söndag 1 augusti 2010

homegrown happiness+ some photo news!

i did this one before i went on vacation, but i don´t think i shared it?!
just a page about the enormous joy i feel when i can just go out in my garden and pick flowers for as many vases i want to!
in the photos  i went for the empty/full feeling ;)

if you live near me you would know that a little while ago i started a small photography buisness. it is only something i am doing in my sparetime and believe me i know i am no professional! but people seem to think i am good at it, so i took the plunge!
it has been so much fun!
my thought is to either meet my clients on location or in their home. as i don´t have room for a studio in my home, i thought that i would just go out there. and photographing kids in their home enviroment makes them so much more real, don´t you think.
i have had requests on family shots at the beach (it was hilarious! a family of 4 kids and the 4 year old just wouldn´t be in the same place as the others!), kids portraits, a high school graduate and i did one wedding last weekend and will do another in a few weeks. here are a few from the wedding, but if you would like to see more you can go to the website and just click your way through the pages.

isn´t that church gorgeous! it is the same church i got married in!

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  1. I hope this comment works, I cannot read Swedish :)

    Congratualtions you have done a great job and what a beautiful church to get married in.

    Well done!