fredag 4 mars 2011


ok, are you ready for some more scrapbooking?! it´s so strange because i tend to get so many more comments on my other blog posts and then when i post about scrapbooking you all don´t leave any love :(

anywho! let´s start with that cutie that is melvin! this is his first layout in our albums. the story behind how he came to live with us is hidden behind the photo that is adhered to a filefolder kinda.

ofcourse i had to scrapbook the lovely birthday that i had this year :)
i have used some of ali edwards outlined digital stamps on the top of this photo. i am still learning this so i have been playing alot with them.

my daughter took that photo of me on my 32nd birthday. i just jotted down how weird it is that i now put the number 32 behind my name :=)
and yeah, i just love that kraft paper!

she wanted a hand photo too :)
i wrote a bit of what she is all about right now. and oh how i love this format!
again i used some digital brushes at the edge on the photo. hence the title.

i LOVE this page!
 previous layouts of my husband always seemed so pushed and not real.
this one is all of that!
digital brush is ali edwards and i used my typewriter on almost all of these layouts!

2 kommentarer:

  1. IADORE your scrapbooking posts!!! And I should have told you so. I attempted scrapbooking a while ago and 'your style' is the style I was always drawn to.

    I love your scrapbook pages. You're recording so many wonderful memories for yourself and your family.

    And I'm going to make it a point to tell you so from now on!!! :)

  2. I love your scrap pages!!!
    I love that you are always recording a story/memory and I love your simple style...I struggle to use embellishments but you do it beautifully while still maintaining a simple style!
    Please keep sharing them with us :)