lördag 12 mars 2011

wood&stool inspired!

i totally forgot that i hadn´t shared this with you :)

are you familiar with  wood&stool?
well, it is a dutch based little company that does (among other things) very cool wooden stools and those cool wood christmas trees, did you see them?

ok, so they had me there really! but then i saw these scrap wooden signs and i just fell in love!

and even though i think you should totally buy some from the company! i thought maybe i could whip some up myself!

we had all sorts of scrap wood laying around and some pieces were painted in different colors others were left bare. then i used my alpha stamps to stamp my messages.

the signs are now put in little nooks in my home for our viewing pleasure :)
i´ll have to take some pictures of that too!

oh, and you know what is their newest product? yup, granny square garlands


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  1. LOVE the Free Hugs one!!!! This is such and easy but beautiful idea! I might have to get the alpha stamps and paints out too! :D