torsdag 15 juli 2010


meet my friend, linda!
we have known eachother since our kids were born 11 years ago.
linda introduced me to scrapbooking :)
she has always been the most positive person i have ever known. she was a single mom to her boy for many years, but didn´t let that stop her from nothing. they took cool roadtrips and vacations together all the time!
since then she has met a new love and given birth to another son, who is now soon to be a spicy 2 year old :)
last year when she was pregnant with her third son, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breastcancer. the doctors wanted to start her treatment as soon as possible, so they preformed a c-section to get baby E out in safety from the toxics in the cemo.
linda has since then been through so many horrible treatments, sideeffects and "cancer-life" in general. but as before, it seems like this is not slowing her down much either. she stays busy with life and 2 small kids, a new house, pets and ofcourse her big boy too.
i am in awe when i see her strength!
yesterday, i went with her to the hospital where they preformed a kind of lumbal punction, but instead of spinal fluid they took out a small piece if her bone to see if there are metastases there, which was horrible for linda. i kept her company and we laughed at our spot at the end of the hall. i am so happy that i could make her laugh and have a feeling of not being that bored lying in a bed the whole day in the heat.
linda is getting married in august! i know, that is just awesome! i gave her some hair decorations to try on while we were waiting. it looked amazing on her almost hairless head :)

i am so happy to call her my friend!
linda, we are all rooting for you!

2 kommentarer:

  1. What an amazing story! And what a great friend you are to be by her side. :)

  2. Vet du vad?! Jag är så glad över att ha dig som vän! :-) Tack snälla gulliga du för sällskapet på sjukhuset i tisdags. Hoppas vi kan ses snart igen! Kramar i massor! /Linda