torsdag 5 augusti 2010

august scraps are on!

ah, our sally girl! she likes to sleep in strange/different places :) this time it was in the wheelbarrow! 
i just wanted to save the photo and i just picked a number (happen to be 11) as a clue to which place in line this was for her places to rest :) 
i hand sewed the border and crocheted the circle.

just a layout to save the memory of our place at the beach :)
everytime i do make a 6*12 layout i remember how much i love that format! i really do need to do it more often.

i love that photo! i took it during our vacation and the weather was perfect and the mood of everyone was perfect. i just want to take that feeling and bottle it up!
i am not that happy with how i did my journaling, but it will do as i couldn´t come up with any thing else :)

there are more scraps in the making on my table, will share when finished :)

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