torsdag 19 augusti 2010


i wanted to share a few of my recent tumblr images:

this photo makes me anne of green gables and straw hats.

makes me want to bunk with my sister again :)

pure love this is ♥

the colors, the amount, the words i love it all!

and we all know i have a yellow crush these days :)

ok, don´t get me started with this one!
if you don´t get why i love this, you have no heart!

i have an ongoing love affair with librarys and bookstores, so this was a given!

"And I learned what is obvious to a child.
That life is simply a collection of little lives,
each lived one day at a time.
That each day should be spent finding beauty in flowers
and poetry and talking to animals.
That a day spent with dreaming and sunsets
and refreshing breezes cannot be bettered.
But most of all, I learned that life
is about sitting on benches next to ancient creeks
with my hand on her knee and sometimes,
on good days, for falling in love."

man, our kitchen doesn´t even hold a table. not that it is small or anything, but because of really bad planning from the builders (1968). i so wish for an inviting kitchen, where we could gather.

someday i will have a nighttime garden party and i am going to love every second of it!

and because i am a 31 year old who LOVES to splash in puddles :)

i can go on forever, but i am not.
if you would like to see more of my tumblr you can do it here.

-the notebook
i am afraid to watch The Notebook again, because i don´t want to ruin that first time :)

where do one get helium anyway?!

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