tisdag 10 augusti 2010

ok, so here´s the deal

note: before you read this post you should know that i will talk very frankly about parts of my body!

i know a few of you was worried about my last post. i am too worried. one day last week i woke up with redness on my breast. i thought it was very strange since i don´t remember being hurt or having a mosquito bite. during a few days after that i did several self breast exams i also asked my husband to feel if there were any lumps in there.
i don´t think i have ever felt my breasts so much as i have done the last couple of days :)

anyway, we did find something there. i am a little bit soar and tender, so we decided to call the doctors office first thing monday morning. they said that it was best to come in right away, since the worry itself can be very stressful (yes, please!).
so monday afternoon we went there and the doctor also felt the breast and compared the two to see if she felt any difference. since women seldom have exactly equal breasts, she said that she had difficulties feeling what was what.

she was the sweetest doctor! she calmlyexplain that there are a few reasons why this (my symtoms) can happen. there are 3 kinds of benign breast lumps, have i been breastfeeding i could easily be something with the milk, it can be an infection etc.
she could however feel something in there and could also see clearly that i fringed during the exam, she made a call to the oncology clinic where they deal with breast exams all the time. i will get there within 2 weeks and they will then do a mammogram, a ultrasound and then if they find anything abnormal also do a biopsy.  

it felt comforting to talk to a doctor, since we have been alone with our feelings and worries this weekend. so many thoughts go through your head. and since i have Linda whom i think about daily it puts things in perspective.

we, me and my husband, decided to try to not worry to much and wait for the exams at the oncology office. but it does make you think doesn´t it?!

ladies! do your regular self breast exams!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I wish there was some way to speed up time so you didn't have to wait two weeks. I am thinking of you and hoping for you :)

  2. Hoppas du får en tid där snart så att du inte behöver gå och vänta alltför länge. Även om man tänker att man inte ska oroa sig är det väldigt lätt att man gör det ändå!

    Men de allra flesta förändringar i brösten är ofarliga och jag håller tummarna stenhårt för att det är så för dig!!

    Kramar i massor!