torsdag 25 november 2010

i am here!

I am sitting here watching national treasure in herndon, VA and life is swell! yesterday was a day full of first for me. michaels for one, i have never been in one before and i was amazed by all the goodies that store is filled with! oh, my! we strolled there for a good hour and a half :) and i did some good shopping too.
Then we hopped on the metro to take us to washington dc and there are soooo many things to see there! we started with a good lunch at the hard rock cafe' right next to the fbi building which was so funny to me! i mean i have seen all these things in movies and tv shows all my life and to see that they are really here is so astounding to me!

we then went to just a fraction of a fraction of all the things you can see here and it was very interesting. i loved the first ladies dresses at the american history museum! there are amazing! and the house they built up and julia childs kitchen that they moved to the museum.

today i am celebration my very first thanksgiving with the sweet people around me. the turkey is underway and we are relaxing with a movie between the parade and all. its a good day.

3 kommentarer:

  1. It is so cool to read how excited you are to see things here in the US as we would be to see things in your country. I am thrilled that you got to visit a Michael's, wasn't that fun! Do you have any room for clothes in your suitcase now?

  2. i guess i need to wear all my clothes on the planeride home :)