fashion?

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