tisdag 24 augusti 2010

2010 summerlist - revisited

so, as summer seems to be over in my part of the world, i thought it would be cool to revisit that summerlist i made in the early days of summer 2010. to refresh your memory here it is again:

1. read lots of books

2. swim in the lake
3. pick strawberries and make lemonade
4. sleep in the hammock
5. grill as often as possible
6. eat outside

7. sit outside at night

8. make something with concrete

9. make a new windchime
10. have a garagesale

and how did i do? fairly well i can say. i did all the things listed, even though a few i wished for more times than just one.
here we go:

number 1: read lots of books
this i did majorly! i love to read and i do year round, but there is something special with reading a good book during the summer, in the hammock or in the grass. i have read about 10 or 11 books i believe and there is a layout coming about that soon :)

number two: swim in the lake
first, just let me tell you that we live in the deepest lake in Sweden, and that also mean that it is one of the coldest d**n lakes too! but i actually did swim this year. a few times acctually during our tropical heat weeks in june/july. now, i don´t have proof of me actually swimming, but there are a few of my feet in the lake :)

number three: pick strawberries and make lemonade
oh, my! we had sooo many strawberries this year! i didn´t make any lemonade, but i did do a whole lot of jam.

number four: sleep in the hammock

need i explain?

number five: grill as often as possible
this one i sadly didn´t do at all as much as i wanted to :( but we did do number 6 quite often :)

number six: eat outside
we did have many dinners outside in the backyard this year. and that makes me happy!

number seven: sit outside at night
oh, i love that i did this one so many times! it was lovely to just sit, with a book or my crocheting, and feel the cool breeze and smell the night smells of summer.

number eight: make something with concrete

number nine: make a new windchime
well, i made a silent one :) and as i am the judge that counts!

number ten: have a garage sale
tada! i even did this last thing on the summerlist! well, actually it was my daughter that handled the "booth" and all the money that we earned did go in her piggy bank :)

so, there you have it. my 2010 summerlist all done!

how did you do?

ps. does anyone know why blogger is so wonky with lists??

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