tisdag 17 augusti 2010

random life things

yesterday i made a phonecall to the oncologist since i have had more pain in my breast and the redness has spread. i was happy to find out that i got an appointment today.
but, i must say that i am a bit disappointed with the doctor. i am sure that he is one of the best doctors to ecess my sympthoms, but i was in there for a total of 2 minutes and he just said that it wasn´t something to worry about...
but it hurts i said, as to he said well, i think it is because you are worried and stressed about the situation.
what? i really felt like he didn´t understood my pain. and the redness, he said was probably something just on the skin...
i felt like a questionmark when i walked out from there...

my husband said, well look on the bright side; he did say it wasn´t anything to worry about, nothing serious.
but i am not comforted by that actually.

on monday i´ll have a mamogram and another appointment and i hope to have more answers. because i feel that something is up, i feel pain, a lump and the redness is out of the ordinary. maybe it is nothing as serious as cancer, but something is definitely up.

i really feel that i am standing at a crossroad, do you know what i mean?

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  1. ?????????

    What the f*** is that docter thinking? Doesn't he know how uncertain you must feel right now?!
    Hang in there sweetie!

    More mail is coming ;-)