onsdag 4 augusti 2010

my latest DIY

ok, when i saw this in my bloglines i said: hey i can do that! i urge you to ofcourse buy one in the terrific photojojo store if you have not the necessary materials!
but as i have a animal crazy daughter, see the picure below for just a bit of proof on that:

layout made in july 2007

so as we are having a small yardsale at the moment, she had lots of plastic animals for sale in our booth :) i bought a few from her (haha) and my latest DIY was born!

i used a saw to cut the poor dog in half (be careful!).

note: i did not know that magnets don´t meet and attach to each other just anyhow! when i first put them together when i had glued them on the dog, the back part of the dog was crocked!? anyhow, i just picked that magnet of and did it over again!


i am so making these as christmas gifts this year!

note: remember, i did not come up with this idea. i saw it here first!

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