torsdag 10 mars 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks: week 10 roundup + new prompt

our week 10 prompt was: wrinkle. i posted a few great examples of some of my contacts photos of wrinkles to the flickr group discussion. i loved them! and my,  oh my i loved your contributions also!

my husband is not the one to be in photos just like that. although he has gotten better, i guess since he has understood that this photography thing of mine is going to be a long term thing :)

i have always loved his wrinkles around his eyes. when he smiles they come out and it makes me so happy!


i have a question for you:

what are your thoughts so far on our adventure? please share your up and down things either in this post or send me an email (lisa.mrs[at]
it can be about the prompts or the uploading process or just anything you would like to share!

the prompt for week 11 will be: room

your favorite room?
how you make room in your life for something you love?
rooms that mean something to you?
internet "rooms"?

4 kommentarer:

  1. So far, I like the variety of prompts. A couple were more difficult for me - the city one since I really don't live in a city. I like that they make me think out of the box sometimes. I have no problem with uploading my photos. And I love looking at others' photos for their take on the prompt and for their actual photo as I'm trying to improve my composition, lighting and subject. Thanks for hosting this.

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying trying to find the perfect picture to take every week for this little journey. I really have been LOVING the prompts and the loading process is very easy. I love looking through the gallery seeing what everyone else has captured and love leaving them "comment" love on their photos. Thank you again for starting this.

  3. I'm having a great time with this project. It forces me to take time every week to really think about what I'm shooting and pushing me to be more creative in my photography.
    Sometimes I think I might over think the prompt, but then I just stop thinking and it seems to happen on its own.
    Thanks for the note on my blog today - I love "happy thoughts" that people leave......and thank you for coordinating this fun challenge!

  4. I just found this project today, so I will be participating in this week's prompt.

    Very excited!