onsdag 2 mars 2011

ok some scrapbooking

thank you all for your well wishes on my last post. my husband is home safe on the couch resting. i keep peeking in just to see him ♥

before i went to the States this past november, i had imagined the typical american street. i had seen them in movies and on TV all my life, so it felt like i had already been there. and the funny thing was that what you see in the movies is just right! the trees on the sides, the lawns infront of the houses...
i can cross this of my bucketlist!
i used Karen G´s free journaling card download for the "on my list" thing.

i loved my tourguides! Ali Edwards today template and MM´s different embellishments. and i had some fun with the title :)

it has been crazy cold this winter, but i do like how the lake looks like right now :)

the title of this one says: impressed. that is what i am of my sister that has 3 small kids under the age if 5. she was so calm when we went to the pool the other month. the kids were also very good in the water just bobbing around :)

these are just a few of my newly finished pages, more to come!

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