lördag 5 mars 2011

updating on layouts

this week has been Celeste Smiths blogging week at WriteClickScrapbook and i have created a few layouts for her. this one below was an ad challenge. you can see more about it in this post!

the ad
my layout

i know that my daughter is greenish, but it is the Poladroid effect :)

the next challenge was to use a pagemap or template. you could either go digital or paper. i did paper. here is the sketch.


and my layout! i loved how the polaroid photos fitted the sketch :)
and i am so happy with how it turned out!

now, there has been a new gallery on WriteClickScrapbook since march first and i havn´t shared my featured project! the themethis month was to make something that you have been putting up, procrastinate no more :)  here is my project...

We have been living here on our little island for 9 years now. And apart from our actual house, it is the thing that is not in my scrapbooks. I mean this is where we spend most of our time, here on the island, but I have not recorded it once. Shame on me! I love that this month's theme pushed me into making this minibook about our favourite places on the island.

I already had some of the photos printed for something else, and the size of them made me decide to make a mini instead of a big layout!

ok, so now i am up to date with my layouts!

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