onsdag 18 augusti 2010

odds and ends

this is going to be a random things post of odds and ends. stuff i haven´t shared and such :)

i LOVED to watch my girl catching butterflies the other week. the most i loved her outfit :)

very stylish, eh?!

she did good and caught a few. sally, also loved this game ;)

and how cute is this little guy?! our neighbours found him beside his mom that was killed. they had him for a couple of weeks just to get him going again.

just a couple of shots of the dogs...

i took this above photo this weekend during a forest walk with the dogs and my husband. it was a lovely night and the light over the lake was fantastic. this was also the photo i used in the "nature" challenge for shimelles weekend crop this past weekend.

my necklaces i have made myself :)
the circle has my husbands and daughters names on it.
and it is hard to see in this photo, but there is a plate ontop that says peace and love.
and then i added stuff that i like alot.

ok, that is it my odds and ends for today!

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