tisdag 1 mars 2011

virtual coffee

welcome to this weeks virtual coffee!
if we were to meet for real today, i would naturally begin to tell you that the black little dog jumping up on your leg is Melvin our new family member :)

after some weeks of thinking we might want another dog to keep Dixon company and for us to pour our love on :)
the opportunity to meet Melvin showed itself early saturday morning and by lunch we were on our way to Stockholm to meet him. we all hit it of really well from the first second.

if we were really meeting for coffee today, I would tell you that we fell in love with him right away.

if we were meeting up for real today, I would tell you that we had a wonderful time with my sister and brother-in-law when we stayed the night at their place. they live a few miles from where Melvin lived so we stayed close in case they´d call us and say that they ok´d us taking him home ;)
 and they did!

if we were to meet for real today, I would tell you that I am feeling a bit blue. winter blues I guess. I have been seeing blogposts about it everywhere lately. I am ok, but just don´t have the energy to actually do all the things on my to-do list :(

if we were to meet for real today, I would tell you I love you. we seldom do, right?! I am so happy that you all stop by, leave a comment or two ♥

12 kommentarer:

  1. hi from the english countryside where today we have sun...yep real live sun!!
    no heat of course...but sunshine....

    melvin is just TOO CUTE!!

    lovely to meet you for virtual coffee thanks to amy...

    melissa x

  2. Good morning! Nice to meet you. Lovely photos and cute puppy!

  3. it was fun having coffee with you today! I am new to virtual coffee so it is fun reading and learning about some of you! Love your blog! :) we both have some poloriod tabs on our blog so already I feel like we have something in common :) Your new dog melvin is adorable. I totally get the whole winter depression thing. I used to get it when I lived in Indiana where it snowed 6 months of the year. It's a read thing! Hope it gets better for you and that spring will find you soon! Have a great week!

  4. thanks for meeting up for coffee! i too dislike winter. but i DO like your blog. it is adorable. and i love dogs. i have a sleepy little dachshund by my side right now. he's been a good friend for 13 years! many to you and your puppy.

  5. Melvin is so pretty! What beautiful black fur! And that face is absolutely smoochable!

    I know, the winter blues seem to be extra forceful this year. But, it is March--a silver lining is visible!

  6. hello
    when i was a child, my grand father had exactely the same dog than Melvin! It was funny to discover his photos an your blog : it was like i was 30 years younger ;)
    His name was "Gavotte" (a very old french dance : he was jumping all the day as if he was dancing!)and he was very cool! Your Melvin is really adorable!

  7. Melvin is adorable...ugh...this makes me want a dog so bad.

    I digress and I sympathize with feeling the blues. Unfortunately it's this time of year, and in an attempt be optimistic we are almost to spring. So crack a little smile and know that soon the sun with shine more than not and the birds will be serenading you each morning.

  8. um, Melvin is ADORABLE!

    no winter blues here in hot, sunny Africa. i actually told my husband today that i wish it would cool off enough for me to wear a sweater... ha. hope you find a way to beat yours soon!

    love that flower picture.

    thanks for sharing coffee! :)

  9. the puppy is adorable! the winter blues are going around. i always find that getting a little sunshine or fresh flowers helps me. stopping by from virtual coffee. i host tea on tuesdays; please join us sometime!

  10. Oh Melvin is so cute! I love his little face! What a doll.

    I'm sorry you're feeling blue. Maybe some rejuvenation is in order? A little pampering (spa, good food, chick flicks?) Then again, sometimes I don't mind feeling a little melancholy every now and again.

    Anyway, thanks for the coffee and I hope you find some good cheer soon! In the meantime, cuddle Melvin. :)

  11. Melvin is so so adorable! I love his little grey patch under his chin :) What a nice addition for your family :)

    Glad you enjoyed the visit to your family... I'm stopping by from virtual coffee and can't wait to catch up again next week!


  12. that really is a cute dog, what a fun addition to your family! oh the winter blues have really been rough this year...spring is just 20 days away though...hang i there! oh and i just love that room with the old wallpaper and rita hayworth poster...swoon! : )