onsdag 16 mars 2011

granny square love!

i started making granny squares a few weeks ago. i bought some new yarn recently and i just new i wanted to make some rainbow squares. so it started...

and the pile grew quite fast. they are not all that big and i make them in the evening infront of the tv so i made them during 2 nights. 

a granny square garland it is! yummy too!

i´ll be back tomorrow (thursday) with my take on this weeks 52 photos in 52 weeks project

peace and love 

4 kommentarer:

  1. underbart!
    min mormor håller på och virkar en bebisfilt till lilla bebisen nu. jag har beställt mormorsrutor :)

  2. very cute and quite creative. glad I happened upon your blog

  3. i absolutely love your granny squares! and the granny square garland is perfect for spring, looks like a rainbow. have a wonderful weekend!