lördag 26 mars 2011


this post is inspired by amy´s one the other day! 

i...have had a crazy busy week! so many things that i had to get done and appointments to attend. i am so happy that the weekend finally came already!

i...am so happy to catch a quick break at our favorite coffee shop just me and her ♥

i...am itching to get some crafts on this weekend! 

i...love to wake up on a saturday and see the sunshine

i...bought some yellow leg warmers and tights yesterday and they make me so giddy!

i...(much like amy) am dying for a datenight!

i...have washed all our winter hats and mittens, so if mother nature wants to put away winter, i am ready!

i...loved my scrap session with the kids at church this week. they are so creative!

i...booked my first photoshoot for the season!

i...worked my butt off at work this week

i...am so happy for my friend Emma who delivired her second daughter with the help of her husband on their bathroom floor last week! welcome baby D!

i...have been so inspired and getting so much energy from the beautiful weather we have had lately!

i...am going to wash our windows today!

i...am going to do 2 spin classes for a great cause very soon!

i...hope that you all have a great saturday!

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