torsdag 3 mars 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks: week 9 roundup and new prompt

Hi there!
I am just popping real quick to share my photo for the week. As you know our prompt was: street.
I have had so much fun looking throught the photos in the flickr group this week! I feel like I know a bit more about you all seeing your streets :)

Our house sits next to the tiniest intersection you can ever imagien :) and the east street is only used by one family so kids are always play there! during the summer the street is full with chalk paintings or water puddles!
This week I love the sight of ice and snow melting in our street :)

The prompt for week 10 of our adventure is:
How´s that for a fun theme!

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  1. hope your husband is getting better...

    i always love seeing what photos you've captured, they're always so creative!